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Spy Who Got Away

Spy Who Got Away

by David Wise

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Library Journal - Library Journal
In spring 1983, Edward Howard was preparing for his first overseas posting as a CIA case officera tour in the agency's most sensitive station, Moscow. In June 1986, he became the first CIA officer to defect to the Soviet Union. Wise, a frequent writer on intelligence issues and co-author (with Thomas B. Ross) of The Invisible Government , interviewed Howard (in Budapest), his family, co-workers, and American counterintelligence officers to prepare this compelling analysis of events and mostly CIA bungles that led to a major U.S. intelligence disaster. The remarkable, clearly told story reveals intriguing snippets of the workings of American intelligence. Most appropriate for public libraries. BOMC featured selection. James R. Kuhlman, Univ. of Georgia Lib., Athens

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