by Joe Black
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Squeeze 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Nowadays everybody has a hustle, and for Tommy Gunz, a thug, it ain¿t no different. Instead of holding up blocks hustling crack, Tommy is one of the most thorough hit men NYC has ever known. He¿s young, wild, and good at what he does. After doing time, Tommy has come to realize that being in the funeral business just might not be his calling. He meets Nikki and Coco, two certified dime pieces, and his life takes a turn for the better, or does it? Daddy-O, Coco¿s godfather makes him an offer he can¿t refuse. Will Tommy Gunz continue to straddle the dark side, or has something pierced his morality? Joe Black is a BEAST! SQUEEZE is a murder for hire saga that takes you on a fast paced read that offers passion, humor and survival. Explosive, and while I did note that there are major editing issues, it didn¿t detour my trip to the underworld. This is a must read for real readers.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Tommy Gunz is a man driven by murder. Death is his life. When someone wants a hit done, Tommy is your man. As his reputation grows and his body count steadily climbs, he realizes the game is no longer from him. But is getting out an option? Joe Black returns with an electrifying tale - a story filled with drama, action, suspense, laughs and plenty of gunplay. If you pick up SQUEEZE, fasten your seat belt. Black keeps you zigging, zagging, speeding and even pulls over a few times for a little loving. SQUEEZE scores big! Unfortunately, one cannot be so pleased with the editing. Thankfully, the cast of characters and fast paced storyline prove enough to overcome this misstep, and the result is hugely enjoyable. Joe Black...now that's what's up!