Stage Performance for Singers: A Practical Course in 12 Basic Steps

Stage Performance for Singers: A Practical Course in 12 Basic Steps

by Martin Karnolsky


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There are about ten books in the world on stage performance training. Most of them are in English, but there are a few in Spanish. There are none in Russian, although the father of modern theater, Konstantin Stanislavski, was born in Russia. In singing, regardless of genre and style, the element of stage performance is missing. There is no normal training for communicating with the audience. It is accepted by most vocal pedagogues that it is enough to sing the notes correctly, but there is much more to do. For singers who study opera and operetta, it is essential to stretch the limits of performance, and that is why they also study acting. For everyone else, this is not necessary, because they have other tasks on stage. They must learn to self-regulate, not to wait for directional instructions.

This book is valuable in that it teaches singers to direct their own stage performance. Representing the author's conclusions based on careful analysis of a number of successful and unsuccessful stage performances of numerous singers of different stature, it gives them the basic knowledge and guidance on how to approach and develop their show from one song to one concert. It teaches singers how to be more successful on stage, how to be more charismatic and how to manage their audience the way they want.

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ISBN-13: 9789814800204
Publisher: Jenny Stanford Publishing
Publication date: 11/29/2018
Pages: 134
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About the Author

Martin Karnolsky was born in Bulgaria in 1969. He has a bachelor’s in music pedagogy, a master’s in marketing and a PhD in theatre arts and theatre science. Working for more than 25 years in show business, Dr. Karnolsky has built his own system of education in stage performance based on the theatre theories of Konstantin Stanislavski and Michel Chekhov, as well as on the works on body language by Joe Navarro, Allan Pease and Desmond Morris. In the last 20 years, he has conducted master classes and workshops in more than 20 countries, including Singapore, Vietnam, Israel, Russia, Romania, Italy, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia and Croatia. Dr. Karnolsky speaks five languages and gives lectures in universities and colleges of arts across Singapore, Russia and Bulgaria.

Table of Contents

1. Preparation and Beginning of Performance 2. Stage Space Split 3. Body Position and Communication with the Audience 4. Using the Microphone 5. Gestures 6. The Look 7. The Phrase in the Gesture and the Look 8. Working with Lyrics 9. Artistry in the Voice 10. The Costume 11. Makeup and Hairstyles 12. The Bow and Leaving the Stage

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