Stand & Deliver

Stand & Deliver

by Rhenna Morgan

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ISBN-13: 9781335948304
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 06/26/2018
Series: Men of Haven , #5
Edition description: Original
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 4.19(w) x 6.53(h) x 0.92(d)

About the Author

A native Oklahoman, Rhenna Morgan is a certified romance junkie. Whether it’s contemporary, paranormal, or fantasy you’re after, Rhenna’s stories pack romantic escape full of new, exciting worlds, and strong, intuitive men who fight to keep the women they want. For advance release news and exclusive content, sign up for her newsletter at You'll also find all of her social links there, along with her smoking hot inspiration boards.

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Stand & Deliver 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 24 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL More than 1 year ago
4.5 Star Review of Stand and Deliver (Men of Haven #5) by Rhenna Morgan Rhenna Morgan is a new author to me and why that is I have no idea and although book number 5 in the series, I had no issues reading Stand and Deliver. This is security expert Beckett Tate and Gia Sinclair’s story. Gia is extremely successful in the male dominated world she works in with Beckett. Whilst he is a total alpha male, Gia can hold her own professionally but in the bedroom she has no issue with Beckett taking the lead. The tug of war between Beckett and Gia intrigued me. The chemistry between Beckett and Gia was smoking hot and certainly heated up the pages. Beckett is a man I would want to have in my corner, he is hard working, honest, protective and has an aura of power I found overwhelmingly attractive. I love how feisty Gia is and yet underneath it all she has a softer, more vulnerable side. It is that softer side that finally gives Beckett the incentive to pursue the woman he has feelings for, after all he has wanted her for years. There was suspense, mystery and romance which had me hooked from the start. The banter between Beckett and Gia had me in stitches at times. I thoroughly enjoyed Stand and Deliver which was well written and I recommend it happily.
RomanceGuru More than 1 year ago
Genre: Contemporary Romance Book Length: Novel Heat Level: Medium Sizzle Frequency of Sex (1-5): 3 Angst Level (1-5): 1 Standalone/Series/Cliffhanger: Standalone; Part of the Men of Haven Series Would I Recommend? Yes My Review: I was so excited to read Beckett and Gia’s story and I’m happy to say that it delivered beautifully. Beckett is supremely masculine and hotter than hot! Their romance is sweet and exciting with a bit of mystery thrown in. Gia is strong and feisty, but she is soft when it comes to her Beckett. I highly enjoyed it as I have the entire Men of Haven series. These guys are alpha to the core, but protective and loving and family oriented too. A great read! Disclosures: I voluntarily read a copy of this book courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
Anonymous 11 months ago
whatsbetterthanbooks 12 months ago
Steamy, passionate, and exciting! Stand & Deliver is a heartfelt, seductive adventure that takes us into the lives of two main characters, Gia, a strong, tough, young woman determined to prove she's more than capable of working in the male-dominated field of security, and Beckett, the sexy alpha who'll protect her at any cost. The writing is emotive and sensual. The characters are focused, supportive, persistent, and kind-hearted. And the plot is a sultry, suspenseful mix of life, love, jealousy, obsession, familial drama, Sensory Processing Disorder, friendship, tender moments, and red-hot chemistry. Overall, Stand & Deliver is an alluring, entertaining tale that does an exceptional job of highlighting some of the manifestations, limitations, and symptoms of SPD and reminds us that family is not always those related by blood, but those that love, care, accept, and support us.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the Haven family!
sportochick More than 1 year ago
Beckett has SPD - Sensory Processing Disorder. Something I had never heard of and while reading this book I started researching the subject. Author Rhenna Morgan does these types of scenarios often to raise awareness and understanding. That is why I enjoy reading her books. She does it in a compassionate and informative manner making sure readers have a clear comprehension of the disorder. So turn to the back of this book in the Author's Note section for why she choose to write about this disorder. Gia is a hard-ass woman and many of us woman will relate to how hard it is for a woman to work in a male dominated profession. I for one experienced this as a Director of IT, as men doing my same job made $50k more than me. The reader will see Gia change into a softer woman as she progresses throughout the book and still retains her tough girl attitude at work. The important part about this transition is that she doesn't loss her professional strength while she gains personal change and perspective. Family is a big lesson in all the Haven Brotherhood series. Family as in those who love, protect and are always there for you. This is not necessarily immediate family as most of the characters in this series grew up in rough childhoods so they created a tight family of friends. I love how this gives everyone hope and shows them it is possible to have loving family outside the common definition of family. So kudos to Author Rhenna Morgan for not only writing a hot sexy 5 STAR read but also teaching her readers about SPD.
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
Stand and Deliver is a sexy and exciting hero in pursuit story (my favorite!) with two strong characters who have been fighting their attraction to each other - but no longer. Beckett Tate has decided it's time he makes his feelings known to fellow security expert Gia Sinclair. He wants her to be part of his inner circle, the members of Haven who are family and friends and their partners. It's an elite group that doesn't mind skirting the law to keep their clients and family safe. Gia doesn't have that kind of support in her life and it's an addictive idea to be wanted and needed, and to know someone has her back. Plus, Beckett gives her the freedom to let go of control in the bedroom, the one place she can relinquish the tight control she has on the rest of her life. Their love scenes are hot and steamy and it was great to see Gia connect with Beckett and the important people in his life. Gia's got a complicated relationship with her political and high society parents who don't think much of her career, or her choices in men. She's also got someone out to sabotage her career. This makes for some intense and action packed scenes as Beckett and his friends work to help Gia figure out who is out to get her, and why. I loved meeting the other Men of Haven and their partners and can't wait to catch up on their stories, plus see what else is in store! The combination of suspense, action and steamy romance made for an exciting and thoroughly enjoyable read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Thus book is as good as the first first one. Can't wait for more!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really loved this book. A real page turner!!!
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
Stand and Deliver by Rhenna Morgan is a sexy Contemporary Romance. #5 in the "Men of Haven" series, but can be read as a stand alone. Beckett Tate had been waiting for Gia Sinclair for three years. The friendship between these two characters is a perfect foundation for their steamy encounters which made for a page-turning, passionate love story. Ms. Rhenna has expertly written a story filled with steamy  passion,  a bit of angst, emotional,  action with a touch of humor and lots of romance. Enjoyable characters and a string storyline, which is easy to follow and will grip your heart. If you enjoy alpha males, plenty of passion, and strong heroines,  then STAND AND DELIVER is a story for you to pick up next. "I voluntarily received a complimentary copy, however,  these are my honest opinions. I was in no way required nor compensated to write a review." Rating: 4 Heat rating: Steamy Reviewer: AprilR 
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
Stand and Deliver by Rhenna Morgan is a sexy Contemporary Romance. #5 in the "Men of Haven" series, but can be read as a stand alone. Beckett Tate had been waiting for Gia Sinclair for three years. The friendship between these two characters is a perfect foundation for their steamy encounters which made for a page-turning, passionate love story. Ms. Rhenna has expertly written a story filled with steamy  passion,  a bit of angst, emotional,  action with a touch of humor and lots of romance. Enjoyable characters and a string storyline, which is easy to follow and will grip your heart. If you enjoy alpha males, plenty of passion, and strong heroines,  then STAND AND DELIVER is a story for you to pick up next. "I voluntarily received a complimentary copy, however,  these are my honest opinions. I was in no way required nor compensated to write a review." Rating: 4 Heat rating: Steamy Reviewer: AprilR 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love the haven boys
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Romance, humor, family bonding, passion, plot, suspense, HEA.
sweetpotato101 More than 1 year ago
Stand & Deliver is book five in Rhenna Morgan’s Men of Haven series, and it’s just as delectably awesome as the other four books. Highly recommend! Come get you some. This is Beckett and Gia’s story. They are both in the security business. They are also both deeply attracted to the other but think, “No way would the other go for me.” I forgot how much a good ole fashioned offensive approach just works for me. Gia is trying to get her business up and running, but a few mishaps are ruining her reputation. And it doesn’t seem on the up-and-up. Beckett can’t keep his mind off Gia, and when it slips that she might be feeling him just as much, he’s determined to show her how sweet (and delightfully filthy) he can be. Rhenna Morgan’s writing is pretty much magic, IMO. Gia and Beckett have such a great dialogue and add in the whole Haven enchilada, readers feel like part of the family. I know them, and that’s what makes this world so great. I also liked the added disorder that Beckett has to deal with. It’s a new one for me, and bringing awareness to it—and how it was handled—really brought Beckett to life for me. Gia truly shines here, though. Yes, she has started her own business and can get things done, she also knows when to ask and accept help which just made me love her even more. Now, the suspense part was the only thing that didn’t work for me. I knew who it was and was kind of shocked that it took so long for everyone else to figure it out. It wasn’t believable. However, these characters and the romance sold me completely. I’ll definitely re-read this one! Get your alpha fix, appreciate Gia’s absolute tenacity, and gather ‘round the family table. You don’t want to miss this installment! 4.5 stars!
carvanz More than 1 year ago
I’m not sure I can fall more in love with the Men of Haven than I have with Beckett in Stand & Deliver. This book is everything I love when reading. And Beckett. Oh my gawd! I love Beckett! Gia and Beckett have known each other for a few years now as they have worked together off and on. She’s protective of her reputation being a woman in a male dominated field. Therefore, she’s pretty much ignored the feelings she experiences when he’s near. Or at least she’s tried to. Until one drunken confession opens the door to an opportunity she could never have imagined. Beckett has had his eye on Gia since day one. But she’s quick to shut every man down that even hints at more and he’s pretty sure that would include him. It doesn’t stop him from wanting her, watching her and taking into account all of her likes and dislikes along the way. On a night that she’s drunk out of her mind, Beckett jumps on the chance to escort her home. What he learns that night is exactly what he has dreamed of. Now all he has to do is go slow and teach her to trust him. I absolutely loved everything about this couple. Sometimes a tough heroine can grate on my nerves but Gia was mature enough to slowly let go of the reins and allow Beckett to have her back. The fact that Beckett proved he could step aside and let her lead made that decision easier. Together, they both had their issues and it was together that they found a way to deal with them. Each of them supplied the outlet and support for the other, strengthening their relationship along the way. This was probably one of the most organic and beautifully written progressions into love I’ve read in a long time. When these two came together sexually it was not your typical “place A in slot B” scenes. Each time increased the trust and emotions between these characters. The scenes added to the overall story rather than act as a filler or something that readers expected. That made this book just that much more enjoyable! All the characters from the series play a part in this story and added to the growth of the heroine as she moves from a place of isolation into one of family. No unnecessary secondary characters here. There was never a lag in the story and no point at which I felt the need to skim. I wanted to absorb every wonderful word this author had written. In case I haven’t made myself clear…I LOVED Beckett, Gia, and Stand & Deliver! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book provided by NetGalley and Carina Press. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
jjeffrey77 More than 1 year ago
I have been waiting patiently for Beckett's story to be told and let me tell you it was so worth the wait!!! I absolutely loved the latest book in the Men of Haven series. Beckett has always wanted Gia and waited 3 years to make his move. Gia really liked Beckett but was scared to take a chance and let her guard down. She has a hard time trusting people she cares for cause they have always let her down in some form or another. Well that was until Beckett. He will move heaven and earth to insure that she is loved, safe and protected always. This story kept me hooked and on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. There was action, funny moments, steamy hot moments, and always love. The connection that Gia and Beckett shared was rare and a true treat to read about....they were perfect for each other. I can't wait to read the next book in this great series. Another fantastic book...well done!!!!
Lorizen More than 1 year ago
Another fabulous 5 star read from Rhenna. I love these Haven men! Their women and the moms included. Beckett, oh what a piece of man candy this guy is. Gia is running a little late the their backroom bar meeting and never to take any crap from any of them, after a long day, she wants a glass of wine. Her usual is scotch, sick of the guys picking at her, she orders a beer. Sitting at the table when Beckett arrives with yet another in his line of women, he makes eye contact with Gia. This is their usual. Gia doesn't have time for Beckett and his 3 year long show down. Beckett doesn't see Gia, never noticed, never really talked to, she's wearing her invisible cloak. Not so with the other guys who do have a healthy respect for her and what she's capable of. She's got her own business to run and crosses paths and works with the men from Haven. She's friends with Darya who we met in a previous book. Gia is likable and tough, she's smart and almost too smart for her own good some days. When she goes to the bar to order herself a drink an old acquaintance squeezes in beside her and tries once again to entice her into a date. They grew up together. Their homes shared a fence. Their parents are still conspiring to matchmake in the very possible worst of ways them together. Gia has zero interest in Judd and makes it perfectly clear to him. When he slides his hand to her hip, Beckett is there suddenly telling him to back off. Judd mumbles some trash and stalks off. Beckett has left his date at the table and talking to Gia. Gia is pounding down shots now, trying to match the biker sitting next to her. A very drunk Gia is helped in the bathroom by Darya, with Beckett standing guard. The guys are waiting and time to get Gia home, Beckett is it. He doesn't want to leave her, so in the polite way manages to coax her into her sleepwear and tuck her in. He stays with her all night. All the while Beckett is stroking and touching her or his super soft t shirts. You notice he tendency to touch during the book. It appears to be a unconscious act but it's something he needs. Gia also makes a drunk confession to Beck before she passes out for the night. He's now determined to find out how much is true. And Beck is just hot and makes your insides melt into a pile of goo. Thus begins the story of Beck and Gia and also the mystery of who is out to sabotage her and her business. Since Beck claimed her at a family meeting without her even knowing she falls under the protection of the brotherhood. Gia left Atlanta for Dallas with good reason. Get away from her controlling, overbearing and disapproving father and her spineless weak mother. Their marriage was a joke to Gia and has kept Gia on the fly never wanting to end up like her mother. Controlling keeps her from becoming that. What she learns with Beck is trust and giving up some of her control. There's so much more to this story as it weaves on and Gia learns to cook from Sylvie, tangles with her father and is accepted into the family with open arms. Something she's never had. The twists and turns keep coming and it was one of those "didn't see that coming" but you had a feel for the bad guy. The story is unpredictable as hell and I loved that. You had to keep reading because you were waiting for whatever was going to happen to actually happen. Then wow did it. Talk about playing dirty. I'm not saying another word about the story other than it was fantastic and I'd read it again. I loved Beck and Gia
belllla More than 1 year ago
This is for me the best story from the series. The story from Gia and Beckett is absolutely amazing from the start and until the end. Both Gia and Beckett are well developed and easy to love. The background from both of them is solid and great written and both are still struggling with the effects of the past. But it is a huge difference they both have someone to fight in their corner. It is like they both know each other and how to soothe their pain or other bad feelings. The action between the sheets is so hot and amazingly written. Really enjoyable read. Highly recommended. I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Excellent book. Each time I read one of the books in this series I think it is definitely my favorite. Then the next comes out and I have the same thought. All of the books are wonderfully written and this one is no exception. The characters are one big family so you really get to know them. This is Beckett's story. He's the security specialist for the Haven brotherhood. He's a big tough alpha but he has issues he has to deal with making him feel a bit more human. Gia is a colleague and I loved how supportive Beckett is of her. The suspense and mystery of this story really blended well with the nice slow build romance between Beckett and Gia. I definitely recommend this book and the entire series.
kahea46 More than 1 year ago
***5 ‘#TeamHaven’ Stars*** I didn’t think it was possible. I didn’t. I didn’t think that any book coming after Tempted & Taken could best it, or at least push it to the side so that it could share the same spot. But I was wrong. I’m woman enough to admit that Ms. Morgan did just that, not only with Stand & Deliver as a whole, but with Beckett & Gia making Knox & Darya scootch over a bit so they can share the top spot as my favorite couples of the series. Because they were kinda everything, just like the book as a whole was. It was filled with sweet and swoon worthy, lots and lots of smexy, a good dose of suspense and a whole bunch of heart. Gia I LOVED upon first meeting her a few books ago. Fierce, independent, sassy and with a good dose of snark. This woman holds her own in a world where being a woman is difficult, but she hustles and loves what she does. But getting to see behind the armour she wears just solidified why I adore her. Beckett is simply all kinds of alpha AF nummyness. Protective, observant and all kinds of dominant (but only in the best of ways). I’ll admit I didn’t expect to adore him as much as I ended up adoring him, but his honor and honesty were just as much a drug as his tenacity when he picked a target. I thoroughly enjoyed Gia and Beckett’s journey to their HEA. It had it’s bumps in the road as they worked out and through their issues, but they did it as mature adults. The mutual respect they had for each other and how much they truly appreciated every facet of the others personalities made this a fun read...and the smexy? Nuclear. But how couldn’t it be when two alpha personalities collide? In the end though, they fit. I know I shouldn’t be surprised that I loved and devoured this baby, but one never knows, especially when the last book you read in the series knocked your socks off. The suspense aspect was very well done, though I did figure out at least the ‘who’ behind it all, but finding out all that went into the crazy? Now that was an experience. And then there are the members of Haven. This one, for me, really showcased the bonds each of the crew have with each other and brought that family vibe out in spades. I say it every time, but Ninette and Sylvie are AMAZING, I want to be them when I grow up. And I loved hanging with with all the men, women and kids of Haven and most definitely cannot wait to get my hands on Axel’s book! ~ Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley & voluntarily reviewed ~
Lisa-nh-23 More than 1 year ago
I had been waiting patiently to read “Stand & Deliver” and I wasn’t disappointed. Rhenna Morgan is a creative and talented author and I love her Men of Haven series. The friendship between Beckett and Gia was the perfect foundation for the steamy encounters that Rhenna has expertly given us in this passionate and page-turning love story. Beckett Tate had been waiting for Gia Sinclair for three years and he would wait forever if he had to. Her beauty and strength called to him and she had no idea how he truly felt about her. He had been quietly and longingly watching her since the moment they met. Not as a stalker, but as a man who had finally found his forever love. His need to protect Gia was so fierce that when he saw another man touching her, he went into a jealous rage and claimed her as his. He was the only man who would ever touch her again and he would always be there for her. Beckett would destroy anyone who tried to harm Gia, because she was his. As with all of Rhenna’s books, I was hooked from the very beginning and I could feel the intensity of Beckett’s emotions reaching through the pages. I understood Gia’s reluctance at becoming more than coworkers with Beckett, but when you have met your soulmate, love is the only answer. I was so taken with Beckett and Gia’s magical journey that I had to read it all over again! I will never forget this beautiful and romantic couple and I am looking forward to the next book in the Men of Haven series, “Down and Dirty,” where we will find out what kind of woman can bring Axel to his knees.
caroldh4 More than 1 year ago
Stand & Deliver is book five in the Men of Haven series by Rhenna Morgan. This is one of those times that come along when the rating system we are allowed does not do justice to the book. This book gets ALL the stars! Five is not enough! I can’t even really say what it was about Beckett that did it for me, and oh my gosh, he most definitely did do it for me! Maybe that he was an all alpha, tough, possessive, no holds barred man, but also had a weakness. Something he had to deal with, fight against, that made him real, it made him human, and it made me love him all the more! Beckett Tate never knew what it was like to have a family, to have someone protect your back, except for his best friend, Knox, whom he grew up with. When he and Knox joined the Haven Brotherhood, though, he finally realized what he had been missing his whole life, he had a family. And their family was growing as four of his brothers had claimed their women. Beckett works with Knox for a security company. He has known Gia Sinclair for three years now since she is in the same line of work. But he’d watched her turn away man after man and it was obvious she didn’t mix work and dating. So, he kept his distance but he watched her, and he dreamed about her. On one particular night, though, when Gia had a few too many shots of tequila, she let slip a little tidbit of information that let him know she had also been watching him. He knew right that minute that his days of just dreaming about Gia, and watching her from a distance were over. That she was going to be his. Now all he had to do was convince her of that once she sobered up. “I want your eyes wide-open and your thoughts crystal clear the next time you see me.” His grip tightened against her scalp, conviction pushing the words free in an almost violent surge. “Because your days of dreaming are over.” Gia was raised by her wealthy attorney father and socialite mother in Atlanta. They expected Gia to be a carbon copy of her mother, to do as she was told, marry, have children. But that’s not what she wanted at all. She majored in criminal justice in college and after graduating, started freelancing in security. She had worked with Knox and Beckett on occasion and knew about the Haven Brothers and how they worked. Every time she was around Beckett, she felt flustered, she knew she was attracted to him. He was always there in the back of her mind. But she saw him parade a different woman with him every time he was out. She was not going to be another notch in his bedpost. Plus, she worked with him on occasion. So she just admired him from a distance. But evidently she let her feelings slip after she had a few too many shots. And now, Beckett has let her know that their days of mutual admiring from afar are over. That he wants her, for more than just one night! That he’s all in, and he will do whatever it takes to show her that she can trust him. The chemistry between Gia and Beckett is off the charts, like in the stratosphere. Gia is a strong woman and is used to being in control. But with Beckett, she can let that control go, let him take the wheel so to speak. But that is in the bedroom only. Outside of the bedroom, he shows her nothing but respect. And he offers her something else too, a family. His brothers, their wives, the moms, all of them, take Gia in like one of their own. She’s never experienced anything like this before, her own upbringing cold and lonely.
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
Love this series with men who have created their own family – a family anyone would love to be a member of. These men have had rough lives but together have created a safe haven where they are there for one another no matter what may come their way. And, when they fall in love the person they tie themselves to is pulled into the fold and becomes a loved and protected member of the family. So, in this book we have the fifth story of the series that brings Beckett Tate and Gia Sinclair together. They have known one another for a couple of years and though they have been aware of one another have neither acted on their interest until…one night…Gia needs some help and Beckett is there for her. His eyes are opened to the fact that she and he definitely have potential for a HEA and he takes the brakes off big time and begins to pursue the woman he wants and thankfully Gia is equally invested in the relationship. This is a fun romance to read as they get closer to one another without a great deal of interpersonal friction as she also gets to know his family. Throw in the fact that the two are in the same security/bodyguard type business, there is a jealous guy causing trouble and a few other issues to deal with and you have not only a steamy romance with wonderful characters but a bit of a mystery and some suspense to make things even more interesting. I am hoping the Men of Haven will keep adding members to their group so that this series won’t end any time soon. And, if it does have to end…well…I hope that Ms Morgan will come up with an equally divine series to follow it. Thank you to NetGalley and Carina Press for the ARC – This is my honest review.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
She's a tough nut to crack, but he's up for the challenge. Gia is more than just a pretty face. She's an ace in a field that is dominated by men. She doesn't suffer fools or hormone driven alpha's easily. Specifically crude jerks like Beckett. He's a walking stereotype that drives her crazy, but punches her card none the less. There's a place for attraction and it's not on the job, but what happens will the feelings are too strong to ignore? Rhenna Morgan is the standard for heroines. She creates warrior princesses that are not afraid to get their hands dirty and their hearts broken.