Stand Tall Leadership: Stand Tall to Think Differently and Lead Successfully

Stand Tall Leadership: Stand Tall to Think Differently and Lead Successfully

by Steven A. Bollar
Stand Tall Leadership: Stand Tall to Think Differently and Lead Successfully

Stand Tall Leadership: Stand Tall to Think Differently and Lead Successfully

by Steven A. Bollar


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Stand out like you’re 7 feet tall — how to think and act differently as a K-12 leader

Tall people stand out in a crowd. Tall people think and act differently: people like author Steven Bollar. He has spent his career as a principal and administrator creating school cultures that make students excited to learn and achieve their goals. In Stand Tall Leadership, Steven shows you that it doesn't matter what your natural height really is—you can stand tall in everything you do by thinking and acting differently from those around you. Designed for K-12 leaders, this unique and engaging book helps you overcome challenges in your school, manage effectively, inspire your staff, build strong relationships, communicate clearly, and much more.

The Stand Tall Leadership philosophy is all about creating the best possible environment at your school. Strong leadership skills are essential for making better decisions, maintaining your focus and priority, and maximizing outcomes with students, staff, parents, and the entire community. The principles and techniques in this book will strengthen your own leadership skills and assist you in developing effective leaders within your school. Providing hands-on tools and real-world guidance, this valuable resource will help you:

  • Connect with staff, understand their needs, and set them up for success
  • Keep your best employees and leaders right where they are, not chasing other opportunities
  • Assessyour leadership skills and make immediate, meaningful improvements
  • Maintain focus in any situation to increase productivity and get outstanding results
  • Repair damaged relationships that slow down progress and impede success

Stand Tall Leadership: Stand Tall to Think Differently and Lead Successfully is a must-read for all K-12 leaders and administrators, as well as K-12 educators looking to develop their leadership skills.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781119638896
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 08/25/2020
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 281,473
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

STEVEN A. BOLLAR served on the Board of Directors of the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association. He has a history in the education system, from art teacher to principal to Superintendent of Schools. He helps schools and organizations create a better culture and climate through creative rewards and encouragement.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Stand Tall Leadership 1

Chapter 1 Stand Tall Leaders Should Not Blend In 7

1.1 Stand Tall Traits of a Good Leader 9

1.2 Hide and Seek 13

1.3 Step It Up 15

1.4 Timing 15

1.5 Practice? It's Just Practice! 16

Chapter 2 Stand Tall Leaders Have Influence 21

2.1 Influence 22

2.2 Integrity 24

2.3 Compliance vs. Commitment 27

Chapter 3 Stand Tall Leaders Get Results 33

3.1 The Results Formula 34

3.2 Don't Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste 52

3.3 Get It When You Don't Get It 54

3.4 Hallway Brand 57

Chapter 4 Stand Tall Leaders Value Relationships 63

4.1 Expectations 64

4.2 How to Move Past Unhealthy Expectations 67

4.3 Selflessness 68

4.4 The Top Four Ways to Maintain and Attract the Best Substitutes Teachers is a part of the Stand Tall Ideas 69

4.5 Retreat! is also a part of Stand Tall Ideas 71

4.6 Reasons to NOT Recognize 71

4.7 I Just Cannot Help You 77

Chapter 5 Stand Tall Leaders Make Strategic, Smart, and Creative Decisions 85

5.1 What Is Climate and Culture? 86

5.2 Respect and Value 86

5.3 Climate 87

5.4 Culture 87

5.5 Decisions 92

5.6 Get Over It 98

5.7 The Power of Now 102

5.8 Efficiency vs. Effectiveness 106

Chapter 6 Stand Tall Leaders Take Action 111

6.1 BADASS 112

6.2 One Action 119

Chapter 7 Stand Tall Leaders Use Their Voice 129

7.1 Stand Tall Speaking 130

7.2 Parent Phone Communication 138

7.3 Uncomfortable Silence 152

Chapter 8 Stand Tall Leaders Are Reflective 159

8.1 Hold on a Second 160

8.2 Stand Tall Professional Development 162

8.3 Standing Tall Words of Power 165

8.4 Three Sides of Leadership Growth 168

8.5 Be a Finisher! 172

Are You a Stand Tall Leader? 179

About the Author 181

Index 183

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