Stand Up! !ENFRENTA!: The Courage to Care / El Valor de Cuidar

Stand Up! !ENFRENTA!: The Courage to Care / El Valor de Cuidar


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Here is a bi-lingual (English/Spanish) picture book to promote self-esteem and to prevent bullying. Most of what we have seen on the market, are books for older children, after-the-fact. Here is a unique contribution to the anti-bullying literature: a preventative picture book that can be embraced by both children and parents to educate us all in the issues of power. Stand Up! ¡Enfrenta! is co-written by two former teachers of young children.They hope to help stem the tide of this tidal wave overtaking our children nationally, crossing all borders of economic and social classes

The building of self-esteem is an important and delicate process in working with a young child. Like little sponges, they innocently absorb the impressions around them to better understand how to survive and thrive in their environment. This simple picture book is packed with impressions to help encourage creativity, individuality and confidence, skills that can help combat the susceptibility to peer pressure that is so damaging to our children. It is also a call to parents to become their child's center of gravity and sanctuary. This is an awesome responsibility and we all need help fulfilling this task, either from books, wise elders or peer counselors. That is why the authors have include resources at the back of this book for further study.

Both authors wish readers to delight in the illustrations and savor the simple messages they are trying to convey. This book is more timely than ever, as even our elementary and middle schoolers are subjected to cyber-bullying. We know that the suicide rate among teenage girls in particular is "off the charts," and intervention at an earlier age makes the message of this book essential. The authors felt compelled to raise their voices and to contribute something that would hopefully curtail this madness

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781942493334
Publisher: Hohm Press
Publication date: 03/01/2018
Series: Family Health Series
Edition description: Bilingual
Pages: 32
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 6.25(h) x 0.12(d)
Age Range: 1 - 16 Years

About the Author

(B.S. M.S. Education & Theatre from S.U.N.Y New Paltz) is co-founder of "Discover the Hero Within," a program of anti-bullying workshops for teachers, parents and children. Elyse taught elementary and high school students for over 12 years in both public and homeschool settings. She has authored many books on children's health and wellness for the Family & World Health series (Hohm/Kalindi Press). She lives in Paulden, Arizona

is author of numerous books in spirituality, health & wellbeing, including the classic "Wellness Workbook" (Random House), and "After Surgery, Illness and Trauma" (Hohm Press). A former elementary school and HeadStart teacher, Regina is committed to the health and happiness of children. She is the author of "Breastfeeding: Your Priceless Gift to Your Baby and Yourself," and co-author with Elyse April of "We Like to Move." Regina is a writing coach and seminar leader, giving workshops in the U.S., Canada, Mexico & Europe. See:

Maria Oglesby is an Illustrator/ Designer from North Carolina and currently based in Pasadena, California. She studied Illustration at the Art Center College of Design and currently resides in Alhambra with her cat, Lyla.

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The Text

A veces, levantarse para algo significa sentarse.

Sometimes, standing up for

something means sitting down.

A veces, defender a alguien

significa apoyo.

Sometimes, standing up for

someone means standing by.

Me gusta estar de pie en las olas, incluso cuando se me derriban.

I like standing up in the waves,

even when they knock me down.

Puedo correr bajo la lluvia para salvar mi mejor juguete.

I can run through the rain

to save my best toy.

Me defiendo.

Puedo decir S o No.

I stand up for myself.

I can say Yes or No.

Las palabras pueden doler . . .

Pero . . .

Words can hurt . . .

But . . .

Mi entrenador dice que estoy bien, as que voy a darle una oportunidad.

My Coach says Im good,

so Ill give it a try.

Mi hermana mayor est preparada para ayudarme a decidir.

My big sister stands by

to help me decide.

A veces, levantarse significa

alejarse y conseguir ayuda.

Sometimes, standing up means walking away and getting help.

Defiendo la Tierra.

Ella es mi mayor amiga.

I stand up for the Earth.

Shes my biggest friend.

De pie, de pie juntos,

para protegernos y compartir

la bondad de la vida,

con el valor suficiente para cuidar.

Standing up, standing by,

we protect and we share

in the goodness of life,

with the courage to care!

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