Standing Room Only

Standing Room Only

by A. Knoefel Longest


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In the summer of 2004 a weekly Remy Report column entitled ""Scrapbook of a Season"" began with these words: As fans, our relationship to the game and to our team is defined by the memories we share with it…and it is in the collecting, the saving, the retelling and remembering of these memories that we keep the seasons with us down through the years. Two weeks later Jason Varitek punched Alex Rodriguez on the first base line at Fenway Park, Bill Mueller hit a walk-off homer off Mariano Rivera, and a golden age of Red Sox baseball officially began. Now, five years, two World Series Championships, 425 Sold Out games and countless walks-offs, rallies, and brilliant baseball moments later, the collection Standing Room Only presents the very best of these scrapbook columns together under a single cover. Far more than merely a reminder of how the games were won or lost, Standing Room Only is a ticket back into the thumping-loud intensity of the experience itself. Told from the perspective of the grandstands and with the casual intimacy of the fellow fan, each chapter allows the reader to pack in shoulder-to-shoulder among a sold out Fenway Park crowd. To hear the cheers rise up, to see the raucous scene unfold, and to relive each thrilling moment—just as brilliantly, just as passionately, just as exuberantly as it was lived. Whether as a scrapbook of cherished memories for the Sox fans who experienced it live, or a priceless ticket back in time for any fan of the game and its history, Standing Room Only brings it all back to life. Making it the perfect one-volume souvenir of this golden era at Fenway Park.

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ISBN-13: 9780982367209
Publisher: Bartlett Park & Co.
Publication date: 09/09/2009
Pages: 373
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.88(d)

About the Author

A. Knoefel Longest is a Boston-based freelance writer with unique ties to the Red Sox and Fenway Park. Working directly behind the Fenway Park press box, he has spent the better part of five seasons at the very epicenter of Red Sox Nation. In part because of this intimacy, his weekly ""Scrapbook of a Season"" column on The Remy Report has become a favorite of its substantial fan base. Based on the popularity of this column, his first book, Idiot-Syncrasies (Adams Media, 2005), quickly became a regional bestseller, with surprisingly strong sales nationwide. In promotion of which the author made numerous television and radio appearances, both local and national, including spots on the NECN Morning Show and CN8’s SportsPulse. Since then he has been asked back to offer his unique Red Sox perspective to many of these same programs.

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