Stanley Series, Vol. 3 #3

Stanley Series, Vol. 3 #3

by The Stanley Brothers



The Stanley Series is a multi-volume series of live concerts from the Stanley Brothers. The 27-song Vol. 3: #3 captures a 1958 show recorded with mandolinist Bill Napier, fiddler Ralph Mayo and bassist Jack Cooke. One of the highlights of the disc is "Going to the Races," awhich the duo never recorded commercially; another is "No School Bus in Heaven," a contemporary folk song about a Kentucky school-bus crash.

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Release Date: 01/30/1996
Label: Copper Creek
UPC: 0722321551121
catalogNumber: 5511


  1. Dickenson County Breakdown
  2. Cacklin Hen
  3. Country Waltz
  4. I'm Lost, I'll Never Find the Way
  5. I'll Never Grow Tired of You
  6. Hard Times
  7. No School Bus in Heaven
  8. Orange Blossom Special
  9. Wait a Little Longer Please Jesus
  10. I Just Got Wise
  11. Cash on the Barrelhead
  12. Hills of Roane County
  13. Rawhide
  14. Little Birdie
  15. Dickenson County Breakdown
  16. Dickenson County Breakdown
  17. Lee Highway Blues
  18. Fraluine
  19. I'd Rather Be Forgotten
  20. Going to the Races
  21. A Life of Sorrow
  22. Fling Ding
  23. He'll Set Your Fields on Fire
  24. Daybreak in Dixie
  25. Mother's Not Dead
  26. Tennessee Blues
  27. Can You Forgive

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