Stanton Rectory

Stanton Rectory

by Sarah Jane Mayne


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CHAPTER III. " Well, Burton, I think wonders will never cease. You do surprise me," said Mr. Forrester, " by this news : I never thought Fanny would have been a turncoat. I do not know that she has mended her creed; but I am sure she is right to accept Lord Deerhurst." " Love does wonders," said Mr. Burton. He and the Rector were sitting over their wine, and both looked hearty and jolly. " I should have been much annoyed had my daughter refused her cousin, especially on the score of a foolish difference of opinion, as to whether we should sit or stand during certain parts of divine service, or whether we should turn this way or that in the church, or whether a parson should wear a black gown or a white one, an open or a closedwaistcoat. All nonsense, and childish cavilling about a shadow. The longer I live, Forrester, the more I am convinced, that in these days of professions, there is not so much of the essence of religion as when you and I were young ?" " I quite agree with you," replied the Rector. " My good son-in-law,—for I believe Edward Drum- mond to be a conscientious man, or he should not have had my Lucy—is much too fond of converting. I think, however, he has given me up as hopeless. He got hold of my dear wife, and he succeeded with her; but with the weaker sex it is not to be wondered at. Edward made himself all-important to her, and during her two years' confinement to her bed, he certainly was her chief comfort; so no wonder she listened to him. Poor creature ! she suffered much at last, Burton, however fanciful her ailments might have been before ; I miss her more than perhaps you would think, though she did not take an active part in my family; but she was always good-tempered, and never interfered with my time or pursuits, and I assure you I am only just...

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