Star-Seeded Ascensions: Activating the Starseed

Star-Seeded Ascensions: Activating the Starseed

by Amy Sikarskie


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In Activating the Starseed, the second book in the Star-Seeded Ascension series, Amy shares her awakening and ascension experiences. Accompanied by the Archangel realm and star guides, the relayed messages bring readers up close and personal with the ascension process, sharing pertinent information regarding the light body and Earth's ascension. This invaluable text supports Lightworkers and Starseeds in their path of remembrance and the activation of their light body and star-seed. This book holds written and energetically coded messages from star councils and the Archangels.

"I pretty much cried through many of the chapters, it was almost like a code of remembering my light and my assignment here on the earth plane at this time of 'now'."
-Karina Olszweski, Canada

"Activating The Starseed goes straight to the heart of enlightenment. I found that it offered practical steps toward raising one's frequency and understanding our energetic bodies, along with a nearly palpable energy that worked on other levels as I read the book. I truly enjoyed the chance to go along on Amy and Connie's journey toward discovery as their friendship grew and as their insight from the councils strengthened and came together. As a whole, this book is a refreshing yet profound reminder that we are not alone, that we are here during this time frame for a reason, and that our light is spreading and taking root. I feel that this book will serve as a priceless tool toward the awakening, activation, and ascension of all who are led to it!"
-Lindsay Golden Johnson,USA

"This is a greeting for you the reader, as we welcome you to this book, to these teachings, and into these understandings. Please know that as you continue in your journeys of raising your vibrations and sharing your light, you are supported by the love divine. It is through your intentions and activations that your desired ascensions will relate your imparted knowledge, understandings, and remembrances.
For once the light body is activated and the star seed (for those who are seeded) ignited, memories of your soul's origin and purposes will unfold. Surfacing from your mind, the subconscious, you will begin having recollections and innate, instinctually guided, instructions as the light codes within your being relay their formulated plans and your desires; the desires that you set forth upon yourself prior to this incarnation. And so it is at this time that we greet you, with love and in love. It is at this time that we say hello and extend a greeting to you from us, who are of the stars, of your home and of your space of origin."
-The Council of 8

Starseeds, Lightworkers, Earth Angels, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children, Energy Healers and those awakening to the extrasensory worlds around them will benefit from the information and messages found in Activating the Starseed.

Activating the Starseed is written from a Starseed perspective for all Lightworkers, Starseeds, Earth Angels, and those in their journey towards ascensions and enlightenment, including the Indigo, Crystal, and Golden Children. Throughout the pages, Amy brings through messages from her higher-self, three council bodies, and the archangel realms that focus on healing the energetic body and increasing its vibrational frequencies. The councils ask all Lightworkers, Starseeds, and those who are awakened and spiritually guided, to consider the teachings of this book and its foundational principles for ascension.

-About the Author-

After a life-changing awakening, Amy came to recall gifts and abilities that she uses to support and assist others. As a Nurse, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and Forsyth Crystal Light Table Practitioner, she assists clients worldwide through energy healing, energetic assessments, and readings. Amy works closely with higher dimensional beings and is a mentor for the awakening Starseed as connects in with star councils for information that supports the clients' life missions.

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ISBN-13: 9781540550071
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/27/2016
Series: Star-Seeded Ascensions , #2
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 333,858
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About the Author

Amy would like to consider herself a normal person, but as time goes on, she's begun to question what that really means. Active in her community, she spends her times traversing multiple realities while staying connected to the present moment. An awakened Starseed, Amy currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband, two teens; a boy and a girl, a cat, a dog and an agave plant that she adores. In her free time, she delves into her work in the field of metaphysics, spirituality, and all that entails connecting in with the soul. She's still searching for a title to describe it all. Amy loves the turning of the seasons, and a good windy, thunderstorm. If she's not working with a client or running a kid to their next appointment, she's more than likely posting on Instagram under the usernames @Star_Light_Photos and @Starseeded_Ascensions.

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