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Star Wars

Star Wars

by Christopher Lampton

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School Library Journal - School Library Journal
Gr 7-10 Lampton attempts to present an open-minded account of the Strategic Defense Initiative, designed to leave readers to define their own position. Although not totally successful in achieving an even balance of viewpoints, this is an excellent presentation on this complex issue. The science and proposed technology involved are clearly and concisely detailed, covering the operation and destruction of ICBM's satellites, atomic theory and lasers, excimer and X-ray lasers, particle beam weapons, electromagnetic railguns, and other speculative defenses. The difficulty of picturing some devices and systems, most of which are only in the theoretical stage of development, makes the illustrations especially useful. Changes in the strategy of international relations that SDI would precipitate are considered. The danger of SDI leading to an ongoing cycle of wasteful countermeasures and counter-countermeasures is also explored. Ultimately, more arguments seem to be presented opposing SDI than promoting it, although Lampton never reveals his own position. In conclusion, consideration of alternatives to SDI reminds readers of the goal by which all such programs should be measuredpeace. Dennis Ford, Canandaigua Junior Academy, N.Y.

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