STARK - The Poetry Journal - No 2 / 2017

STARK - The Poetry Journal - No 2 / 2017


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STARK, the international poetry journal published by l'Aleph, invites your hand to turn the pages as your eyes sweep its poetic landscape for those absolute line-songs that will forever echo in you.

Works by Oda Dellagi, Swami Adi Narayan, Merle Rosenthal, David Lewis Paget, Anthony James Morales, Jared Malone, Joe Chiodo, Jacqueline Irving, Sarah Nicole Phillips, Colten Lyke, Daniel Aschehoug, Brandon Marlon, Bianca V. Braswell, Kalli McCleary, Rich Murphy, Prateek Kunwar, Chelsea DuVall, Michael Robinson, Denise Chester, Luis Eduardo Utrera Morales, Daniel Curzon, Megan Wintrow, Mary Marxen, Martin Tucker, David Alexander, and an introductory essay by Jeanette Skirvin.

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ISBN-13: 9789176373941
Publisher: Wisehouse
Publication date: 09/15/2017
Series: STARK , #2
Pages: 96
Sales rank: 822,057
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.23(d)

Table of Contents

Introductory Essay by Jeanette Skirvin 7

Two Poems by Oda Dellagi 11

Orange 11

The Making of a Heartbreaker 14

Two Poems by Swami Adi Narayan 17

The Last Hours of Night 17

I Dare to Tell You 18

Two Poems by Merle Rosenthal 19

Canyon Road 19

Wind Swept 20

Poem by David Lewis Paget 22

The Breakdown 22

Poem by Anthony James Morales 25

From Here 25

Poem by Jared Malone 27

Les, the Evil One 27

Two Poems by Joe Chiodo 30

Drive-by Shooting 30

Food Fuel Lodging 34

Poem by Jacqueline Irving 37

I have their blood on my cuffs 37

Poem by Sarah Nicole Phillips 39

A Symbol of My Future (The Suitcase) 39

Poem by Sarah Colten Lyke 42

Shine On 42

Poem by Daniel Aschehoug 46

Unwilling Volunteer 46

Three Poems by Brandon Marlon 47

Neologism 47

Emprise 49

The Inquisitive Creature 50

Two Poems by Bianca V. Braswell 52

Allotheism 52

Cut-Wives 53

Two Poems by Kalli McCleary 57

Living in the Hologram 57

Living in the Hologram 2.0 57

Poem by Rich Murphy 58

Asylum Seeker 58

Two Poems by Prateek Kunwar 61

Alternative facts 61

The Biggest Shits 66

Poem by Chelsea DuVall 67

deer/woman 67

Poem by Michael Robinson 69

Sleepless Dreamer-Pantoum 69

Poem by Denise Chester 71

Say Not 71

Three Poems by Luis Eduardo Utrera Morales 72

Capitalism 72

Yeast in the East 73

Our Swan Song 73

Poem by Daniel Curzon 74


Poem by Megan Wintrow 75

Devil's Knot 75

Poem by Mary Marxen 77

YOU 77

David Alexander 79

Moths 79

Contributors 85

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