The Stars Down Under

The Stars Down Under

by Sandra McDonald
4.8 5

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The Stars Down Under 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Chief Petty Officer Terry Myell and Lieutenant Commander Jodenny Scott tried to hide their marriage as a relationship between them is strictly forbidden by the military code of conduct. However, when they were caught, Terry was grounded as his wife has command authority. He is bored with his spouse gone and he stuck doing nonsensical mostly made up office work.--------- However his ennui ends not because the brass provided him meaningful work, but abductors do. His kidnappers need his help to locate missing research scientists who vanished while studying a series of what appears to be gateways that allow near instant travel between stars. Myell is considered the only person left behind capable of turning on the spherical gates. Excited he leads his new team into another galaxy seeking the lost scientists, but instead runs into dangerous adversaries as a reptile like race wants control of the gateways and will kill anyone who seems in their way starting with Myell.-------- This exciting sequel to the superb THE OUTBACK STARS is an entertaining space opera that science fiction fans will enjoy, but also be frustrated by applying the 5 whys technique to the plot with no answers forthcoming why Myell and why only Myell. The story line is fast-paced once the hero is abducted leaving behind his desk jockey stint and never slows down as he and his kidnappers explore new realms. Sandra McDonald provides a fascinating tale, but omits critical plausibility background information.------------- Harriet Klausner
JosiahVanappelen More than 1 year ago
The Stars Down Under is a story about Lieutenant Scott and Chief Terry Myell. They’re a married couple living on the planet Fortune. He works at a school for training members of Team space, and she is a troubleshooter for the fleet. But both Scott and terry are fitting in that good. They have a problem with their different positions in the future. Then they encountered a mysterious Wondjina Spheres, different sized domes that come in groups of three on almost every planet, but Team space didn’t forget about it. So they bring together a scientific team including Scott and Terry to find out what happened to the other team that disappeared out of nowhere. Terry is the one who activates the spheres and the ability to travel instantiously through space, and possibly time which makes Terry very important to this mission. This book is science fiction and sort of a space fantasy that mixes futuristic travel with Australian Aboriginal culture and mythos. All kinds of creatures, like crocodiles that come out of nowhere from the sky, racing through houses and in cave paintings, to a tribe on one planet that insists that he is a god. I thought this book wasn’t that interesting, it began with some good action and a good plot but as I read further into the book it got boring, and confusing. For example the scenes in the book kept on changing, and when Jodenny is back on earth discussing her problems, and her secret mission it got boring. I thought the writing is interesting, it can grab the reader’s attention but about half way through the book it started to drag. There is a series of books, if you read the previous book then your will probably understand more and get more into the book. If you don’t care about the Scenes changing all the time and the book getting boring then I would suggest your read this book. The Author is Sandra McDonald she likes to write books about mystery or science fiction books. She also writes short fiction bibliography books and Podcasts. She was also the rainbow award winner in 2010. In the Stars Down Under Sandra McDonold has a mix of like realistic space faring military life, aliens, mythology and technology in this book. I enjoy reading books like these because it fun, interesting and makes u think and keeps you turning the pages.
Pandababy More than 1 year ago
Science Fiction and Fantasy genres overlap in many ways, and none more clearly than in this second book of Sandra McDonald's. The plot threads that I most strongly hoped she would develop from the first book, The Outback Stars, are the focus of this second novel in a series. The story is a mosaic of hard science and myth, wonders and the ordinary, aliens and regular people. I love the way McDonald writes, a combination of matter-of-fact space travel and unexpected intrusions by powers beyond the control of any human being. I love the way her characters struggle to keep their plans and their lives on track in the midst of being thrust into events that change everything. Reading McDonald, I sometimes have a sense of magical realism as done by Gaiman or by Charles de Lint. Once in a while the science under the phenomenon is revealed but most often we are left with tantalizing questions, which may or may not be answered farther along in the story. I like the way McDonald wraps up the story threads in a satisfying conclusion, but still leaves enough openings for the next book. I suspect she could easily write the same novel in twice length and keep me interested. At 336 pages, The Stars Down Under was over too soon. There is no doubt I'll pre-order the next one in the series.