Starseeker: Flower of Tamaroon

Starseeker: Flower of Tamaroon

by Diane Gronas


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On an icy world in the future, fifteen-year-old Annie Roeshell discovers a hidden past that reshapes her future forever. Annie doesn't know why her parents disappeared on a mission to the planet Tamaroon. Her only hope to fly to their rescue is to pass the test to become a Starseeker cadet.
In her final year of training on the Starseeker space station, Annie falls hard for a handsome swordsman named Garrett. When she finds out he is the Prince of Gosar, she tries to ignore her feelings -- and him -- but he keeps turning up wherever she goes.
On her sixteenth birthday, Annie is surprised by events that allow her to dance at the royal ball with Garret. But this also makes them both targets of the dark knights of Sarvok, an army of assassins out to take over their world.
Annie is The Flower of Tamaroon in this first volume of the Starseeker series. Follow Annie and her friends as they try to save their world and find Annie's parents on the distant lost planet of Tamaroon. Starseeker is a futuristic adventure for young teens and up that is sure to catch the interest of science fiction enthusiasts and those searching for tales of love, loyalty, and inspiration for a brighter future.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780991007349
Publisher: Witt's End Press
Publication date: 11/18/2014
Pages: 294
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.62(d)

About the Author

Would you like to jump in a ship and fly to the future?
For as long as Diane Gronas can remember, she dreamed of a world where amazing inventions could make the impossible come true. Growing up with an art professor for a father, taught her to draw and write about a place that existed only in her imagination. The insistent urge to study illustration and her search for the perfect Cinderella tale bloomed and grew into a coming of age adventure in a futuristic land. At the center is a character developing a larger view of the world and knowledge that what she does makes a difference and can possibly save it.

Diane is a graphic artist and graduate of Miami University School of Fine Arts. She worked at a graphic design studio in Cincinnati and taught design, photography, drawing and painting at a public High School. She often spent summers on camping trips to national and state parks west of the Mississippi and has a family of four children. Writing courses, taken while working full time, and membership in several critique groups led to the completion of her first book in 2014. She and her husband currently live near Cincinnati, Ohio.

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