Start Your Own Graphic Design Business: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Success

Start Your Own Graphic Design Business: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Success

by Entrepreneur Press


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ISBN-13: 9781599181639
Publisher: Entrepreneur Press
Publication date: 04/07/2008
Series: Entrepreneur Magazine's Start Ups Ser.
Pages: 138
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.35(d)

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Table of Contents

Preface     xi
The Right Stuff     1
What Is Graphic Design?     2
Employment Outlook     2
The Nature of the Work     4
Computerization and Automation     5
Other Considerations     5
Working Conditions     6
Training and Other Qualifications     6
Other Skills     7
Employment Opportunities     8
Future Job Outlook     8
Earnings     9
Related Occupations     10
Freelancing Graphic Designers: Running the Business     11
Freelance Graphic Designers     12
Freelance Graphic Designer Work     12
Desktop Publishing     13
Specialization versus Generalization     14
The Pleasure of the Work     15
Running the Freelance Business     16
Where to Start     17
The Market     18
Designing Your Graphic Arts Business     21
The Business Plan Format     23
Choosing Your Business Forms     25
Sole Proprietorships     26
Partnerships     27
Corporations     28
Subchapter S Corporations     29
Limited Liability Company (LLC)     29
Government Help and Forms     30
State and Local Regulations and Laws     31
Employment Identification Numbers     31
The Final Decision     32
Learning from Other Graphic Designers     32
Cash Flow     33
Getting Set Up     35
Designing Your Business Name     36
Your Work Space     37
The Home Office     37
Commercial Space     37
Meeting Space     38
The Space Needed     39
Your Equipment     39
Must-Haves     41
What You Can Get Later     41
Communications     44
Phone     44
Fax     45
Internet     45
E-Mail     45
Website     46
Licenses for Your Office     46
Legal Issues     49
Understanding Copyright     50
What Copyright Protects     50
Understanding Visual Arts Works     51
What Copyright Does Not Protect     52
The Works Made for Hire Exception     52
Length of Copyright Protection      54
Other Copyright Issues     54
Protecting Your Copyrighted Images     56
Contacting the Copyright Office     57
When Not to Protect Your Copyright     57
Seeking Competent Legal Advice     58
Launching Your Freelance Graphic Design Business     59
So You're a Graphic Designer?     60
Your First Client     60
Your Portfolio     60
Getting the Word Out     61
Getting the Business Community's Attention     61
Press Release     61
Announcement Letters     63
Finding Your First Customers     65
Marketing Yourself     67
Developing Your Marketing Plan     68
Pressing the Flesh     69
Designing Your Networking     71
Half the Work Is Finding the Work     73
Seeking Referrals     73
Cold Calling Does Work     73
Internet Marketing     75
Blogging for Graphic Designers     75
Who Needs You Now?     76
Always Marketing     76
Rules You Cannot Break     77
Dealing with Clients     78
Ethics     78
Professional Conduct      80
Insurance     80
Liability Insurance Coverage     81
Health Care     82
Tax Liabilities     82
Workers' Compensation     83
Expanding Your Freelance Graphic Design Business     85
Other Profitable Sidelines     86
Offering Additional Services to Your Clients     86
What Are You Selling Now?     87
Selling to Publications     88
Desktop Publishing Services     88
Improving Your Designs     88
Designing on Speculation     89
Education and Training     90
Expand Your Design Business with E-Mail     90
Printing and Reprography Service     93
Creating Products     94
Finding Equipment     95
Getting Training     95
Wholesale Printing     95
Locating Printers     96
Marketing the Business     97
The Secrets of Designing Success     101
Setting Your Fees     102
Formulas, Hourly Rates, or Flat Fees?     103
Pricing Strategies     104
Planning and Handling Downtime     105
Outsourcing     105
Managing the Marketing     106
Keep Planning Your Business     106
Not as Lonely as You Think     108
Success and Design On, or Stop     109
Sample Contracts and Agreements     111
Sample Collaboration Contract     112
Joint Nondisclosure Agreement     118
Simple Letter for Nondisclosure     122
Graphic Designer Resources     123
Associations     124
Books     128
Magazines     129
Mailing List Provider     129
Useful Websites     129
Glossary     131
Index     135

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Start Your Own Graphic Design Business: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Success 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
NatoshaM More than 1 year ago
The book Start Your Own Graphic Design Business by Entrepreneur Press and George SheldonI is full of helpful information for those interested in starting a career. It'll help guide you and let you build a successful company. You won't be without ideas and ways to strategize plans to help you while running your first business in Graphic Design! Graphic Design is so much fun and something I've been learning on the side. I found this book very helpful to get my own company started if I do take that plunge. However, knowing some things about Graphic Desing, allows me to work with others and help them. So I think if I do tempt to go this road and create a company with Graphic Design, then this book will really work into my favor! It's packed with all the must-know information from beginning to the end. There is nothing left out and I feel confident to actually achieve my goals and succeed in this type of business, without any other help. It explains the legal, financial, and plans to start and continue growing. That is always good to know and a reason why I love Entrepreneur Startup Books. Therefore, it is one book I would highly recommend for those interested in a career in Graphic Design.