Starting a Business from Home: Choosing a Business, Getting Online, Reaching Your Market and Making a Profit

Starting a Business from Home: Choosing a Business, Getting Online, Reaching Your Market and Making a Profit

by Colin Barrow


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ISBN-13: 9780749451943
Publisher: Kogan Page, Ltd.
Publication date: 05/01/2008
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 6.02(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.67(d)
Age Range: 3 Months

About the Author

Colin Barrow is the author of more than 30 books in the fields of entrepreneurship, business management and international property development, and he has authored or co-authored ten books in the Dummies series. His books have been published by the BBC, The Economist, John Wiley and Kogan Page. Following a career in business where he held senior staff and line positions, including that of managing director of a substantial manufacturing enterprise with multi-plant and multi-country operations, he was Head of the Enterprise Group at Cranfield School of Management, a leading International Business School. He has lectured, researched and collaborated with colleagues in business schools in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Asia and throughout Europe. He is the author of The Business Plan Workbook and Cut Costs Not Corners (Kogan Page).

Table of Contents

Introduction 1 

01 Finding the right business opportunity 12 
Product or service 13 
Classic ways into business 14 
Employing other people's idea 17 
Buying a business 20 

02 Picking the right business for you 25 
Do you have what it takes? 26 
Is the business right for you? 30 

03 Researching the market 34 
Understanding customer 35 
Segmenting markets 40 
Analysing competitors 41 
Carrying out DIY research 45 

04 Business ownership and title issues 55 
Deciding on ownership 55 
Naming your venture 59 
Intellectual property matters 61 

05 Operating from home 67 
Sizing up your space needs 67 
Checking out the rules 73 
Equipping for work 76 
Finding suppliers 78 
Insuring essentials 80 
Planning your daily life 81 

06 Keeping the communication lines open 89 
Telephone systems 89 
Mailroom matters 95 
Computers: the vital tool 97 
Security and back-up systems 99 

07 Bringing your product and service to market 106 
Deciding on your product or service range 107 
Promotion and advertising 109 
Pricing 122 
Distribution and selling 125 
Marketing legals 132 

08 Building and using your website 137 
Website basics 138 
Getting seen 143 
Designing your website 147 

09 Doing the numbers 151 
Keeping the books 152 
The business accounting reports 159 
Understanding the numbers 168 
Computing taxes 177 

10 Raising the money 182 
Estimating financing needs 183 
Using our own resources 184 
Borrowing money 187 
Getting an investor 196 
Free money 201 

11 preparing a business plan 204 
Why you need a business plan 205 
Contents of the plan 206 
Tips on communicating the plan 209 

12 Taking on employees 213 
Recruitment and selection 213 
Managing employees 220 
Legal issues in employing people 224 
Employment law in other jurisdictions 226 

13 Growing profitably 228 
Optimizing resources 230 
Improving profit margins 233 
Bumping up sales 237 

14 Starting up overseas 244 
Choosing a business-friendly country 245 
Researching international markets 250 
Money matters 254 

Appendix 1: Home business help and advice 263 
Appendix 2: Directory of proven home businesses 270 
Appendix 3: Home business information resource centre 282 
Index 291

Colin Barrow is formerly Head of the Enterprise Group at Cranfield School of Management, UK, where he taught entrepreneurship in the MBA program. He is also a visiting professor at business schools in the US, Asia, France, Ireland and Austria.

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