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Stash and the Adventures of the Coal Cousins: Adventure of Crystal Mountain

Stash and the Adventures of the Coal Cousins: Adventure of Crystal Mountain

by Sophie And Natalie Washo


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About Stash and the Adventures of the Coal Cousins

Stash is a wise old dog who lives with two sisters Cece and Lele. They all go on adventures with their cousins and learn important lessons for all kids!

The story/authors/Art from the Heart charity

The Adventures of the Coal Cousins follows Cece and Lele in fun childhood adventures, where they learn important lessons from Stash the dog. In this story the Coal Cousins find a map and go on adventure to find the mysterious Crystal Mountain! The problem is, they venture out after school, when it starts to get dark outside, and forget to tell their parents where they were going! Follow the sisters and cousins on this exciting adventure, with unexpected twists and turns, as they learn valuable lessons from Stash the dog at the end!

The book and illustration concepts are written by Sophie (age 10) and Natalie (age 8) Washo, created in memory of Sophie and Natalie Washo's Grand-Dad Michael Washo, who passed away from heart complications while battling cancer. The stories draw inspiration from 3 generations of Washo's, Malitskys, and Cameron's by combining childhood stories from all generations as if everyone are kids at the same time. In the first book "Little Mikey" is Grand-Dad Washo, "Cece and Lele" are Sophie and Natalie Washo and introducing "Krusty" based on cousin, TJ Gennaro.. A percentage of the net proceeds will benefit the Michael Washo Art from the Heart charity established to draw awareness to heart risks associated with chemo and radiation treatments to patients battling cancer. Thank you for the support!

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/stashandcoalcousinsadventures
Twitter: @Stashsays112

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781496934918
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/28/2014
Pages: 24
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.07(d)

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Stash and the Adventures of the Coal Cousins

Adventure of Crystal Mountain

By Sophie Washo, Natalie Washo, Bekah Crowmer

AuthorHouse LLC

Copyright © 2014 Mark Washo and Freedom Sports and Entertainment LLC \ FSE Publishing
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4969-3491-8


Stash the Wise Old Dog

Stash is an old and wise dog who has been around kids for a long time. He lives in a small town called Patch Town, an old coal mining and railroad town, with two little girls named Cece and Lele. Cece and Lele have two cousins, Krusty and Little Mikey, who also live in the same town.

This Coal Cousins story begins with a fun adventure. However, each adventure has lessons to be learned. Kids often make mistakes, but hopefully they can learn from them, which help them when they grow up. Stash, who has a lot of wisdom, usually knows best! What do you think this story's lessons will be? The coal cousins decide to go an adventure the week after school lets out in the winter time, even though their parents told them they shouldn't be outside after dark.

Will they listen to their parent's advice, or will they decide to go out on an adventure anyway?

The Adventure of the Crystal Cave

One day in Patch Town, Cece and Lele were walking home from school. Lele, who always finds stuff on the road, saw a piece of paper on the ground in the alley way. She picked up the paper and couldn't believe what she saw.

"This looks like a treasure map," said Cece. When they read it, they saw it was a map to a cave with lots of crystals in the mountains near their home. Lele and Cece's Daddy always told them about this place, but they could never find it.

Right after they found the map, the girls saw their cousins Krusty and Little Mikey in the distance and ran down the street. "Guys, wait up! There is something we want to show you!" yelled Cece.

"We found a map," said Lele. "Yeah, let's go see what we can find," said Cece. Krusty and Little Mikey were unsure. "What are you talking about?" they said. "Let us see. That's not a real treasure map." "Yes, it IS a real map, "said Lele. "Fine," said Cece, "we'll go look for the crystal cave by ourselves then."

Little Mikey thought for a moment and said, "Wait a second, did you say Crystal Cave? My Daddy used to tell me about that place, but we could never find it. But isn't it going to get dark soon? Maybe we should wait until Saturday when we have the whole day to go on this adventure. Our parents said we shouldn't go when it's almost dark out."

Krusty said, "No way! Who cares? Let's go anyway!" Cece and Lele agreed, "Yeah, our parents told us not to go out and play when it's almost dark either, but this seems like too much fun."

Just then Krusty said, "We want that map for ourselves." Cece and Lele said, "No, we found it! We want the map. It's ours!" Little Mikey said, "Hey everyone, why don't we all share and take turns looking at the map. Then we can all go together."

But then Krusty grabbed the map. Cece was pulling on it at the same time and it ripped in half. "Oh, great! Now look what you did!" cried Cece.

Krusty turned to Little Mikey and said, "Let's go!" and they ran down the street. Lele and Cece yelled, "Hey stop, we have the other half of the map! What are you guys doing?" But it was too late. They had already run off into the woods.

A bit later Krusty and Little Mikey were following their half of the map. Krusty said, "I think we have to go over that real tall bridge." The high bridge was old and rickety. A lot of the train tracks were missing and had fallen in the water below. Krusty, who was sort of a show off, said that he wasn't afraid of anything and started toward the old bridge. Little Mikey stayed behind. "Um, Krusty are you sure about this? Let's just go home and come back another day," he whimpered. "Nah, we're fine, Mikey," said Krusty, "plus the map says we have to go this way." So Krusty started climbing out over the big high bridge. "Wow, look how far it is all the way down to the bottom!" said Krusty. "Yeah," said Little Mikey in a shaky voice, "we better go extra slow and be careful."

The boys finally made it over the big, tall scary bridge, and got to the other side safely.

Meanwhile, following their half of the map, Cece and Lele came across a large old train track that led into a dark tunnel that looked really spooky.

Our map says we have to go inside of the tunnel. Maybe the crystals are on the other side. "It's really dark in there," said Lele. "Don't worry. In my backpack I have a flash light so we can see," said Cece. "Ok, let's go," said Lele.

Just as they entered the tunnel, a big bat flew out. Lele got scared, but Cece told her everything was okay. They walked in a bit further. But then they heard a scary noise, and a cat ran out. Terrified, Lele said, "Let's get out of here!" and ran out of the tunnel. "It's starting to get dark. Maybe we should head back home now," said Lele. Cece said, "But we still have to find Krusty and Little Mikey."

"How do we find them?" said Lele.

"I know! Little Mikey has this secret chant that sounds like an owl. You have to cusp your hands together and go 'who hoo—whoo hoo,'" said Cece.


Excerpted from Stash and the Adventures of the Coal Cousins by Sophie Washo, Natalie Washo, Bekah Crowmer. Copyright © 2014 Mark Washo and Freedom Sports and Entertainment LLC \ FSE Publishing. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse LLC.
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