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4.5 7
by Kelly Steed, Colleen Elliott (Joint Author)
An old adage warns if you don’t know your history, you will be forever condemned to repeat it. Likewise, if you don’t know your science fiction, and heed its warnings, you could condemn the Earth to future catastrophe. History has noted that science fiction authors have been visionaries of future realities. Their work should be studied as vigorously as a historian’ s


An old adage warns if you don’t know your history, you will be forever condemned to repeat it. Likewise, if you don’t know your science fiction, and heed its warnings, you could condemn the Earth to future catastrophe. History has noted that science fiction authors have been visionaries of future realities. Their work should be studied as vigorously as a historian’ s to prevent such dire consequences.

Just suppose the Pagan faiths are correct and reincarnation is a natural part of a soul’s life cycle on its quest for perfection. What happens to this cycle if a person, declared clinically dead and placed in cryonic suspension, is brought back to life twenty years later? Would that person’s soul return or would someone, or something else take advantage of that empty vessel, something that was never meant to be human? Most novels deal with cryogenics, the freezing of a living person for purposes of space travel. Stasis is different because it focuses on the revival of the long dead. In Stasis, the authors sought to explore one possible outcome cryonics technology could have on society.

Illinois 2027: Brad Harris is shocked to learn that his grandfather James, declared clinically dead twenty years ago, has been revived from cryonic suspension. James was the black sheep of the family and is a complete enigma to Brad, who was four when he died. James’ death was caused by a brain tumor; but does cellular damage totally account for his strange behavior?

Brad discovers that the world is an infinitely more complex and dangerous place than his Catholic upbringing led him to believe. He finds himself immersed in the paranormal realm of ancient Pagan religions where problems were solved through complex rituals. He must put aside his fear of the unknown and unite with a parapsychologist and an adept mage, risk his life and those of his friends, to stop a force that was never meant to be human or the Earth will forever be plunged into chaos. Stasis is the story of religious belief versus scientific reality and cryonics gone awry.

Editorial Reviews

Andrea M. Chester
This chilling and imaginative novel explores a world, not too far hence, in which technology and the paranormal collide, with menacing results. The story begins with Brad Harris, an ordinary political science major at university, who is stunned to learn that his grandfather is alive. Revived from the deep-freeze of cryonics at Chicago’s Luyet Institute, James Harris wants to see his grandson, but Brad is less than eager for the meeting!

Angela is another cryonics patient at the Institute. Since her resurrection, she’s bothered by what seem to be hallucinations. She learns that re-animation has sensitized her to the spirit world, imparting an ability to read the personal auras of those around her. A human aura fluctuates with many colors, rather like the Northern Lights- so why do so many people at the Institute have a solid, unchanging color surrounding them?

As some “patients” develop gruesome habits, and bizarre deaths start to occur, Angela’s strange insight becomes a crucial key. Some of those returning to life aren’t human, and were never meant to be.

Stasis is fascinating and horrible at the same time. It’s filled with dangerous beings, disguised as people, and nerve-racking tension, as clues begin to fall into a terrifying pattern. If these malevolent entities have their way, the world of humanity will never again be safe.

Stasis has several strong points.
  • Kelly Steed and Colleen Elliott concoct an extraordinary tale, full of suspense.
  • The story line is unique, and the plot holds together throughout the book.
  • The characters are vivid. I feel as though I know how each person looked and moved.
  • The explanations of futuristic technology are convincing and thorough.
  • The occult elements of the story are powerful and frightening, very realistic.

Good science fiction begins with the mundane and slowly pulls the reader off-balance. This book has that effect on me. Just as I begin to feel as though I’m in a familiar place, the recognizable elements start to disintegrate into alien spirits. The tension doesn’t relax until the ending, when the authors release me back into a world I’m not certain I can trust….

Stasis is an enthralling tale, well told.
Absolute Write

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The writers have created a science fiction novel which deals with cryogenics, religion, and a metaphysical war taking place in the near future...The blend of science fiction and mysticism works well, although it was jarring sometimes to have one character's point of view and then suddenly it was someone else's point of view in the same chapter, sometimes even the same paragraph. The story is good, very imaginative and the characters are well drawn so that you get to care about them. I don't know a lot about cryonics myself, but the authors seem to have done their research in the sections explaining how the bodies were prepared for freezing. It's an interesting tale and an excellent moral fable on what can happen when science goes wrong. A good read.
— Annette Gisby, Author of Silent Screams and Editor of Twisted Tales webzine
Tracy Arnot
Stasis grabs you by the throat and holds tight until the very last word of the very last page. The authors' ability to create a visual is intense, employing their formidable use of our language. The research apparent in this book is enough to make an enjoyable read, but easily stands alone to be applauded as well. Four stars for two new authors.
—(Tracy Arnot, Author of Skinny Girl Stew, August 2001)
Lorena Hanks
Great page turner! Keeps you going!
— Author of The Synija
Victoria Taylor Murray
A Very entertaining and enjoyable read!
—(Victoria Taylor Murray, Author of Thief of Hearts and Forbidden, Oct. 28, 2001)

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Stasis 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Stasis is a REAL page-turner in the classic science fiction sense! I can¿t wait to see more from these authors!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is not your average sci-fi offering. 'Stasis' is an intriguing blend of near-future techno paranoia and ancient spiritualism. In Kelly Steed's world, science is not necessarily the cure to all the world's problems, and the solutions can be found in the most unlikely places. The classic 'what if' scenario of technology run rampant, coupled with an unusual group of protagonists make 'Stasis' a good read, indeed.
Guest More than 1 year ago
No thank you, I'll be buried in the ground like my Mom and my Daddy. I'm a staunch Lutheran so many of these Pagan thingamajigs I don't believe in but when being used in horror fiction they make it more mysterious and frightning. Fear of the unknown kept me on my seat. It was great!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Alas, poor Rupert, disembowled for a sadistic's pleasure! James Harris is as fascinating and humorous as he is repulsive. An ancient being that makes a worthy adversary for a high-tech society. The detailed visual descriptions splayed across the literary canvas tantalized the senses and made me feel like I was reading a movie. Unlike some hard sci-fi, Stasis' science is written to be understandable to a general audience yet can be appreciated by professionals. I live close to an actual cryonics lab; Stasis has ensured that my nightmares will never be the same.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Stasis made my blood run as cold as liquid nitrogen! I'm a big collector of horror and this is definitely a keeper!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Stasis is a well written novel that especially appeals to the mystery or science-fiction reader. There is enough suspense to hold your interest past your bedtime, but it's not overdone. I recommend it as a must read!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Yin and Yang are thrown out of whack in this supernatural techno-thriller. With the success of nanite technology, the impossible becomes reality and the once supernatural becomes flesh. Carnate and incarnate view for supremacy on battlefield Earth in this dark tale by two literary new-comers. Stasis blends reality and fantasy in a way that terrifies and entertains until denouement, yet leaves room for a sequel.