The State and the Iron Industry in Han China

The State and the Iron Industry in Han China

by Donald B. Wagner


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The activist reign of the Emperor Wu-di (140-87 BC) saw major changes in the government of the Chinese state, its relations with foreign powers, and its economy, including the role of the government in the economy. In 117 BC several state monopolies were established, and thus began an immense upheaval in the Chinese economy that has remained a matter of controversy through the centuries. This book brings both literary and archaeological evidence to bear in an investigation of the history of the Han state iron monopoly, considering especially the reasons for its establishment and for the intense opposition it provoked.

Author Biography: Donald B. Wagner is internationally recognized as a leading scholar in historical metallurgy and is the author of several books including Traditional Chinese Iron Industry and Its Modern Fate and A Classical Chinese Reader: The Han Shu Biography of Huo Guang.

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Publication date: 05/31/2003
Series: NIAS Reports Series , #44
Pages: 160
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