State Governments: Institutions and Issues

State Governments: Institutions and Issues

by Donald Roy


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In State Governments: Institutions and Issues, a dialogic approach is used to provoke discussion regarding the major institutions of state governments today (federalism, tribal governments, governors, legislatures, judiciaries, and elections). Public policy issues (sprawl, educational choice, welfare and health care reform, water, taxes, living wages, and lotteries) also are subjected to dialogic treatment. Unlike the function of textbooks that provide general, descriptive coverage, these dialogues focus on the arguments and principles and the reasoning and evidence that bear on the lively practices of our political institutions and public policy debates. Some major overriding questions are: Where is power and leadership best located? What is the proper role of state government? What makes for social justice in a capitalistic democracy? Where and when should our state governments take the initiative to improve citizens' quality of life? Readers are invited to use their decision-making and conflict-resolution skills (often this means a balancing and weighing process) to fashion reasonable public policy outcomes. These dialogues also serve as a springboard for discussion and/or doing research that would dig more deeply and thoroughly into public policy issues.

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ISBN-13: 9780761833307
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Publication date: 11/15/2005
Pages: 190
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About the Author

Donald Roy, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Political Science at Ferris State University. He teaches political science courses that utilize a dialogue approach to public policy issues.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Institutions: American Federalism: The Devolution of Power and Responsibility to the States; Tribal Government: The Struggle for Recognition and Sovereignty; The Role of the Governor: Dominator, Primus Inter Pares, or Implementer?; Legislatures: Pro Chapter 3 Public Policy Issues: Urban Sprawl: Sprawzilla versus Home on the Range; Education at the Crossroads: Is It Funding or Is It Choice?; Social Welfare Reform: The Ongoing Debate; Health Care Reform: A Disease in Search of a Remedy; Water: A Public Tru Chapter 4 Index Chapter 5 Web Sites and Bibliography

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