State of Ecstasy

State of Ecstasy

by Ju Ephraime


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Ju Ephraime finds passion on the lush island of Martinique in this steamy romance. Twenty-six year-old Daphne Cohen's life is closed off, hiding behind an introverted personality to keep from expressing her true self and exploring the depths of what she truly desires. With very few friends and having only slept with three men in her life, she believes man number three is the one...until she finds out he's been sleeping around. Fleeing to Martinique to do some soul searching about her past, she meets her future: Wolfe LaCasse, a devastatingly handsome and sensuous Creole. He takes her on a passionate journey whose fire burns too hot for Daphne and she flees the island before getting burned. The problem is, she can't forget the state of ecstasy she experienced in his arms. Can she risk everything and, for the first time in her life, follow her heart and return to the island?

Spinning a fresh twist on the romance genre, Ju Ephraime's Daphne is in the driver's seat and in full control to make the decisions that will change her forever. Daphne's developed sexuality and power bridge a gap between the classic and the contemporary with subtle nuances, sparkling insights, and a provocative, sensuous narrative style.

Reminiscent of the works of Lisa Kleypas and Stephanie Laurens, Ju Ephraime's rich emotional landscape delivers an achingly accessible complexity that makes State of Ecstasy steamy, provocative, and fresh, and its author a forceful new voice who brings an entirely new level of heat.

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ISBN-13: 9780972878913
Publisher: ENVISION Business & Computer School Publishing
Publication date: 07/06/2011
Pages: 350
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.73(d)

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State of ECSTASY 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book felt fresh, I think because of Daphne‘s sexual awakening. I also loved learning about the French creole culture on Martinique. It’s a rich setting that I’ve never read about before. It’s the perfect getaway for Daphne and a great escape for this reader too. Then there’s Wolfe, the gorgeous man who emerges from his ocean swim on the secluded beach Daphne visits each day. Their sexual magnetism was crazy hot to watch and then how they worked to create a relationship out of their insta-lust. Seeing their conflicting thoughts inside their heads as their feelings develop was a treat. Wolfe has good reasons he’s leery of relationships with women—he’s been burned in the past. Watching Daphne break through his walls is fabulous. But then there’s Daphne, who’s got her own baggage, not to mention the fact that she only ever intended her stay on Martinique to be a vacation stop. Can these two from such different worlds not only find their way to each other across an ocean but permanently into one another’s hearts?
themitzz More than 1 year ago
He began kissing her while the elevator took them up, the soft, gentle exploratory kind she loved, which left no part of her upper body untouched. His mouth took in her lips and traveled down to her neck then back to her lips for brief kisses and playful tugs on her lower lip. Those kisses were her undoing because they made her feel as if he actually loved and cared for her. She responded in kind, loving him with her mouth, her hands, and her body, pressing into him so he could feel her heat. In no time, Daphne was coming apart again. She was impatient for him now, but she knew from their first encounter, there was no hurrying him. He would do this in his own time. She just prayed she would be able to last until then. Daphne’s love life has hit the skids and needing an escape to examine her life and take a brief vacation from reality, she finds herself drawn to Martinique—an island in the Caribbean known for its fine French products and beautiful scenery. She finds all that and more, including a handsome Creole man named Wolfe. She “meets” Wolfe on her first visit to a secluded and private beach where he goes daily for a morning swim. So taken by his dashing good looks, she finds herself thinking about him night and day. He catches the fever as well and can’t seem to get her off his mind. These two share an instant connection and find they don’t want to be without the other. Her time on the island is limited, and they want to spend as much time together as possible before her inevitable return to the States. An offer is made and refused causing her to shorten her trip and return home. Life on the island is much different than the life Daphne lives in Connecticut. Is this going to cause conflict with the two young lovers since she’s not an islander? Or will they be able to make a go of it? You’ll have to read for yourself to see if they get their happily ever after. This book is full of sexual situations and passion making it a great read for MATURE readers, 18+. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.
snoopypeach More than 1 year ago
State of Ecstasy By: Ju Ephraime Reviewed by: Elizabeth/snoopypeach Daphne is spinning from a bad breakup and from the unexciting life she has been leading. She decides to leave Connecticut for an extended vacation in Martinique. Wolfe lives on the island of Martinique where he manages the family restaurants with his twin brother Foxx. Lately he's found work more fulfilling than a social life. While Daphne is out on the beach her first day on the island she watches the epitome of male perfection rise out of the water naked and walk up the beach. Breathless she hides and decides she has no choice but to come back the next day. Wolf is surprised to see someone on his private beach, but he decides to wait to see what happens.... This was a sexy, passion filled story. Daphne and Wolf had their share of things to overcome and it was a great read seeing how they got their HEA. From a crazy ex, misguided and meddling family, kidnapping, and distance nothing could keep these two apart. The main characters are fully developed, rich and full of life and passion. The secondary characters are colorful and fun to read. The descriptions of the island and the food take you there. The only drawback for me was even though the descriptions of the foods and drinks were well written and I could easily imagine be them, at times I felt it drew away from the story and the characters because there were so many instances you are given the whole run down of the characters food and drink, down to each and every drink consumed. That being said, it may not bother other readers, this is just a personal opinion. But overall I really enjoyed this book and if you are looking for well written, sexy passion that will have you getting hot then this one is a sure winner! Received a copy for an honest review.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Arya Fomonyuy for Readers' Favorite State of Ecstasy is a captivating opening in the LaCasse Series by Ju Ephraime, a sizzling romance that will keep the emotions of readers fired up, with the intensity lasting throughout the entire read. Twenty-six-year-old Daphne has just discovered that Michael, the man she has been dating for eight months, has actually been confessing his love to someone else, has even proposed to her and the wedding is in the very near future. Now, broken and losing her self-esteem, Daphne flees to Martinique, hoping to reconnect with herself, but what awaits her is the gorgeous, insanely handsome Wolfe LaCasse, who is about to unlock hidden doors of pleasure in her heart. Can she withstand the fire of this man? Daphne flees the island, but she can’t forget the ecstatic experience of being with LaCasse. Follow her story as she transforms from a timid, self-effacing woman into one longing to give, to explore her sexuality and embrace the deepest desires of her heart. For the first time, she is taking control, and the ride isn’t going to be slow. The prose is as captivating as the plot, laced with powerful and insightful passages, imbued with the emotional depth that readers want to experience in this kind of story. Ju Ephraime has the rare gift of making readers feel her story and her characters. The characters are well-developed and readers can easily connect with them. Daphne’s inner journey and her courage that grows throughout the story are elements that enrich her and I loved the way the author handled this aspect of character development. Beautifully paced, State of Ecstasy is a work of great entertainment, a story with a lot of surprises to give pleasure to readers.
BrendaUSA More than 1 year ago
Sometimes you just want a book to entertain you and take you away to a beautiful place like Martinique, the setting of this very HOT story! This book delivers and I enjoyed it very much. The main character, Daphne, finds herself on a secluded private beach where she has gone to clear her head after her American boyfriend cheats on her. She finds herself witnessing the naked morning swim of Wolfe, a gorgeous local man who owns restaurants on the island with his brother Fox. Of course Daphne and Wolfe meet and that's when things really heat up. I swear I was sweating through many of the scenes that weave through the story of Daphne and Fox's romance - yes, it's that hot! I found this book to be a nice escape from heavier fiction that I normally read. I looked forward to picking it up at night and allowing it to take me into another world ~ a world where two people surrender to each other in every way. This would be a great book to take on a plane or to the beach ... or any time you want to chill out and relax! I look forward to reading more of this authors stories!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ju Ephraime has become one of my favorite high heat writers of all time. I have read books she had written previously and State of Ecstasy did not disappoint. As soon as I began, I was drawn into the storyline. Wolfe and Daphne were characters that were believable real, I could see this whole scenario being played out in real life. Not only does Ju bring a sense of heat to the story, but a genuine love that develops. I really hate to put these books down and come back to the world of reality. Where are these guys in real life? Ms. Ephraime has made me a doting fan and I cannot wait to dive into another world of lust, love, and originality that she creates with every story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Contemporary Steamy Romance Novel for the Sophisticated Modern Woman,March 7, 2014 State of Ecstasy, by Ju Ephraime is a contemporary and superbly crafted sophisticated novel with great depth and insight that will specifically appeal to the liberated modern woman. The bulk of this very believable story unfolds on the exotic and beautiful island of Martinique.The heartbreak and anguish of Daphne in the very beginning was real but not long afterwards the plot changes for the better and when she meets the alpha male the steamy sex is frequent and romantic. The plot is great and the gorgeous main characters are very hot and extremely spicy. Not for the prudish mindset. This is a great work of fiction that any modern author in this genre would be proud of. This novel deserves five stars*****
romancenovelsincolor1 More than 1 year ago
                                                                                                         perfect for those who truly love romance novels... Daphne Cohen has had very few men in her life and they keep disappointing her including Michael, who she catches cheating on her. Deciding she needed to get away, Daphne leaves everything behind to go to the beautiful island of Martinique for a month. While there and relaxing at the beach early one morning, she sees a handsome and intriguing man, Wolfe LaCasse skinny dipping in the ocean. As the story progresses, you see Wolfe and Daphne have both been burnt by love and those past experiences have caused them to proceed with caution. The sex between the two will have you gasping and needing a partner as it leaves you breathless. As the time draws near for Daphne to return to America, she realizes she does love Wolfe but she doesn’t think she is ready to leave her life and career behind to live in Martinique with him. Wolfe on the other hand does not want a long distance relationship. Will the two survive? Who would be willing to give it all up to move to another country? Will either of them find their happily ever after? The author does a phenomenal job of developing Daphne and Wolfe’s character. There are moments that you will love them and other times hate them for their stubbornness. This story is perfect for those who truly love romance novels with an extra edge of spice to them. The sex scenes are explicit and raw. The author also does a great job of bringing the readers in to the customs of the island in order to make a great storyline. -Reviewed by Lisa
TheReader36 More than 1 year ago
State of Ecstasy is a story set in the French Caribbean and it's about the twin of Foxx LaCasse, the hero in Loving Therese. The author did a superb job of tying these two books together so each can be read as a standalone. I love Wolfe the hero in this book, I love the heroine also, but my heart went out to Wolfe. Not only because he obviously loved Daphne, the heroine in the story, but because he was a TERRIFIC lover. And boy did he LOVE Daphne. The book was hot from the moment Wolfe met Daphne on his private beach until they got married. There were a few moments of sadness, when he found out Daphne was hell bent on leaving him and returning home, but I believe he handled it beautifully, when he decided against being intimate with her. But it was all the sweeter when they got back together. State of Ecstasy is just that, ECSTASY!
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Stephanie D. for Readers Favorite In "State of Ecstasy" by Ju Ephraime, Daphne is recovering from a bad break-up. She was completely duped by boyfriend Michael and is picking up the pieces. She has thrown herself into work to forget, but now thinks a holiday will be better for her. Her friend and work colleague Gayle tries to dissuade her, thinking it is a bad idea but Daphne is determined. She flies off to Martinique where she very quickly falls for the gorgeous Wolfe. She tries to rationalise herself out of what quickly becomes infatuation but she is fighting a losing battle. Soon she is in his arms where a whole new physical side of herself is awoken. But surely everything is happening too quickly? And of course there are complications, which take human and emotional forms. So they give themselves time and space to think. This is the ideal book for some saucy summer reading. But there is more to it than just good looking characters and steamy sex scenes. It is not shallow. The story touches on very raw, real emotions, ranging from love to hatred and jealousy. It is also about the need we feel, whether real or imagined, right or wrong, to curb our physical desires and stay rational and practical. Sometimes it is OK to want it all. The complexities of families and family life and the pressures of business responsibilities come into play as well and are portrayed all too realistically. This is a book you can easily end up reading in one sitting since there is plenty of excitement and drama. Thank goodness this is just the first in a series!
AlwaysReview More than 1 year ago
Is it hot in here or is it me? The State of Ecstasy was a steamy romantic story that kept me reading! I read the book in only two sitting because it was so good. With a great opening you dive into some romantic and erotic characters. This quite possibly could be my favorite romance of all time. The writing style of the author makes you feel right in the book. I would recommend this to anyone that want to spark up their evening reading!
Dicey1 More than 1 year ago
This is my FIRST review. Oh, sure I've read a ton of books, but I've never written a review for one, except on my blog. So here goes... I enjoyed this story very much. At times, I wasn't sure whether it was erotica or romance until I realized it didn't matter. There are erotic elements and there are things that traditional romantics expect: boy meets girl, they have passionate interactions, they fall madly in love, overcome whatever hang-ups they have, get married, have babies, and live happily ever after. With the dialogue, I wondered what time period this story was set in, but it didn't distract me from the beautiful love that Wolfe and Daphne found with each other. I've been reading paranormal romance books so long, I was waiting for Wolfe to actually howl at the moon and make Daphne his weremate, but that never happened. Maybe in the sequel. :) After reading this, I'd like to plan a vacation to the island of Martinique. With my husband, of course.
melu More than 1 year ago
from the cover alone you get swept into a spell the book tells all and really makes you want to be at this place wonderful please read it its one to keep and share
ForeverRomantic More than 1 year ago
Ju Ephraime is to be congratulated on doing a phenomenal job in her description of the French Caribbean Island of Martinique, and the passion that flared between these two characters, Daphne and Wolfe. This author takes you on a journey where you literally experience the intense sexuality between the hero and heroine. The story is fast paced, and it moves you along from their first initial encounter, to Daphne leaving Wolfe and returning to the US, to her final decision to return to the island to be with him. The romance level is HOT, the sexual encounters are so vivid that you are practically there with them, as you experience second hand the passion which flares whenever these two come together. This book does not disappoint!