State of the Hospital Industry 2017 Edition: Featuring 2017 Community Value Leadership Award Winners

State of the Hospital Industry 2017 Edition: Featuring 2017 Community Value Leadership Award Winners



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ISBN-13: 9781981464302
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/05/2017
Pages: 260
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About the Author

Bill Cleverley -
Before founding Cleverley + Associates, Bill formed the Center for Healthcare Industry Performance Studies in 1993. That organization provided the foundation for what Cleverley + Associates is today, including many of its current healthcare finance experts. His thought leadership continues to guide our work and shape the industry.

Improving health services finance practices, and helping hospitals has always been at the heart of what Bill does. Since 1973, Bill taught courses in healthcare finance at The Ohio State University and is now a Distinguished Honorary Alumni. He formed Cleverley + Associates to offer his expertise nationally and continues to do so today.

Bill received his PHD from the University of California, Berkley and is the author of over 40 books and 150 articles on the application of data and financial management for healthcare organizations. He has frequently won the Best Article of the Year Award from HFMA. He was also awarded the HFMA Trustees Award and was named a Distinguished Honorary Alumni of the program he long taught as The Ohio State University, Health Services Management and Policy.

Jamie Cleverley -
Jamie joined Cleverley + Associates in 2003, from a background of health education with the Ohio Optometric Association. He continues the Cleverley tradition of client-focused solutions and creative, critical thinking. Jamie works with hospitals to identify financial opportunities and create solutions customized for their business.

Jamie's expertise and focused, strategic thinking helps hospitals grow and expand their business, identify potential issues, and craft individual solutions.

He has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from The Ohio State University as well as a Master in Health Administration and was recently awarded the Young Alumni of the Year Award. He has published several articles on healthcare financial analysis and application, including the Community Value Index Hospital Survey. Several articles were awarded Article of the Year by the HFMA.

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