State of the Union 2.001

State of the Union 2.001


Product Details

Release Date: 07/03/2001
Label: Emf Media
UPC: 0653727545523
catalogNumber: 28


Disc 1

  1. About Sensorship
  2. Yogurt Karaoque Park-1
  3. Goon
  4. Dub Mix #2
  5. With Respect to Areo Pagitica
  6. Erat Verbum John
  7. Naked Dancin Everywhere
  8. Manual Labour Pains
  9. Mosurge
  10. The Spell
  11. Drunken Bastards #2
  12. Minutes...
  13. Yahoo/Bounce
  14. State of Things/Barbie and Her Perilous Anatomy
  15. One Message
  16. Check the Checky-Specs, Rock the Telebocket
  17. Shredded Peace
  18. Speaking in Tongues
  19. V2
  20. Adelante de Su Presencia
  21. A Minute in the Life
  22. No Title
  23. Esl for Machines
  24. Free Jazz Shrunk
  25. Double Standard
  26. Shake off That Coma
  27. State of the A-Bloc
  28. America Inc.
  29. My Riff
  30. Crne Oce
  31. 1 Min Bounce
  32. Sharp (On B-A-C-H)
  33. Swing, Swing, Swing
  34. Jingle
  35. Sotu 2000
  36. Pat Bucancer
  37. The Apes Lecture
  38. Ode to Danny Kaye
  39. I Call You My Base
  40. Lathe
  41. Tompkins Square Park
  42. Zippo
  43. Abracadabra
  44. Get
  45. 4 M's
  46. Rag Me Don't Gag Me
  47. Zanara Tigre
  48. Separation of Church and State
  49. Hold On
  50. A Cop for Every 183 Citizens/Year 2000/New York City/Millenium ...
  51. Indivisble Cities
  52. She's Drowning
  53. Song3. MP3
  54. Phonenoir
  55. Americal
  56. Quality Control

Disc 2

  1. Sine 0 to 12
  2. Sunshine State
  3. Mediate
  4. Laminatin as a Virtual Metaphor
  5. Ja
  6. Three Channel Guitar
  7. Blossoming
  8. State
  9. See No Evil
  10. _?*+ ["L= @@I.D
  11. If...
  12. Nixon in New Orleans
  13. Tomorrow
  14. Paper and Pen
  15. Ouverte au Vent
  16. The Invisible Man's Time Machine
  17. The Money
  18. Minutes..
  19. Holy Crow
  20. Open...
  21. Fireworks
  22. On Ogur
  23. Small Harness
  24. Us Trash2000
  25. Sample-Soto 2000/Come to the Origin II
  26. L-I-A-R
  27. No Scale
  28. Exploitration
  29. No Tongue Blues
  30. Music for States of Union
  31. Tokyo Propaganda
  32. A Cold Summer
  33. Place Study #9
  34. Desperate Hearts: State of the Romantic Union
  35. Parker's Box
  36. Tenac
  37. All the Pretty Horses/Let Em Think My Wings Iz Broke
  38. Annabel Lee
  39. Dangerous
  40. Electric Effervescence
  41. Vuoto
  42. Vendetta
  43. Speach to the Muted
  44. Real Player Fucked My Netscape Settings
  45. The Orbit Room
  46. Space Walk
  47. Rainy
  48. Corridors
  49. Short-Cut: Borodin
  50. Chinch Bug Blues
  51. Smudge on the Radar Screen
  52. Gold to 203
  53. State of the Underground
  54. Koll Kash
  55. Notes Cry Out
  56. Who Is Is That Calls Subtley Perverse?
  57. Cannon Balls
  58. Sounds End
  59. The Singing Bridge in Rabat

Disc 3

  1. A Chinese Clicking Duck Music in 5 Parts
  2. A Screw into the Universe
  3. High Jump
  4. Puck
  5. E-Soltitude
  6. Turbulence
  7. Coin Toss
  8. 22
  9. Double Tongued
  10. Y
  11. Is Jerusalame?
  12. One Minute Political Song
  13. Interdependence
  14. Digital Out
  15. Aomori Water
  16. Ta-Da
  17. Khiss
  18. Hoping It's a Dream
  19. In Signed Out
  20. Got to Get Back
  21. Harry + Albert
  22. 199.9 MHZ
  23. Stai Zitto
  24. Soft Money, Hard Time
  25. Sigh
  26. Fre Actions
  27. 34th Ave...
  28. 4 Channels Viola
  29. Il Flo Interdentale
  30. Four Magic Sentences
  31. Caught in the Headlights of the Beverly Hillbillies
  32. Empire/The Wind
  33. Le Temps Ensuite
  34. The Expedition
  35. Broken Broadcast
  36. Gaida Dilemma
  37. Duplicator
  38. Fishy Go Swin Swin
  39. Turnkey
  40. This Guy Walking in My Head
  41. Epitaph
  42. Attention
  43. Djele
  44. Crease the Sky
  45. Safety or Happiness
  46. Freckle People
  47. Shock_Hack
  48. Desire
  49. Gerbil Wheel
  50. Loverman
  51. Buzz Saw Trapped in a Perfumer of Shrugs
  52. Circle of Fits
  53. J Cushions E
  54. You Never Know
  55. Amazonas
  56. Solo Below

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Joel Chadabe   Track Performer
Nicolas Collins   Track Performer
Alvin Curran   Track Performer
Phill Niblock   Track Performer
Henry Kaiser   Track Performer
Carl Stone   Track Performer
Marc Ribot   Track Performer
Duck Baker   Track Performer
Jon Rose   Track Performer
Matthew Shipp   Track Performer
Judy Nylon   Track Performer
Geoff Mann   Mandolin,Trumpet,Drums
Loren Connors   Track Performer
Saturnalia   Track Performer
Donald Knaack   Track Performer
Charles K. Noyes   Track Performer
Ned Rothenberg   Alto Saxophone
Mark Hansen   Track Performer
Joey Baron   Track Performer
Christian Marclay   Track Performer
Chris Mann   Track Performer
Gregory Acker   Flute
Bruce Bennett   Track Performer
Piero Chianura   Track Performer
Don Christensen   Drums
Laura Cromwell   Keyboards
Fred Frith   Track Performer
Melvin Gibbs   Bass
Annie Gosfield   Track Performer
Alfred 23 Harth   Track Performer
Chris Haskett   Track Performer
Kato Hideki   Acoustic Guitar,Mandolin,Double Bass
Dave Hofstra   Bass
Mark Howell   Guitar
Mark Josefsberg   Vibes
Roger Kleier   Guitar
J.T. Lewis   Drums
Alan Licht   Track Performer
David Linton   electronics
Eric Mingus   Track Performer
Ikue Mori   Track Performer
Ed Pastorini   Guitar,Keyboards
Dean Ritchford   Track Performer
Eric Rosenzveig   Guitar
Brandon Ross   Guitar
Steve Swell   Trombone
Mark Trayle   Track Performer
Gareth Williams   Track Performer
Thomas Dimuzio   Track Performer
Toni Dove   Track Performer
Jack Womack & Tricia Warden   Track Performer
Chris Rael   Guitar,Vocals
Chop Shop   Track Performer
Gregg Bendian   Vibes
Mike Cooper   Track Performer
Galluccio   Track Performer
Voice Crack   Track Performer
David Fulton   Track Performer
Pat Place   Guitar
Paul Geluso   Track Performer
Steve Good   Bass,Clarinet
Joe Ruddick   Piano
Jacob Burckhardt   Track Performer
Steve Dalachinsky   Track Performer
Jan Kotik   Drums
Angela Babin   Guitar,Trumpet
Debra Desalvo   Bass,Guitar,Drums,Vocals
Bob Holman   Track Performer
Norman Yamada   Track Performer
John Duncan   Track Performer
Oblique   Track Performer
Tape Beatles   Track Performer
Zbigniew Karkowski   Track Performer
Eszter Balint   Track Performer
Chris Vine   Track Performer
Stephen Vitiello   Track Performer
Roberto Zorzi   Track Performer
Pierre Imbert   Hurdy-Gurdy
Al "Fats" Edwards   Machines
Tracie Morris   Track Performer
Gert-Jan Prins   Track Performer
Marc Behrens   Track Performer
Marianne Nowottny   Track Performer
Vivienne Corringham   Track Performer
Misha Feigin   Guitar,Balalaika,Vocals
Ori Kaplan   Track Performer
Bruce Eisenbeil   Guitar
Black Sifichi   Track Performer
Julia Murphy   Bass
Ben Rubin   Track Performer
David Earl Taylor   Bass Trombone,Vocals
Ted Reichman   Track Performer
Koji Asano   Track Performer
White Out   Track Performer
Daniel Kientzy   Soprano Saxophone
Kasper T. Toeplitz   Track Performer
Lauren Weinger   Track Performer
Atau Tanaka   Track Performer
Zammuto   Track Performer
Lloop   Track Performer
Elio Martusciello   Track Performer
Freight Elevator Quartet   Track Performer
Hans Tammen   Track Performer
Dorgon   Track Performer
Vitor Rua   electronics
Vivian Sisters   Track Performer
John Hudak   Track Performer
Anders Persson   Vocals
Blaise Siwula   Track Performer
Benjamin Chadabe   Track Performer
Public Works   Track Performer
Mark Cook   Bass,Guitar,Fretless Bass Guitar
Queen Esther   Track Performer
Peter Bowman   Vocals

Technical Credits

Alvin Curran   Composer
Don Christensen   Producer
Roger Kleier   Engineer
Danny Kopelson   Engineer
Zeena Parkins   Engineer
Jon Rosenberg   Engineer
Carl Seltzer   Engineer
Alan Silverman   Engineer
Rory Young   Engineer
J.G. Thirlwell   Producer
Martha Mooke   Engineer
Jamie Saft   Engineer
Steve Good   Engineer
Peter Fey   Engineer
Steve Mac   Engineer
Tim Rollinson   Engineer
Misha Feigin   Concept
Dominic Black   Engineer
Max Nagl   Engineer
Vitor Rua   Producer,Engineer
Tim Barnes   Engineer
Mark Cook   Programming

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