States of Consciousness

States of Consciousness

by Charles T. Tart


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States of Consciousness, a classic by world authority Charles T Tart, is a basic understanding of how the mind is a dynamic, culturally biased, semi-arbitrary construction and system. A systematic exploration of how and why altered states can come about and their possibilities. As a student of his remarked, "For the first weeks of class I didn't understand what those diagrams were about, but I've realized the book is all about the way my own mind works!" Useful in understanding some of the important ways your mind works before you start altering it.

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ISBN-13: 9780595151967
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/20/2000
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 239,167
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.72(d)

Table of Contents

Section IStates
1.The Systems Approach to States of Consciousness3
2.The Components of Consciousness: Awareness, Energy, Structures10
3.Conservative and Radical Views of the Mind27
4.The Nature of Ordinary Consciousness33
5.Discrete States of Consciousness51
6.Stabilization of a State of Consciousness63
7.Induction of Altered States: Going to Sleep, Hypnosis, Meditation70
9.Individual Differences140
10.Using Drugs to Induce Altered States146
11.Observation of Internal States156
12.Identity States163
13.Strategies in Using the Systems Approach171
14.The Depth Dimension of a State of Consciousness182
15.State-Specific Communication201
16.State-Specific Sciences206
17.Higher States of Consciousness229
Section IISpeculation
18.As Above, So Below: Five Basic Principles Underlying Physics and Psychology243
19.Ordinary Consciousness as a State of Illusion258
20.Ways Out of Illusion272

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