Static Jedi: The Art of Hearing God Through the Noise

Static Jedi: The Art of Hearing God Through the Noise

by Eric Samuel Timm
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Static Jedi: The Art of Hearing God Through the Noise by Eric Samuel Timm

Overthrowing Your Empire of Noise
Noise. It’s everywhere. Televisions blaring out commercials. Opinions shouted over the radio. The Internet and its unlimited distractions. All of the tasks and choices that you know don't really matter. Always intensifying, becoming a deep part of our everyday cycle, our now hurried lives. 
But often God speaks to us in the stillness. When Elijah needed to hear from God, God sent a fire, a quake, and a huge wind. But God wasn’t in the fire. He wasn’t in the quake. He wasn’t in the wind. God was in the whisper. But the noise hides the whisper.
Life is a dangerous place when we are stripped of our ability to hear God clearly.
During His time here on earth Jesus Christ was a master of noise. He balanced time healing, teaching, and feeding the multitudes with regular periods alone with His Father. Static Jedi takes a look at the life of Jesus to help you master the noise and distractions and live in clarity.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781621362715
Publisher: Charisma Media
Publication date: 09/03/2013
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 887,342
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Eric Samuel Timm is a communicator, author, artist, and founder of the ministry No One Underground and the nonprofit Painting Hope. As he speaks and paints, Eric captivates his audiences with his unique teaching style and unforgettable live art performances. He is highly sought after for his ability to creatively and relevantly present messages from God’s Word in challenging and traditional environments.

Table of Contents

Foreword Mark Batterson xx

Preface xxii

Acknowledgments xxvi

Introduction of a Perspective xxvii

Chapter 1 Are You a Static Jedi? 1

Chapter 2 Clocks and Cash 18

Chapter 3 Oil and Water 33

Chapter 4 Just Butter, Baby 47

Chapter 5 Twin Stones to Stand Upon 57

Chapter 6 Pseudo-Static Masters 65

Chapter 7 Quasi-Static Masters 79

Chapter 8 Noisy Lives = Noisy Churches = ? 94

Chapter 9 The Static Master (Part 1): Jesus Rose Early and Withdrew 104

Chapter 10 The Static Master (Part 2): Jesus Memorized God's Word 116

Chapter 11 The Static Master (Part 3): Jesus Fasted and Discipled 124

Chapter 12 New Beginning 137

Chapter 13 Green Men Speak Truth 146

Chapter 14 Early Arts of Drawing and Prayer 154

Chapter 15 Swords in Hotel Drawers 164

Chapter 16 Hungry Copy Machines 182

Chapter 17 The End Is the Beginning 193

Epilogue 199

Notes 201

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

“A refreshing reminder that God is always there ready to meet with us.” —Michael W. Smith, singer/songwriter
“Creative, entertaining and packed with profound meaning.” —Matt Birk, speaker and author, all-pro center, Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XLVII Champions
“An extremely important word for God’s people at this moment in history.” —Brian “Head” Welch, Love and Death band, author, speaker, former guitarist for Korn
“If you have ever found yourself overwhelmed, disconnected from God, and wading through the static of your day, you need to read this book.” —Rob Ketterling, lead pastor, River Valley Church
“This book is not about managing the noise but mastering it. Eric artfully explains that it is truly just noise, and once mastered, the reward is far greater.” —Craig Gross, founder, and author of Open

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Static Jedi: The Art of Hearing God Through the Noise 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
PJtheEMT4 More than 1 year ago
Static Jedi by Eric Samuel Timm is more than a book describing how distractions can interfere with one's spiritual life. This book does not simply itemize each possible distraction, nor does it tell the reader how to make priorities or rework to do lists to include prayer time. This book is more than that. At first glance the uniqueness of this book is obvious. Timm's book is not simply a linear book of text, but rather it includes biblical truth and insight in the form of poetry and bullet points as well. He speaks to the modern generation using modern analogies and illustrations that apply to the lives of today's hi-tech media infused generation. The concept of the "Jedi" is a reference from the popular movie Star Wars. In the preface, the author describes a "Static Jedi" as "One who masters the noise. Noise, existing in many shapes, consumes our time, real life, and ability to hear God. A jedi is a form of master, teacher, and sensei." (page xxv) The reader is brought face to face with the meaningless distractions that take valuable time from life and relationships. Meaningless wasted hours each day passively watching TV, reading magazines or scrolling social media translates into days and years of time stolen from more meaningful relationships with God, family and children. This book is an eye opener as Timm shares with the reader the urgency to master these distractions in life that he compares to meaningless noise or static. He shares with the reader how to master and overcome these distractions just as a masterful, skilled jedi. And just like the message of opposites in the movie, Star Wars, the opposite of noise and static is clarity. In fact it is to be each and every believer's goal to increase those valuable but rare moments of clarity in which one engages in spiritually meaningful activity with God and other human beings. The problem is that people crave the static and are actually addicted to the static. In fact many publications and materials sold to modern day Christians are based on the premise that the average Christian has very little time to devote to meaningful spiritual development and prayer. This is proven by the fact that daily devotional books and devotional themed bibles are so popular. The author rightfully marvels at how Christians can be a storehouse of useless trivia and information memorizing lyrics to songs and movie dialogue yet cannot even remember even five verses of scripture! And ironically, reading a lot of Christian books, but nor the bible itself can contribute to the static noise as well. In fact, the author goes on to state on page 67, "A pitfall for this generation is that we read more books with a publisher's logo on the spine than we do the Logos itself". This is harsh truth for many readers, but true nonetheless. He continues to explain that we read more of man's words than the words of God creating a false sense of spiritual assurance- also known as false mastery or pseudo-static masters. Bible memorization where we house God's truth in our hearts, should be our goal. Today's bible apps and search engines have become a crutch that Christians use instead of remembering bible scripture. What an abrupt awakening to the truth that many readers will be confronted with. The author explains how Jesus is the ultimate Static Jedi. And just as there is a Jedi, and Jedi master, there are pseudo-static masters as well. Anyone familiar with the bible's teaching about false teachers and luke-warm Christians will easily grasp this concept. This book wonderfully integrates modern concepts, culture and media- the very static that takes over our lives, in order to reveal the irony of our wasted lives. This clever approach will capture the attention of the reader and hold the attention of any Christian who feels his or her faith is washed out. This is a book to be read and re-read. Though written in a graphic, reader friendly interface with bold sub titles, Twitter tweet like excerpts and hashtags and bullet points, the truths contained in this book require multiple readings to be absorbed. This book looks like a quick read, but really isn't. It deserves meditation and time to fully digest its truth. The brief, yet poignant questions at the end of each chapter encourage the reader to journal and meditate on the important spiritual truths. As a blogger for the Booketeria I received this book published by Passio for the purpose of writing this review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Our family started reading "Static Jedi" as a devotional.  Eric Samuel Timm handles what could be a guilt-evoking, never-going-to-win subject (How do YOU spend your time? What are you INVESTING in?!) with humor and candid transparency. EST uses imagery that helps the us to understand what we are doing, sometimes without even meaning to do so.  However this book doesn't leave the reader once the problem is identified.  Static Jedi helps us to see what the issue is and how to tackle it.  Each chapter ends with questions for the reader to personally tackle, and a set of questions to discuss with a group. As a family we needed to spend time together, involved in what matters, but hadn't been able to see what was holding us back.  In addition, each of us as individuals needed to make adjustments to how we spend the "currency of our lives," time, so that it is more intentional.  Great wake-up call!  The humor?!  Well, with teenage boys in the house, we're hearing some of EST's funny tag lines over, and over again. Great way to invest in each other and draw closer to Jesus.  Highly recommend for people of all ages, groups, and families. :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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