Staying Alive on Planet Earth 1

Staying Alive on Planet Earth 1

by Lloyd E. McIlveen


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ISBN-13: 9781466993983
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 12/28/2013
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.50(d)

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Staying Alive on Planet Earth 1

By Lloyd E. McIlveen

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2013 Lloyd E. McIlveen
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4669-9398-3


Where It Starts

Tune In On Your Big Picture Of Better Health for More Life

I, your author, am in my more matured years now and feel like life is just beginning again. I feel a repeated performance happening in every fiber and neuron of my being with a new role in and on this stage of life.

The role I play in this scene of life becomes nor of what I really am as I practice what I am about to relay to you. This trip of promoting better and extended health starts with the magnificence of belief which is the strongest motivation for stirring emotional desires.

My strongest desire, it will be obvious, is playing the role of a healthier man who is purposely, hopefully and skillfully extending my life into a more distant future by learning, sharing and practicing better health consciousness.

What could be more meaningful than to work, play and have fun doing almost anything for a much longer time at any age?

I invite your response, feedback and viewpoints on this book for possible further promotions on this subject which may lead toward one of our goals; more and better life.

We can extend and improve our health and future oriented practices repeatedly, thereby gliding ourselves comfortably into the future for even more rewards of a similar nature. Why bother? Good question. It may just be possible there are more reasons to do it than not; depending on individual value of human existence.

One thought we must keep paramount in our mind and really keep in tune with is our awareness of the fact we cannot deceive our bodies and our minds. We may think we are doing ourselves a favor in one way and it turns out to be a detriment to our cause.

We humans have a strong tendency toward pursuing daily activity with most of our concentrated focusing on the subject or activity. This is fine for accomplishing those goals, but it appears most of our concentrated focusing is on just that and not enough on our state of being.

Time passes and those performances are repeated. The years pass and those performances continue to repeat. Maybe they bring fame, love, money and whatever else, but it is also possible those days, months or years were serving to drain the health and future life out of us before we knew what happened. Then it became more difficult to turn it around to another course of venture and pursuance.

These are the psychological traps so many people fall into without being aware of it happening. There is a power of opportunity in those traps that can be reorganized to do exactly what we want it to do when our bodies and minds know they can depend on us. Those traps and reorganizing afterward sounds almost like a vicious circle at times except it is not vicious. It is simply passing through stages of self-progress. How to accomplish these reorganizing ventures within is what you will be reading about in the following chapters.

I strongly suggest the following reasons why not to skip over parts of this book. Read every word. Many times human nature tempts us to acquire knowledge too quickly. This, of course, has been done when reading that which seems to apply to the individual or just picking out a chapter or two to read that seems to be the most interesting.

Brushing through the chapters in a quick quest for better health could be a disadvantage to you. You may miss the part that could spur or entice you into more extensive interest and benefits. Remember, you will acquire more time to accomplish more in this life by gaining more knowledge to do it.

Here is a wish for you to attain skill and accomplishments in your quest for better health and linger life.

Nothing in the following chapters is meant to be construed as an absolute cure for ills and your author herein makes no claim to be a registered professional healthcare advisor. All educational material stated in this book has been gathered over a life time of study by me, your author and is meant to be of some value in gaining more perspective on the subject that may lead toward better understanding for the reader in deciding a route to proceed in achieving better health for longer life.

You may want to know a little about me and why I am writing about better health for longer life. I was born in an average family atmosphere of a mother, father and brother and was lucky enough to not be handicapped; just somewhat low in resistance. Low resistance can be a self-inflicted or congenital conditions, where the body's metabolism (the digesting and processing of food) functions less than what is, considered normal. The result being the bearer suffers a lack of energy which is needed to protect from physical integrity breakdown.

Looking back, my condition wasn't taken very seriously as a boy when I began acquiring colds and flu a lot. I remember being delirious in bed at night. My parents looked in on me, but they didn't know what to do. My mother didn't believe in doctors and my father, from what I have been able to gather, didn't want to spend the money on one. While this continued, over a period of years into my teens, I suffered from colds, flu, low resistance, skin pimples and huge boils. Most of those problems were from being vulnerable to infection which was also referred to as low immunity, not A.I.D.S. That was born years later.

Those were the years I had the opportunity to begin competing in athletics. It didn't seem to matter how bad off I was physically, I wanted to compete. So, compete I did.

Desire to be stronger, more than anything, prompted me to straighten out my health through diet. The right food should get the right results, I thought. Instead of consuming soda pop, donuts and other junk like the other kids were doing, I ate vegetables, a little meat, grains, dairy products and fruit. I have to admit there were some sweets too, but I kept it down. In those days, I wasn't yet aware dairy products were to be used with strict discretion. I exercised every way I could think of and ran a lot. In a short time, I was second to the fastest runner in the school. That wasn't enough though. I began to work out in school on the rings, high bar and rope. My muscles were developing and I felt proud of myself, so I used more discipline and began winning awards of which I still have. I was much stronger than I was aware of even with the ailments I mentioned.

By the time I was nineteen, I was married and raising a family. I worked very hard for them, but it sure took its tole on my resistance. My tendency was to overdue in almost everything. I always felt strained and worn out.

When I was around twenty five, it seemed like I was always tired and sick. I heard sugar and flour wasn't digestible food. The blemishes reduced some. The rest of the illnesses were still there.

I went to an allergist and discovered I was allergic to a whole string of food and environmental influences. I was given allergy shots to help counteract the symptoms which did help to some degree. After awhile, I began to realize the possible consequences of using medical drugs on a long term bases and discontinued the use of the allergy medicine.

Many years of experiments with the use of various food and food combinations helped tremendously. It literally threw me into a state of serious health consciousness.

After my wife and I broke up when I was about 39, I went down to tube (so to speak) emotionally and physically. I felt like I would die. Aggravating the problem, I went from one relationship with women to another like they were going out of style looking for a way to feel good. Because of those miserable feelings, I began attending emotional therapy groups, psychology classes and seminars galore. I attended many different types of places where people gathered of whom were either teaching or looking for something that was meaningful; like a reason to pursue life and a better state of mind and health or to just survive. I knew, at that time, it was a matter of getting my act together or wither away.

I studied everything I could get my hands on that pertained to the psychology of anxiety and dieting to help my state of mind and body. I also went from one doctor to another in my quest for knowledge and cure with only small increments of success although I will say they were helpful with examinations.

One of the best cures for my state of mind was to get into helping other people with their emotional problems. That tended to get me out of my own neurosis and I gained more confidence in my general pursuit of life. Results were slow, steady and beneficial and are still maturing.

Through the unraveling process of experimentation over the years, I conquered the greater majorities of my health problems and felt so much better about myself and continued to share my acquired awareness with others similar to what I am doing here. I only wish I would have known all of what I learned many years ago for my sake and others too.

I will be stating, in some cases through the balance of the book, where the terms man, woman or mankind are concerned, man, him, he or his will generalize for both gender.

This book on health for longer life is not "all" about what may seem as boring detail of diet and exercise. It is or at least can be an exciting mind trip (the psychology of what you want and "are" acquiring) of looking at where you have been by gaining knowledge of where you can or will go into the future.

Realize, if you will, the details of applying diet and exercise etc. are only part of the underscoring impetus behind the actual progress of health for longer life. The other part, which is a little incalculable in terms of percentage, is that which makes the application possible. It is the psychology, the approach and the discipline used for accomplishing those daily duties for health.

Our plan and prerequisite to acquire better health for longer life requires first, for one to have exposure to longer life possibilities. Then, one must have a desire to live longer. Last, one must be willing to study, practice and preach (to whomever) progressively better health concepts and habits as are displayed in the proceeding chapters.


Getting In Touch with Your Present Attitude on Life

Whether you are younger or older, you have the opportunity for a healthier and longer life. What is necessary for a longer healthy life? A good start will be in just possessing the fortune to be alive, appreciate it and pursue more of it. People in the past utilized too much of their life on everything except health and died too soon as a result. An unnoticed treasure faces us to be alive and have the opportunity to practice good health habits and share them with others. The results are usually, more than not, to feel better and live longer. This statement, as you will see, will be mentioned several times as you continue to read.

Sure, you say you had an uncle who smoked and drank whiskey and lived to eighty nine. He was a very fortunate person to live that long under those circumstances. Just think though, if he would have concentrated a little more on better health habits how much longer he "could" have lived.

The contents of these scripts are not just to help you add better health and more years to your life, but also to acquire more awareness of appreciating this life you have been born into and inevitably get more out of.

Remember, adding more years to your life does not necessarily mean you are getting old! It means as we gain more years, we gain more patience, health, money and many things we wouldn't have acquired if we had expired at a younger age; all of which can add to slowing down the aging process thereby allowing more time for life. Success builds on success.

There has been too much negative emphasis on the term old. To be old is much to blunt. To be older is to be proud of that great accomplishment.

Scientist are agreeing, more than ever, we have capabilities of living for possibly hundreds of years. You say you don't want to be old that long? That's where the negative sense comes in. Living that long requires one to acquire and maintain a desire of preventing the conventional aging process from happening through programming, belief and practice of staying mentally, emotionally and physically younger for the majority of one's life. Think of life as just beginning at any age and thoroughly believe it. Needless to say, we do have to work at it. It won't happen all by itself. More on this later.

The present state of mind we are in at the time we decide to look at ourselves is a determining factor in which way we decide to go with our health and length of life. More of this will also follow in another chapter.

If you are older than very young, say in your forties, you probably acquired the consciousness of getting older and may be getting somewhat worried or very worried about not having the foreverness you experienced when you were eighteen or twenty. The very thought this may happen may trigger a belief system programming that could speed up the aging process and really promote oldness. Why then, when people feel they are getting older, do they many times decide they want more pleasures out of life because they may believe "life is short?" They eat wrong, smoke more, drink more, do drugs and/or go through many burnout activities including too much over acceleration of their particular talents causing unneeded stress and strain and tend to defeat their purpose of having pleasures of life that result in their becoming ill or old. Reading on will help them turn that course around to live a longer and healthier life.

If you are what you think is very old and can and say what you want and don't want you still have a great chance to help eliminate the problems of ill health and doom that may linger.

Almost all health conditions can improve as long as there is a conscious mind that can keep that belief moving. Your opportunity to reverse the aging process, or at least slow it down, depending on the intensity of your determination and/or condition, is now facing you. Will you look at it and stay focused? It's all incrementally unveiling in these chapters.

If your friend, relative, loved one or any other dependants can no longer move or speak voluntarily, then it is the responsibility of the caregiver involved to decide whether or not to apply any of the content from this book. However, if that person can hear and is willing to listen to someone reading this book, that person, together with the cooperation of the caregiver, has the opportunity to accept responsibility in applying methods mentioned herein and practice reversing or slowing the detrimental conditions. Those who are in "better" condition are fortunate in having the opportunity to polish up their health by adding more skills to their health habits. The following retrospect and possibilities range from ages 0 to around 20.

Poor Health: This book will benefit people in these ages through their childhood, teens and more. This is a great age on planet Earth for gaining dynamic and lasting health.

Good Health: Kids and teens are usually lucky with health. If these people become health conscious, they can keep their good health by supporting it while preventing illnesses.

Handicapped: They are usually learning more about survival and getting along in a nonhandicapped world. This is the time for them to see what they want in health and/or long life. There are more opportunities than ever for them to strive in their endeavors, become stronger and survive.

Emotional and Mental Problems: Their guardians can help guide them into an easier state of mind when their bodies become healthier. Everyone, including their guardians, can practice better health habits. Rich People: They usually eat and do what they want without thinking of the penalty they may have to pay for possible illness. This is an opportune time to prepare them for a life of even more riches as they learn to control their emotional urges like over indulgence of food, alcohol, work, sex etc.

Poor People: Poor kids can have just as good of a chance as those who are financially better off in gaining good health. They just need to learn a few rules to get them started like understanding how their bodies and minds can mature into successful and healthier beings through study and practice as easily as anyone else. The following retrospect possibilities range from ages 20 to around 45.

Poor Health: By this age they will have experienced more body and mind abuse and need to act in a more serious way to avoid illness and pain and extend life through better health awareness practices.

Good Health: By this age they have had a lot of good luck in health, but they might be surprised. If they love life by now, it would behoove them to realize it's time to start supporting health through more disciplined efforts for longer life.

Handicapped: By now they are probably more in touch with their values on health and can better address them. Better health will help them to feel better about their handicap and live longer through improved diet and exercise.

Emotional and Mental Problems: It is possible some of the problems have resolved through better diet and consciousness. If not, it is time to make changes such as taking advantage of community assistance. Most cities and towns across the nation offer helpful programs for the handicapped.

Rich People: If they didn't correct their bad health habits by now, they probably are beginning to experience health problems. They need to know part of being rich is having good health for a very long time so they "can" enjoy more time with their fortunes.

Poor People: If they have waited this long, they may be surprised to know they have even a better chance to get and stay healthy and live long because they can get serious now with simple and natural food which is not expensive. Also, libraries, community minded officials and volunteers offer a wide variety of nutritional and psychological help. See city and county offices.


Excerpted from Staying Alive on Planet Earth 1 by Lloyd E. McIlveen. Copyright © 2013 Lloyd E. McIlveen. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Where It Starts, 1,
Chapter 2: Getting In Touch with Your Present Attitude on Life, 13,
Chapter 3: Reason and Desire, 24,
Chapter 4: Making Changes That Work, Programming, Headquarters of Conscious and Subconscious Mind, 36,
Chapter 5: Programming and Your Health Strategy, 41,
Chapter 6: Psychology of Health. A Way to Stick To It, 47,
Chapter 7: Disease Makers and Health Drainers, 59,
Chapter 8: Digestion. What to Eat. What Not to Eat. Cell Maintenance, 75,
Chapter 9: Extending our perception to make it work, 116,
Chapter 10: The Herb Story, 129,
Chapter 11: Gaining More Perspective to Support a new Program of Longer Life, 148,
Text References, 183,
Index, 187,

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