Staying Sane in a Changing World: A Handbook for Work, Leadership and Life in the 21st Century

Staying Sane in a Changing World: A Handbook for Work, Leadership and Life in the 21st Century

by Margot Cairnes


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There's no doubt that the world is experiencing rapid change: technological advances and globalisation are completely transforming the way we live, including the way we work, communicate and play. We can no longer expect life to be how it was in the past. Consequently, we need to upgrade our thinking so that we can make the most of the opportunities in this constantly evolving world.

Staying Sane in a Changing World is a handbook to help navigate our new world. Margot Cairnes, international futurist, author and keynote speaker, has compiled a series of inspirational essays, reflections and thought-starters from her work for national and international professional journals and magazines. These essays present new ways of looking at a range of issues - from work, to leadership, to spirituality and family life - and how they interconnect.

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ISBN-13: 9781452534060
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 10/07/2011
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.55(d)

About the Author

Margot Cairnes is a Sydney-based leadership strategist whose work involves the sensitive, strategic and political issues confronting managing directors and board members of major corporations.

Table of Contents

Leading the way in the 21st century3
Changes in the way we work5
Rediscovering trust and loyalty8
The non-profit drivers10
Surviving super mergers13
Don't do anything--you might make a mistake15
Busy isn't necessarily productive18
Work can be fun and a place of growth21
2Work Relationships
Relationships--what are they?27
Relationships are everything30
Two to tango33
Lessons for relationships36
Partnership rather than confrontation39
What to do when the boss visits41
Your boss needs praise too44
When the boss is stressed46
3Culture and Politics
Comfort zone53
Guilt-edged approach56
Risking the easy life--telling the truth58
Leaving bullies behind61
Let's get rid of the bullies64
'Nice' guys don't need to give in to dinosaurs66
Laughable target for competition69
4Personal Development
Social denial of the unconscious75
Achieving, as opposed to winning78
The perfectionist virus81
Maintaining our vitality83
Challenge yourself86
Listening to the inner self88
Gaining self-esteem from your being rather than your knowledge91
Some find compliments hard to take93
The power of positive thinking96
Clarity in change98
The long and the short of it118
Competencies and character120
Leading your own life124
Narcissistic leaders127
6Spirituality in Business
Making room for spirituality133
Converting death jobs into living work136
Spiritual healing138
The heart is just as smart as the brain142
Affairs of the heart144
Spirit doesn't get a lot of airplay148
Human nature can be improved too150
Developing wisdom153
7Women in Business
Women's participation proven beneficial159
Women on top162
Abuse of power is unacceptable168
Changing the image of Cleopatra170
Face value172
8Personal Development II
Starting to grow before things become unbearable179
Feel and know your emotions and act appropriately on them181
You can't grow emotionally without at least some pain183
Dealing honestly with failure186
Dealing with fear191
Facing the dark night of the soul194
Growing from tragedy196
Breathing properly: a forgotten tool?199
9Social Issues
Creating a better world for all205
Back to the future207
The getting of wisdom210
The big people are those who give213
Learn from Diana's example216
What do you contribute?218

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Staying Sane in a Changing World: A Handbook for Work, Leadership and Life in the 21st Century 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book focuses on mental health in the corporate word. More specifically, it address the fact that working life has become a nightmarish experience for the majority in salaried employment, mainly because of a radical paradigm shift that has taken place in our times. It begins by giving an excellent commentary and an in-depth analysis of what this paradigm shift is all about. In effect, moving from the machine-age world-view to the e-world view that prevails today has changed just about everything: the prevailing mind-set, the way work is organized, how people need to be treated and even the type of education systems which are considered appropriate. Those who are caught in ¿transition sickness¿ (my term not the author¿s) typical of our times will find this enhanced comprehension of what they are actually going through extremely advantageous. Greater insight will generate greater adjustment and thus higher levels of mental health. The author recommends that we become convinced of one truth, viz. that it is the world that seems to have gone ¿crazy¿, not us! This would be a welcome insight which will bring much relief to those who are struggling so much in a confusing world just to keep afloat. With such a conviction in place, we are empowered to work on the strategies she recommends. These include becoming extremely clear about the meaning and purpose of our own lives ¿ what she defines as ¿spirituality¿. With such clarity we will be able to steer our own career paths and our lives in according to our what has meaning for us. She also emphasizes the need for enhanced personal development particularly in the area of self-nurture to sustain our own vitality and the ability to respond creatively to a changing world. This includes: being in touch with our inner truths and striving to go after our own desires and preferences, ensuring our physical health, taking care of our emotional well-being by taking time and energy to cultivate strong bonds of relationships with family and friends, replacing disempowering belief systems with positive thinking, as well as acquiring wisdom as opposed to knowledge. Such wisdom includes learning that ¿The big people are those who give¿! This book is certainly recommended reading for all those who want to live creatively in this brave new world rather than merely cope or survive. It might even help us to soar to new heights of personal achievement and happiness. I commend the author for giving us an insightful treatment of today¿s working world which manages to be analytical and intellectual yet touchingly human and in touch with the reality of people¿s lives.