Stealth Euthanasia: Health Care Tyranny in America

Stealth Euthanasia: Health Care Tyranny in America

by Ron Panzer

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The euthanasia movement has infiltrated health care and hospice in particular. When people expect care to be provided in hospice, they may be horrified to learn that death is being manipulated, imposed upon the helpless patient.

Through a variety of means, death is being imposed. Terminal or palliative sedation is used, as well as unneeded doses of morphine or other opioids to hasten death.

In about 365 pages detailing how this has come about, when and why, Stealth Euthanasia: Health Care Tyranny in America is the story of the intentionally "below-the-radar" changes that have been aggressively pursued in our society for decades. Because these changes are not covered by the major media in any coherent, connected way, or at all, the public has difficulty "putting a finger" on what is happening and why.

They see changes here and there as situations arise in their lives, especially in health care. They hear stories about what is happening and mistakenly assume they are isolated incidents. Sometimes, they just can't believe the changes that have already been made. They seem so "foreign" to what American society is all about, and the reason they seem "foreign" is they do not arise from American Constitutional values.

Some people are frightened by these changes, changes that seem to be imposed upon society without the approval of the majority of citizens. They question the wisdom of abandoning the traditional values that formed the foundation for American life. They question the declining percentages of Americans who support the traditional value of a family (husband, wife and children), marriage (husband and wife), sanctity of life, faith in God, the value of work and the opportunity to get ahead in a free society. They wonder how we have strayed so far. They question whether we are still truly free to express our religious faith in a public setting, or even whether the dedication to "do no harm" within health care is the prevailing mindset. Shockingly, often it is not.

If you want to know what all that "death panel" talk is really all about, this is the book that explains exactly what is going on and will be going on.

There are no formal "death panels," but there are bureaucrats in government, HMOs, and private health insurance companies whose decisions knowingly result in denied tests, denied treatments and certain death in many cases. This has been well-documented. However, when the federal government becomes the big HMO itself, test and treatment denials will be the equivalent of death sentences for some, even many.

Politicians say, “we are not going to ration care.” But they will set in motion many processes that reduce reimbursement under the guise of “limiting expenditures,” or “keeping costs down,” and these processes will result in rationing care.

What needs to be recognized is that changes are coming no matter what political party or agenda controls those changes, with or without the new health care reform law. Going from a Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement system that pays fees for each service provided to a system that has a cap on payments made for all services provided to a patient is one of the most significant changes to Medicare ever made and will certainly result in drastic changes.

You may not realize this, but leaders in government of both political parties are promoting palliative and hospice care as the destination, your destination ... the end of the road in a patient's health care journey. There is no need for something to be called a "death panel." Rationed care will result in destabilization and consequent death for many of the chronically ill, elderly and disabled. Interventions and treatment options, as well as denials, can be manipulated so that death is made to happen.

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Publication date: 08/22/2011
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About the Author

Ron Panzer is President & Founder of the nonprofit Hospice Patients Alliance patient advocacy group and is an ardent patient advocate working to promote the very best in end-of-life care and help restore the original pro-life mission of hospice as envisioned by Dame Cicely Saunders.

Ron is the author of the HPA Family Guide to Hospice Care, The Heart of End-of-Life Care, Called to Serve and this book about the most-censored story in America: Stealth Euthanasia.

Ron has been consulted and quoted extensively by major media outlets such as USA Today, CNN, ABC world radio, the Washington Post, and many others. Ron addressed the 2010 Life Conference in Raleigh, NC on the topic, "Hospice: Pro-Life or Culture of Death." Ron is working with other hospice leaders to create end-of-life care settings that respect life.

Ron has worked with many hundreds of individuals around the country seeking help for problems encountered in hospice or other health care settings.

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