Steel Lily

Steel Lily

by Megan Curd


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AVERY PIKE is a commodity. No, more than a commodity. Her existence is guarded at all costs.

She's a water Elementalist, the strongest of her dwindling kind. She creates steam to provide energy to fuel Dome Four: the only thing standing between humanity and an earth ravaged by World War III. No steam, no Dome. No Dome, no life.

Or so she thinks.

That is, until a mysterious man offers her a way out of having to donate steam. A way to escape the corrupt government of Dome Four. While the offer seems too good to be true, Avery is intrigued. But when she arrives to her new home, she realizes the grass isn't any less dead on this side of the fence. Instead, the lies are just hidden better.

...Which means digging deeper.

When Avery enlists the help of her friends to uncover the truth, she learns that while some secrets are better left concealed, humankind was never meant to live in a cage. And when you can control the most sought after resource, you can learn to control anything...including the fate of your world.

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ISBN-13: 9781492135494
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/20/2013
Pages: 314
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.66(d)

About the Author

Megan Curd is a graduate of Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota. While having always enjoyed reading any books she could get her hands on, Megan didn't begin writing until a friend encouraged her to do so while in college.

When not writing, Megan enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Traveling and snowboarding are hobbies she loves, and doesn't turn down the opportunity to play xBox with her brother and friends when it presents itself.

Megan currently resides in Kentucky with her husband, son, and Great Dane named Dozer.

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Steel Lily 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
shivapastures More than 1 year ago
In a time when the planet has been destroyed by war, resources are not taken for granted. Avery has the power to make steam - she's known as the water elementist, helping her dome stay alive. But, that does not mean she is living the dream, actually, far from it. One day, a strange man approaches her, telling her he can help her escape this miserable & corrupt dome; start again at a new place & help. Is she trading one situation for another? How can she help? Where is this other place? All answers she will have to find out - the hard way. 'Anger licked through me like a wildfire. My fist stung as it connected with the cold metal desk between us, the echoing thunk drawing all eyes to me. "If you put any effort into learning your trade, you'd be creating steam already! Why not quit wasting your time making other people miserable and do something productive? Have you not looked outside? Our world is barely hanging on! Do you want to live in this dome for the rest of your life?" ' Good start, to a different world. A little on the predictable side, until the very end. But, definitely worth reading, if you're a fan of futuristic, steam punk style.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
After building her whiplash-fast and twisted world, pumping up the amazing characters to fabulous proportions, Megan Curd is set to send us on a thrilling ride into the dystopian world of Steel Lily. World War III has devasted the planet, killed much of the population and caused mutations in a small group who now possess powers over the elements. Avery seems to be an anomaly, even among those with gifts. When offered a choice to leave the confines of her home and the stresses of being used for her water talents, she accepts, only to discover that even in a new place, she is still being used, but there is an upside for her heart. Long thought to be an orphan, Avery discovers her parents may be alive and the handsome and obnoxious boy, Jaxon may be the love of her life. But she also finds the truth of the war and the powerplay between factions. Will the secrets kept in dark corners come to light? Is everyone who they appear to be? Is this world safe enough to allow young love to grow and reach for a brighter future? I absolutely loved Megan Curd’s powerful detailing, never over-doing the frantic pace, but alternating between a feeling of actually living this life and being caught up in the frenzy of the intrigue that ratchets up the pace to breathtaking speed. Ms. Curd can write! Her imagination is like a kaleidoscope, full of color and changing views that never ceases to amaze and mesmerize.
RJGonzales More than 1 year ago
STEEL LILY was a fascinating novel. As someone who has had very little exposure to "Steam Punk" before, but have had a fair share of dystopian in past few years, I can say that it was an intriguing take on an already familiar premise. At times it merged a bit of The Hunger Games-esque factioned off world with a character who possessed an elemental gift, who is far surpassed others of her kind, and is seeking a way out. An alternative life, if you will. Now again, there are other books with similar elements however Steel Lily still manages to hold its own weight. One of the greatest things about this well rounded and noticeably well thought-out novel is the character development. Each character such as Jaxon and Avery, or Avery's friend Alice and more had their own unique identities that didn't seem to get muddled as I've seen in a few books lately. Often times character development is ignored or not really focused on which leads to flat characters, but Megan Curd has managed to avoid this by creating distinguishable and likeable characters. I do wish that there was a bit more "tension" between Avery and Jaxon only because I eat that stuff up with a side of ranch! (I love it!) And there were a few parts that may have taken a while to develop or seemed to brisk through, however this is entirely understandable as this is the first novel in the series and such is to be expected when setting up the world/history. Steel Lily has humor, action and romance all wrapped up in an alluring, yet dangerous world. Definitely worth a read! ** I would like to thank MEGAN CURD for providing me with a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review!
BlkosinerBookBlog More than 1 year ago
My mini review--I hope that once I am done recovering from Disney and the resulting cold, I hope to more thoroughly review this one. Megan is one of my writer friends, and I loved her Bridger series. She really helps me branch out, because I didn't know much about the Irish or goblins, but loved Bridger, and I don't do much steampunk, but I couldn't resist opening this one! Avery is quite the character, I could feel her dedication to her friends, and that loyalty as well as her questioning nature really helped me to connect to her. There is constantly something going on, and it kept me engaged with the good pacing and character development. Avery learning more about her parents' disappearance as well as the truth that has been hidden about her world is wonderfully written and the mystery and suspense was great. Mr. Mystery man was such an enigma and wanting to know more about him, the interest in Avery and how he knows so much getting to Avery and about elemental was interesting. The world building is good as well, I easily understood Avery's world, and learning as she does about what her government has hidden from her. Bottom Line: Loved Avery and this world.
Much_Loved_Books More than 1 year ago
When I was first contacted by Megan to review Steel Lily it took a while for me to reply.  I had not heard of Megan or Steel Lily before, I have never read a steam punk book before, but I also had a small pile of review books to get through.  She linked me to amazon so I could read the first few pages to see what I thought, and I can say I was hooked before I even ran out of pages to read. After World War Three ravaged the earth, domes were built to home the people of the world, however the effects of the War can be clearly seen in people, they were divided into two groups, Traditionals who were normal and expendable, and the Elites, the rich, members of government or elementalists.  Avery lives in a world were having the power of an element gives you the advantage over everyone else.  She has power to create steam and her power is used to supply the steam generators in Dome Four with steam. Not only is Avery is an elemental, but also an orphan.  With no parents or family to look after her she is a ward of the Dome, and although she is an elementalist, she is not thought any better of, in fact her ability is abused by people of power, police, teachers, and seeing them bully and bribe her to generate steam for them broke my heart.  All she can rely on are her friends, Legs and Alice, but visiting them means escaping from the school to visit them in the poorer parts of the dome  Jaxon pierce is a stranger who saves Alice and Avery from being captured by polatzi and takes them to Dome Seven where Chromelius Academy resides.  The Academy welcomes Avery with open arms, and Alice is allowed to stay and live with Avery.  On the outside the Academy wants to keep the elementalists safe and protected but also free to come and go as they please, but Alice and Avery soon discover that while things look good in this new dome, appearances can be deceiving, and leaving may not be as easy as they think. Riggs is in charge of Dome Seven, and with his knowledge of elementalists he starts to teach Avery how to control her powers, in the process they discover she is capable of so much more.  Xander is a doctor who looks after the elementalists, and also helps the people Jaxon brings in, making them better before sending them back on their way.  While in the dome, Avery and Alice share a room with Sari, who is a computer genius.  I instantly liked her personality and how she looks out for Alice and Avery.  She makes a great third wheel for these friends and together this enigmatic group of friends certainly get up to some mischief, but also reveal deeply hidden secrets.  Jaxon plays a big role in these adventures too, and a lot of what transpires would not be possible without him. Steel Lily is full or rich storytelling and great attention to detail.  You read the description of things and you can actually picture them in your head.  I really wish a lot of the things described were real, and not just in the pages of a book.  Steel Lily sucks you in immediately. The world, the characters, everything about it.  Near the end of the book I was shocked, like literally jaw dropping sitting up in bed shock.  What I believed all along was quickly wiped away and a whole new picture was painted, one that took a while for me to get my head around. Steel Lily has so much going on but it's easy to keep track of what is happening, and it only enhances the story, not taking away from it.  The minute I finished reading I needed the next book, I have to find out what happens next, and even though there is a sneak peak at what happens next, it's not enough for me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
After World War III, survivors sought refuge from poisonous conditions in “Domes,” cities sealed off from a hazardous atmosphere. Scattered across the globe, these enclosed environments offered a more viable existence and an attempt at normalcy. Schools, jobs, and factions kept people busy and separated into classes – just like old times. Some citizens exposed to radiation during the war began to exhibit a new ability: manipulating elements. Avery Pike, an Elemental with this talent in Dome 4, can turn water into steam. She supplies power to the masses, at great personal cost… and those in charge take advantage of her “gift.” It is a meager existence at best, and most in Dome 4 wish for a better life. One day, Avery is offered an opportunity to relocate to another Dome, one with many conveniences like electrical energy, modern medicine and equal opportunity. She must decide on trading her reality for the hope of a better one… but sometimes things that seem too good to be true are just that. Steel Lily is an original Dystopian adventure – action-packed with humorous dialogue, unexpected plot twists and opposites attracting. Avery’s Dome 4 companions, Alice and Legs, are loyal friends – showcasing sarcastic devotion at its best. Avery’s new acquaintances, Jax and Xander, make her question everything she has been taught- lowering her guard despite all she knows to be true. Author Megan Curd has built a believable world where people sacrifice, deceive and control others to reach different goals. Entertaining characters go on an exciting adventure; you will read quickly to keep up with the action. I applaud Megan in her effort to both amuse and inspire her readers. Steel Lily is a book you will read, enjoy and recommend more than once. Stellar endeavor, and I look forward to the next installment of the Periodic Series.
TeenBlurb More than 1 year ago
Steel Lily is a riveting and captivating story that revolves around a young woman named Avery. Avery is a water Elementalist, which makes her incredibly important to her society. After the fall and destruction of the known world due to World War III, society retreats under Domed cities. In order for these cities to survive Avery and others of her kind must create steam to power the Dome, if not, then what is left of society will collapse. The only problem with this is she is being used by the government. She is guarded and watched. She has not independence or choices, even though they make her think otherwise. One day a man offers her a choice. That choice changes her life forever. She is thrust into the world outside the Dome. It is barren and dead. Along the way she makes some friends and some enemies. Jaxon is a gorgeous guy that totally knows it! He is arrogant, conceded, and funny as hell. He always seems to be laughing at himself or trying to make women faun all over him. Avery is definitely not immune to his charms, but there is a lot she doesn’t know about Jaxon and she is not sure who to trust… I absolutely love the world that Megan has created. The attention to detail, the twist and turns in the plot, the potential romance, and the realism of the characters and the world around them. I really like how the story flows. Sometimes you can read a story where you have to re-read sentences and really think about what a character said or the sentences seem jilted. Megan does not have this problem. The story is easy to understand and the character’s conversation’s read like actually conversations. This story kept me up reading all night (Is the second book ready yet!!!!). I devoured page after page wanted to know what happens next. The chemistry between Avery and Jaxon is intense and will leave you breathless! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them! A dystopian world, a girl who is a savior to her race, a boy who likes a girl, and a path on a destiny that no one would have every imagine! I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
SabrinaNedeleaSN More than 1 year ago
I finished the book in one sitting. Still finding it hard to write the review...The book was just amazing! I truly felt I could connect with the characters, they just seemed loyal to one another, true friends.  The story it’s about a whole new earth, a different life. After the war, the whole world is ruin, people live in different domes, trying to survive and maintain the oxygen, water, and radiation levels. We get to know Averie Pyke who lives in Dome Four and generates steam, she is one of the good ones. But she doesn't feels like she is an Elite. Avery it’s an orphan after her parents disappeared and she doesn't have anyone to look after her. After the government took her and provided her a home in exchange of her providing steam to her home, she realizes that she is sick that everyone tries to take advantage of her ability. She is offered a way out of this by a man named Riggs, but nothing is like it seems. Everything is a lie.  I am simply amazed about the world that Megan created in this book! Loved every single word, the way it captivated my attention from the start. The characters are well described to the point you feel like you truly know them and you can understand them easily. The book has a great pace, keeping you entertained the whole time. I highly recommend this to all dystopian lovers, YA and even New adults. Basically I recommended to everyone! Go put this on your TBR List!