Stella for Christmas: Office Fantasy & Desires

Stella for Christmas: Office Fantasy & Desires

by Jack Ryder


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I never thought a married old fart like me would ever stand a chance with Stella...

Stella is everything a man could ask for. As the I.T administrator in the company, she is smart and accomplished. She is graceful, and always observes proper etiquette in all her dealings. Her smoldering looks are the icing on the cake: slender and perfect in every way.

Peter is the company's Vice President. He's 20 years older than Stella... not to mention married with kids. Certain he has no chance with her, he is content with his fantasies and her company in their daily meetings.

Things change on Christmas Eve, when Stella asks Pete to be his date. Unable to resist Stella's charm, and dealing with trouble in his marriage anyway, Peter says yes. But this simple office party turns into so much more when a drink is drugged, and spies are sent to follow Pete and Stella's moves.

Can their attraction and desire survive the menace of an unknown enemy?

*For mature audiences only.

Sample 1

Stella is the very best I.T. Administrator that I had ever met. She is so savvy in her duties that she is the one everyone turns to with any computer problem that arises throughout the 14 story facility that is our travel agency. I am the Vice President of Research and Acquisitions with my office on the top north west corner of the building.

I remember the first time I saw Stella as if it were yesterday. I nearly fell out of my high back oversized leather office chair. At 6 foot 1 she is the tallest woman I had ever met. Her slender body seemed perfect in every way. Her Skirt was at a decent length but it was tight enough to show off her lovely round ass. Her shapely muscular legs seemed to go on forever and the sheer silk stockings with the seams up the back practically gave me a woody as I gawked at her.

Sample 2

"I need a date for the party Pete...think Nancy would lend you out for a night?" She had a silly grin on her face. She knew full well Nancy was gone. She was fully aware that there had been words before she left, that there was a wall growing between us. I noticed that Stella was not wearing her blazer today. The way her perky nipples were pressed into her blouse, it was clear that she was not wearing a bra. I felt a wiggle between my legs as I gawked at her pointy erectness. "I don't know...if that would be...wise." I was surprised how hoarse my voice sounded as I answered her.

"Come on Pete...I won't bite...too deep," she giggled it as she swung herself into the oversized chair. This time she pulled her legs up into the chair sideways. Although her skirt was still covering her front, I could very clearly see her entire ass against the soft dark leather seat. My dick was fully erect within seconds. The soft flesh of her pure white ass made me want to feel it in my hands, feel my cock engulfed in it to the hilt. "Ok, Stella...I'll be your date." I was shocked that I had said it. The word date struck a guilt deep in my heart. "I' your escort!" I corrected myself.

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ISBN-13: 9781627617789
Publisher: BLVNP, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/03/2014
Pages: 42
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.09(d)

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