Stepping Off A Cliff [The St. Augustine Trilogy: Book II]

Stepping Off A Cliff [The St. Augustine Trilogy: Book II]

by Doug Dillon


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Stepping Off A Cliff [The St. Augustine Trilogy: Book II] by Doug Dillon

An otherworldly, evil and dangerous force infests America's oldest and most haunted city, St. Augustine, Florida. Everyone living there, or visiting, is at risk in ways too horrible to imagine.
Standing between this invader and the people of St. Augustine are teenagers Jeff and Carla, the mysterious Native American shaman, Lobo, and Lyle, the homeless guy.
In their quest to save themselves and all the inhabitants of this ancient Florida city, Jeff and Carla uncover lost parts of St. Augustine history, push past the limits of space and time, and come face-to-face with what they come to realize are the true walking dead.

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ISBN-13: 9780983368434
Publisher: Old St. Augustine Publications
Publication date: 11/12/2013
Pages: 394
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.88(d)

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Stepping Off A Cliff [The St. Augustine Trilogy: Book II] 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
BookLuverCH More than 1 year ago
*I received this book free to read and review. Thanks to Doug Dillon.* This book picks up almost right after the first book ended. It was great to be thrown back into the world of Jeff and Carla, and to see how they develop individually and together from the first book. I like the pace of their relationship. It's not rushed, and it grows with their experiences they encounter throughout the book. The end came to quick for me because I was unable to put this book down once I had started; and unlike when I completed the first book, I don't have the next book to continue on with the story, which saddens me greatly because this series is amazing. I would definitely recommend this series to all of my friends.
LenPhelps7 More than 1 year ago
Stepping Off a Cliff is Book 2 in The St. Augustine Trilogy and it is a mixture of paranormal, time travel, action and mystery all in one. It is a fascinating book with a very interesting storyline that makes you want to know what happens next. Just like Sliding Beneath the Surface, Book 1 in the Trilogy, it had my attention right from the beginning. Jeff, Carla, Lobo and Lyle are in great danger. They are dealing with something that is very big and paranormal. It is something that Jeff and Carla haven’t dealt with before but Lobo and Lyle have, a long time ago in their past. Lobo warns them about the danger that they are in and he gets them prepared for what they need to do. Will Jeff and Carla be ready for what is to come? Their adventure together has begun. They will risk their lives to save themselves, the people and the city of St. Augustine. Will they be able to save everyone and the city before it is too late? As I was reading, I could feel the rollercoaster emotions that they were feeling during their dangerous adventure. I felt like I was right there with them.  Doug Dillon has done an amazing job again! Thank you so much for another awesome adventure in The St. Augustine Trilogy! Stepping Off a Cliff is a must read so I definitely recommend all my book friends to check it out. 
Stang_Books3 More than 1 year ago
I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Mr. Dillon for giving me this opportunity once again. :D I&rsquo;m going to give his book a solid 4 stars and I do think the sophomore book for Mr. Dillon is an improvement on his first. There are a few quirks that I knew I was going to be getting reading this book that aren&rsquo;t my personal favorites and I&rsquo;m not marking this book down for any of those. The first person narrative here was much smoother than in book 1 and other than in the beginning and ending of the book the breaking of the fourth wall essentially disappears. Jeff&rsquo;s life has taken a turn for the worse since the occurrences back in December. He and Carla may have survived being sucked into his ancestors history, but now his mother has been killed by her boyfriend and his life has been in turmoil ever since. Luckily Carla&rsquo;s grandmother has offered to take him in and let him live with him. If anything positive was going to come out of his mother&rsquo;s death living with his girlfriend isn&rsquo;t a bad thing. Of course with Carla&rsquo;s grandmother having to go out of town to help a relative that means Jeff is staying with Lobo for a little bit. When the ghost of his mother shows up on the dock in warning things start to go down a path to crazy again. I really enjoyed the fact that Jeff became a much more central figure in this book than in the first. He really was the focus this time around and there was a lot less of Lobo&rsquo;s preachy dialogue. Jeff was experiencing more of what was going on and his decisions affected the outcome of events. Jeff really became a fallible teenager in this story, one who wants to do well and is struggling with the insanity going on around him. The first quarter of this book was a little bit of a struggle for me to get through. Mostly because Lobo&rsquo;s still a little preachy without really explaining anything. Also because of where this book starts, jumping in with the death of Jeff&rsquo;s mother when everything was ok when we left things, it took me a little while to orient myself and get caught up with current events. Lobo as a character annoyed me a little bit more than in the previous book because, when he did talk he was still a bit preachy, but yet he still didn&rsquo;t explain anything. It was a lot of &ldquo;trust me and do what I say.&rdquo; I loved the twist on who Lobo is and how he got to be the man he&rsquo;s become, really great twist there! But I still wanted Jeff to have more ideas to solve things. He&rsquo;s my hero in this story, I wanted him to be more involved in solution. Of course he is essential to the completion of the plan, but I wanted his ideas to be more involved. That being said this story flowed along incredibly well and brought me right into the story as it was going. I love historical elements and the descriptions were lovely. I really liked the paranormal aspects and that this time the events that were happening actually drastically affected the real world around them. All of those elements added to the immediacy of the problem and how desperate their situation was. There were a few times were I think italics got missed for the telepathy bits, but all of the paranormal elements added to the story incredibly well. I liked how much the abilities for Carla and Jeff were growing and the continued use of the different worlds. I would love to see Lobo&rsquo;s little special place. Sounded absolutely fascinating. The villain here was an incredibly interesting paranormal being. The PB was different than any other being and was truly a creepy wonderful villain. I found myself wanting to know more about it and how it thought. I loved how it learned and grew and have to admit its fascination with Hitler was amusing. Every little piece of history that was built into this story made my little historian heart melt. Just so much fun. Altogether this is a wonderful sequel to <i>Sliding Beneath the Surface</i> . There are a few times were some of the information being told to us as the reader gets a little repetitive, but I firmly believe that Mr. Dillon will learn more and more as he writes and we&rsquo;ll see that disappear. The writing here is strong and is very enjoyable. I will continue looking for more books by this author in the future and will definitely be reading the final book in this trilogy as soon as it&rsquo;s available.
bumblebee23 More than 1 year ago
Wow another great read from Mr. Dillon!  I have received both books of this trilogy out so far from the author for an honest review, and I honestly enjoyed this second book as much as the first!  Mr. Dillon is a great storyteller using historical facts and the possibilities of what might be in the universe to create such a great story.  I felt like I was part of Jeff's world and going on this adventure with him, Carla, Lyle, and of course Lobo.   Jeff learns more about his abilities in this installment of the series and some amazing facts come to light about all of the characters and the place in which they live, St. Augustine in Florida.  If you haven't read the first book, or it has been a while since you read it, Mr. Dillon tells the story in such a way that helps you remember what happened, or to catch you up. I don't want to reveal too much so I will just end by saying to give this book, as well as the first book, a try because they are very interesting and enjoyable reads.  I definitely may be looking at things on the news and around me differently now!  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Doug Dillon has done it again. Sliding Beneath the Surface, the first of Doug's St. Augustine trilogy, was a page  burner. After conquering Civil War ghosts in Sliding, Jeff, Carla, Lobo, and Lyle slide right into a battle with an all- powerful paranormal force trying to take over St. Augustine. As things go from bad to worse Jeff and Carla grow in  their psychic powers. Whether you're 16 or 60, you'll like this book. Can't wait for the third one.
bashashhazbaz More than 1 year ago
the second book in the st. augustine trilogy started off with a lot more bang and pizzazz than the first book.  it picks up not long after the first book ends and gets right to the fun and action and keeps it up to the end of the book.  it answered a lot of the questions and mysteries from the first book and then it gave a few more that i hoped will be addressed in the last book!  i also loved seeing more of the psychic and paranormal abilities being used throughout the story.  overall i enjoyed this book even more than the first one and i look forward to the last one. 
MMRoethig More than 1 year ago
Another great read by Doug Dillon! The story starts off in perfect sequence of his first book in the series, Sliding Beneath the Surface, and takes us on another roller coaster ride of mystery through the city of St. Augustine. We get to follow Carla and Jeff again on their adventure, that leaves you gripping the edge of your seat to know what happens next. Lobo, the hard to love, tell -it-like-it-is, Shaman is along for the ride this time, as well as new characters that bring depth to the story. After reading this well written adventure, you will have a hard time looking at the world around you without wondering if maybe, just maybe you might be experiencing 'other-worldly' events yourself. Nice job, Doug! I enjoy this read and will definitely be keeping an eye out for more to come!