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Stepping Stones, Scissors & Sex: A Novel

Stepping Stones, Scissors & Sex: A Novel

by Melissa Sorrentino
Stepping Stones, Scissors & Sex: A Novel

Stepping Stones, Scissors & Sex: A Novel

by Melissa Sorrentino


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Stepping Stones, Scissors & Sex: A Novel.
Detroit Girl. LA Woman. Hollywood Runaway Bride.

Easy, Fun Read. Standalone Novel. Lots of secrets revealed! No cliffhangers!
A rare read-in-one-sitting page turner with unexpected twists and turns.
Rhythmically paced, light, and uplifting, while exploring deep themes.
A gripping, emotionally addictive story.

Amber can only connect through her acting chops. Otherwise, everyone stays at arm's length. Except in bed, where men are kept even further away.

As this twenty-something wannabe starlet pavement-pounds a path through Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles and an unlikely marriage to a legendary rock musician, she somehow manages to keep her heart closed off. But grace, instinctive perseverance and sheer momentum naturally weave together an impromptu family of friends.

In this sometimes funny, often sarcastic and occasionally heartbreaking coming-of-age story, a surprising tale of instant friendships reminds us that we are forever shaped by the places we came from, the children we once were, and that we are all products of the beautiful pain and violent secrets that we keep.

Original, sparkling with Hollywood imagery and stardom, expertly woven and layered with feeling. Throughout this inclusive and conclusive journey, we understand a little better why Amber gets pissed off when a bagel costs five bucks, why she would rather pet a dog than visit her long lost, in-the-closet Uncle and why she tries to make out with a cop to avoid a loitering ticket.

Is there redemption for someone like her? Does Amber deserve a crack at happily ever after?

Themes explored include:

  • Strong Female Lead Character.
  • Hollywood Romance.
  • Friendship, Family and Best Friends.
  • Marriage, Divorce, Adultery, Forgiveness.
  • Famous guy falls for normal girl.
  • Rock and Roll Legend.
  • Romance, Love, Life, Happiness and the American Dream.
  • Primary Locations: Chicago, Detroit, LA, Beach, Hotel, Cafe, Diner, Bar.
  • LGBT subplots. Coming Out circa 1990s.
  • Eating disorder. Postpartum depression.

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    Product Details

    ISBN-13: 9798668685332
    Publisher: Independently published
    Publication date: 07/23/2020
    Pages: 248
    Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.56(d)

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