Sticky Tongues & Kitchen Knives

Sticky Tongues & Kitchen Knives

by Mats Gustafsson



On Sticky Tongues & Kitchen Knives, Swedish saxophonist Mats Gustafsson and Chicago guitarist and experimenter John Corbett cover a lot of territory, all of it "outside" the usual music boundaries. First comes a Corbett-constructed collage of vinyl and disc shards deftly navigated by Gustafsson's horn. The second track, "For Betty Davis and Raymond Strid," is a suite of intense and interactive free improvisation with baritone sax, fluteophone, and electric guitar. It is followed by a number for both Gal Costa and Hal Rammel that has a swelling keyboard drone beneath sound effect swipes, finally disintegrating into near silence. After the lengthier dedications (there is one more) comes "side b," which is a series of short improvisations. Gustafsson and Corbett improvise to their hearts' content, making this a recording suitable only for fans of extended technique who require neither melody nor apparent forms.

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Release Date: 03/16/2004
Label: Table Of Elements
UPC: 0600401101025
catalogNumber: 101

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