Stiff Upper Lips & Baggy Green Caps: A Sledger's History of the Ashes

Stiff Upper Lips & Baggy Green Caps: A Sledger's History of the Ashes

by Simon Briggs

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Peppered with bouncers, expletives, and even the odd diplomatic incident, this is a rip-roaring journey through over a century of Ashes history.

For a list of every Ashes century and five-wicket haul, try Wisden, but if you want to know which England batsman was a martyr to syphilis and which Australian fast bowler reckoned the Queen had 'nice legs for an old Sheila', then read on...

Stiff Upper Lips and Baggy Green Caps exposes the seamy side of Ashes cricket. It gives the inside story behind controversies from the Bodyline series of 1932-33 and the Lillee and Thomson blitzkrieg of 1974-75, right up to the unseemly modern spats that ensure that this biannual frenzy of backbiting, finger-pointing and dubious facial hair remains one of the great events of the sporting calendar.

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ISBN-13: 9781780879963
Publisher: Quercus Publishing
Publication date: 06/06/2013
Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.
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Pages: 368
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About the Author

Simon Briggs writes on cricket for The Daily Telegraph

Table of Contents

Foreword by Geoff Lawson. Introduction. Acknowledgements. THE BIRTH OF THE ASHES 1882-1911: Perfidious Albion; W.G. Grace - 'The Perpetual Schoolboy'; When Ivo Goes Back with the Urn; There Was an Old Man with a Beard; The Golden Age - or Was It?; Charles III and the Maharajah; Sydney Barnes - Class Warrior; The First Great Series. FROM BOSANQUET TO GREGORY - CRICKET'S ARMS RACE 1903-1929: The Googly - Cricket's Wrong'un; Slings and Arrows; Warwick Armstrong - New Grace or Disgrace?; The Board-Room Brawl; The Launch of 'The Big Ship'; Double-Quick; An Officer and a Gamesman; 'Pray God, No Professional Shall Captain England'; The Intemperance Society; Jealous Rivals. DON'S DELIGHT - THE BRADMAN ERA 1930-1948: Bradman's Summer of Summits; Douglas Jardine: Made in Scotland from Girders; 'I've Got It, He's Yellow!'; The Onslaught Begins; Evasive Action; The Battle of Adelaide; First Blood; The Cable War; The Most Hated Man in Australia; A Catholic Conspiracy?; Captain Bradman and the Mutineers; A Feud Renewed; The Ikin Catch; Miller and Lindwall - Aussies in Excelsis; The Morality of Bouncers; Bradman's Last Stand. IN SEARCH OF BRIGHTER CRICKET 1950-1970: Lord Hawke's Prayer Rejected; The Blocker and the Chucker; The Typhoon Blows in; Laker Superior; Benaud's Bent-Arm Army; And Then There Were None; Total Team Spirit; When Ted Met Fred; The Dreariest Decade; Defender of the Realm. REIGN OF FIRE 1970-1987: Street Fighting Men; Every Quick for Himself; Bottles and Beercans; The Spores of Wrath; The Killing Fields; The Ultimate Wang-er; Different Strokes; Different Folks; The Revolution Will Be Televised; Lambs to the Slaughter; A Great Ashes Romance; The Miracle of Headingley; Notoriouser and Notoriouser; Beefy's Last Bow. THE BAGGY GREEN MACHINE 1989-PRESENT: Captain Australia; Revenge of the Amateurs; David Gower's Flying Circus; The Ball of the Century; A Word in Your Ear; Captain Grumpy; Waugh's Aussies: Invincible or Unspeakable?; The Urn Returns; The Revengers' Tragicomedy; Oh, For Fred's Sake; The Dodgy Dossier; The Final Frontier. Index of Players. Picture Acknowledgements.

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