Still a Dad: The Divorced Father's Journey

Still a Dad: The Divorced Father's Journey


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Still a Dad: The Divorced Father's Journey by Serge Prengel

Still A Dad provides a much-needed look at the experience of divorce from the father's point of view. This book gives us a "look" inside the heart and mind of a typical divorced father, John Doe, during and after his break-up with wife Jane. John's story is that of a developmental process the readers can emulate. John starts out confused, hurt and angry; then finds a focus that allows him to rebuild himself and be a good father to his child.

Still A Dad has received enthusiastic pre-publication reviews and endorsements:

."Still A Dad places the reader inside the experience... allowing us to form the insight necessary to show compassion, to find strength during periods of despair and to focus on ways we all can help." (Travis Ballard, Esquire, Past President, National Congress for Fathers and Children)

"Poignant and wise, Still A Dad outlines both a personal odyssey and a hopeful road for those who will experience divorce and a search for parental identity. Mr. Prengel has made constructive suggestions to give children what they need post-divorce." (Kim Boedecker-Frey, CSW)

"From the wounded heart of a father who always longed to parent his children into the mystery of personal life comes a passionate essay. Serge Prengel speaks for the countless fathers unseen by the cold letter of the law and for the children deprived of the strong warmth of a dad. A must-read for all the actors on the stage called divorce." (Marcel A. Duclos, Professor of Psychology, Jungian Psychotherapist)

"Still A Dad offers a fresh perspective and hope for all those loving fathers who have been shut out of their children's lives." (Paul T. Finger, M.D., F.A.C.S., Founder, Coalition to Save Our Children)

"Still A Dad validates the pain, rage and powerlessness often experienced by divorced fathers. However, it also provides hope for a brighter future." (Mary Giuffra, Ph.D., Certified Couples and Family Therapist)

"Still A Dad describes the pain and agony of being a divorced dad. It then rises above that to show how to be an effective parent for your child. Excellent work, Serge!" (David Levy, Esq., President, Children's Rights Council)

"Still A Dad provides insight and guidance as to the dynamics that fathers face as non-custodial parents. This is truly a book that speaks of issues of the heart that society ignores... that for too long fathers have shied away from. Bravo, Mr. Prengel, for the honesty!" (Milton K. Louvaris, F.A.M.I.L.Y. Advocates, Family and Divorce Mediation Services)

"Still A Dad gives voice to the intensity of feelings fathers have when what they want in disputed child custody cases seems impossible. It offers eminently practical advice on how to handle difficult situations. I will certainly promote it in my practice." (A. Jayne Major, Ph.D., Author, Breakthrough Parenting: Moving from Struggle to Cooperation and Winning the Custody Wars Without Casualties)

Hooray! At long last, a book written from the father's experience of divorce and his attempts to continue to be a vital part of his children's lives. This is a great source of wisdom, knowledge and support." (Judi Price, CSW, Family Therapist)

"Still A Dad is a must read. It is a warm and sincere account of the trials of fatherhood, with deep insight. Its focal point is that "you will always be the father". It shows how to actualize your parenting role despite the challenges and insecurities. I recommend it for fathers, as well as mothers and grandparents." (Dr. Monty N. Weinstein, Director of the Family Therapy Center for New York and Georgia, Inc. -- Director of Mental Health, National Association for Fathers)

"Still A Dad is an emotional journey on the rugged terrain of divorce. It leads the reader through the thickets and brings you out scarred but safe on the other side. Reading this book will help fathers face the expectations, the pitfalls and the emotional roller-coaster they have to go through." (Howard Yagerman, JD, NYSBA Commission on Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice, NYCLA Matrimonial Section, NYSBA Family Section)

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