Still Learning and Still Tweeting: Inspirations from Above

Still Learning and Still Tweeting: Inspirations from Above

by Eugene L. Moore


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Perhaps you are staring out the window wondering why life seems to be getting the best of you despite your efforts to seek and maintain happiness. Your check­list is seemingly complete as you strive to be the best spouse, partner, parent, child, sib­ling, relative, colleague and friend but your efforts no matter how great seem to leave you empty and broken. This thing called life is filled with uncertainty, and the range of emotions move across the continuum from extreme joy to extreme disappointment but regardless of your emotional state, our God is never void of hope.

This book hopefully serves as the prereq­uisite to the Holy Bible, and after you read a few narratives and some profoundly thought-provoking tweets, you will be bet­ter equipped to navigate this thing called life by becoming a lifelong learner of God’s word. Still Learning and Still Tweeting: Inspirations from Above was written for those who find contentment in knowing that the greatest way to overcome life circumstances is your ability to never stop learning because God reveals Himself to those who have the eager­ness to seek knowledge and truth.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781939654984
Publisher: Life To Legacy,LLC
Publication date: 05/12/2017
Pages: 180
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

Table of Contents

About the Author 7

Acknowledgements 9

Foreword 10

Preface 13

Reflection One

Fences: The Walls We Build 15

Strength Under Attack 17

Wasted Energy 19

The Insanity of Vanity 20

Time Escapes Us 22

Joy and Pain 24

Learn and Earn 26

Tired Testimony 27

The Privilege of Peace 29

Reflection Two

Cross the Finish Line 32

Prayer is My Weapon 34

Growth Through Adversity 36

The Storm is Over 38

Blinded by Judgement: Focus on You 39

Strength Within 40

Waiting to Soar 41

Two Words: Thank You 43

Love is...Action 45

Reflection Three

Read the Book 48

The Blame Game 49

His Gift to You 51

Baby Steps 53

Unveil Love 55

Diminished Talent: Increased Skill 56

My Cup Overflows 58

Slow to Anger 59

He Remembers You 61

Reflection Four

Leap of Faith 64

Character is Richness 65

He is Able 67

My Best Effort: 68

The True Meaning of Hard Work

Success Listens 71

Never Out of Options 72

A Plan and A Promise 73

The Bad Game of Comparisons 75

Get Up Because He Did 77

Reflection Five

Follow the Leader 80

Window of Opportunity 82

War with Oneself 83

Life is Too Short for Misery 84

Prepared for Victory 86

It's Showtime 88

Diamond in the Rough 89

It's Time 91

Open Door Policy 93

Reflection Six

The Sacrifice of My Success 96

Foolish Pride 98

Our Days are Few: 100

Do What Matters Most

Wisdom = Knowledge + Common Sense 101

Remember When... 103

Love Letter to Self 105

Turn it Over to God: He is Able 107

Backward Thinking 109

Doubt Creates Questions: 111

Faith Produces Answers

Reflection Seven

Distractions Cause Delays: Stay Focused 115

On Fire for God 117

Divine Delay 119

Faith in the Unseen 121

Bruises of Faith Create Scars of Victory 123

God Says Next Level 124

Hidden Figures: Unveiled Truth 126

Reflection Eight

Essential Tweets 131

Inspirations from Above 177

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Still Learning and Still Tweeting: Inspirations from Above 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Poski More than 1 year ago
“Still Learning and Still Tweeting: Inspirations from Above,” is a great read and timely in today’s society. I love this book because of it relevancy, transparency, and application it gives throughout the read. Dr. Moore offers an encouraging read and needful biblical references that will inspire whoever reads his book. One of my favorite sections of the book are the reflections of essential tweets the book displays. Dr. Moore presented a tweet for just about every experience in life. This was an awesome book and I loved it. I am able to reference this book in whatever season I am in life, whether good, bad, challenging or new. This book is a must read.