Still Not Satisfied

Still Not Satisfied

by S. A. Brown, Rahiem Brooks


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A man can have it all, and it not be enough. Undoubtedly, God steps in and saves the day.

Christian Goodman loves the ladies. When an old girlfriend calls, it's game on until her game plan forces him to the sidelines. While there, his grandmother and best friend lose faith in him. With no one left, he finds Dr. Devin Rainey in her own struggle. Christian enters her life only to serve as a reminder of what she is missing, thus, creating tension between the two. She fights to remain professional, but personal needs force her to leave Christian, too. Completely alone, he turns to an unlikely ally to assist him in his quest for satisfaction.

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ISBN-13: 9781939665768
Publisher: Prodigy Gold Books
Publication date: 10/02/2018
Pages: 222
Sales rank: 1,215,384
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.51(d)

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A Bumpy Night

Moonlight dimly illuminated the room as Chris stumbled into his bathroom. He admired his silhouette as he walked past the mirror. Even his muscular frame was sexy in the darkness. Chris' self-admiration was interrupted when he noticed a small figure reflecting in the corner of the mirror. His mind had always played tricks on him and, lately, the occurrence had been more consistent. As always, when he looked over his shoulder, nothing was there. This time would be no different.

When he returned to his bed, he found himself alone. His lady friend had dressed and left without making a sound although she left a note on his nightstand.

We should stop this.

Chris chuckled. "Lauren, that's what you said the last time and the time before that." Chris spoke as if talking to her. He crumpled the note and lay back on his poster bed. Deep down, he knew she was right. It was just a matter of time before Ellis found out.

As Chris stared into space, he hoped he would sleep peacefully this night. Just one night without the dream. Please, just one night.

Christian James Goodman was the epitome of a beautiful African-American man. Standing at six feet-two inches and 220 pounds, Chris defined sexy. His chiseled body and broad physique got him a lot of attention from the ladies. His warm smile and mocha color added to his style. His light hazel-green eyes simply perpetuated his swagger while his strong baritone voice made the women yearn with desire. Yes, Chris had several physical attributes that men would pay money for and the confidence to use them.

Chris was a scholar and an athlete. Having won two state championships in high school and a national championship at University of Tennessee, he looked destined for the NBA. Yet, a shattering knee injury in his senior year ended this dreams.

"God had other plans, baby." His grandmother reminded him whenever he got down about his knee injury. After two years of playing overseas, he came back to his high school alma mater, Bradford High, as an assistant basketball coach. Christian patiently awaited his turn, now it was his first year as the head coach. The job couldn't have come at a better time in his life.

Chris Goodman had everything he could possibly want. He had his new two-thousand square foot home in Dunwoody, an affluent suburb of Atlanta, his SUV to be practical and his motorcycle to be relaxed. He had more than his fair share of women and settling down was nowhere in his sight, that was until Mama Van brought it into his peripheral.

As she peered into the darkness, Angela wondered how she had gotten to this point. "Why me?" She asked aloud. "What did I do to deserve this?"

She had not been at work in a week. She had not eaten in days. She lacked personal hygiene. Despite the numerous phone calls and messages from family and friends, Angela never felt so alone. Her whole world was in her one-bedroom apartment. That was where she wanted to keep it.

She pulled out her journal and wrote to the one person who understood what she was going through.

Dear God,

I have got to get over him but before I do, I will make him feel the same pain I do everyday. My plan is to use his devices to destroy him. It will be flawless. I know I am supposed to wait on You, but vengeance in all mine, Lord.

Love Angie

Angela slammed her journal shut and slid it off her desk. It landed with a loud thud. Then another thud, Angela collapsed on the floor next to the book and sobbed quietly. Her body quivered with cold. Her muscles rocked with pain. She eventually cried herself to sleep.


Different Beginnings

Christian woke to soaking wet sheets. His plea for a peaceful night fell on deaf ears as the same dream interrupted his night's rest. He routinely woke with cold sweats, a hot body, and a rigid muscle. Nothing was different this morning.

His cell phone sang Tupac's "Dear Mama".

"Yes, ma'am?" Chris answered the phone just as the lyric, 'Don't you know we love you, sweet lady' ended.

"Morning, baby. I just wanted to make sure you was up." Mama Van's chirpy voice made him smile.

"Yes, ma'am, I'm woke." He muttered.

"Well, 'sho don't sound like it but you grown now. Mama hopes you have a good day. Love ya."

She hung up her phone before he could respond.

Mama Van was the one woman he respected unconditionally. It was the least he owed her considering all she had done. Chris loved her with all he was.

"Making love between the sheets." The ring tone startled him. Since it sang the Isley Brothers, he knew it meant one of the three women he was "admiring" at this time. He told himself she would have to wait — whichever one it was. He did not even check to see which one it was. He simply rubbed his fingers over his well-groomed goatee and delighted in knowing he would have sex sometime tonight.

Angela stumbled into her bathroom. She slept most of the day. She walked past a mirror and despised what she saw. Her 5'6" and 150 pound voluptuous frame had lost its attractiveness. 'Life is over' is what the mirror taunted. After releasing a hollowing scream, she shattered the image with her fists. Her life was in as many pieces.

After a cleansing cry, Angela decided to pity train had run long enough. She showered for the first time in four days. Her need for revenge drove her to make herself presentable. She found the sexiest dress in her wardrobe and draped it over her body. She wanted something that would definitely get his attention. She washed and curled her daintily-cut crop. Once she examined her work, she felt ready for exact her scandalous scheme. Once upon a time she knew his number by heart. Now she needed to thumbed through her phone to make the call.


On-The-Job Training

Dr. Devin Rainey slowly walked in her office's waiting area. She had forgotten it was Friday until her friend and business partner reminded her.

"You look drained. That Mr. Phelps takes a lot out of you." Rachel stated. "But at least it's the weekend."

With her fingers massaging the bridge of her nose, Devin quietly replied, "It's always something with him. He never gets better."

Rachel walked over to her young protégé and reassured her. "Cheer up baby girl. We all have that one client that demands more than we care to give. It's a part of the job. Besides, if they got better, who would pay for my house in the Hamptons?"

"I guess." Devin sounded defeated.

"C'mon now. We have the bomb-ass office with a view overlooking mid- town Hotlanta.

Devin smiled as she admired her view.

"And where else can you get to sit and listen to people tell you all they business?" Devin giggled as she thought about the things she'd heard.

"And where else can you say you work side-by-side with the sexiest, smartest, most competent psychiatrist in the state of Georgia?"

Devin laughed. "Just the state of Georgia?"

"Hey. Forget what you've heard. Humility," striking her runway pose, "is sexy as hell." Rachel laughed as she considered herself a one woman show.

Devin gathered her things, and they walked out into the hallway and onto the elevator.

"So ... what are your plans for this Saturday and Sunday?" Rachel asked.

"Nothing. My best friend's birthday is today. She has been bugging me about that new dance club in Buckhead. Probably going there tonight."

"Are you talking about Spencer's? I hear that is the hottest adult spot out there."

"Yeah, well, whatever." Devin scoffed as she rolled her eyes. "I'm only going because it's Jeanna's 30th."

"Well grasshopper, take advantage of this opportunity. Get drunk or laid or both. Let it all hang out." Rachel gave her ample breasts a boost.

"Rachel, would you advise your clients like that?"

"Devin, you aren't my client. Get over yourself."

"Over myself?" Devin was indeed puzzled.

"Yes, honey. Your success and career damn sure can't keep you warm at night. Even the finest cars need tune-ups, Devin."

"Oh, Rachel." Devin frowned in disgust.

"Devin, there is a big old world out there and you are missing it."

Devin rolled her eyes. "Now you sound like my mother."

"Well, Lord knows I don't want that, but mothers are hardly ever wrong."

"I have worked very hard to get to this station in my life. So thank you for your unwarranted concern." Devin always felt she had to defend her life to someone.

"If you like it, I love it. I'm just saying, if I were single ..."

Devin interrupted her. "What are YOU doing this weekend?"

"Me? Probably gonna work in my yard. Reline some shelves. Might even rearrange my living room. That is if I have enough energy after freaking my husband all night."


"Rachel, what? You can pretend to be 'satisfied'. But I am a young, vivacious woman and I need my shelves dusted on the regular."

"Rachel, the things you say."

"The things I say." Rachel walked over to Devin and placed a hand on each shoulder. "Baby girl, you sound like an 80-year-old woman who has already lived life. You're barely thirty. You need to work it because when it's over, it's over."

"I hear you." Devin snapped cynically.

"I am sure you do, grasshopper. I'm sure you do." Rachel sighed in frustration as she knew her many 'Devin' pep talks were to no avail.

Without exchanging words, the two women thought of the other. Rachel looked at Devin and saw herself twenty years ago. Devin looked at Rachel and wished she could have half the confidence Rachel exuded. Once they reached the underground garage, they headed to their cars.

Rachel patted Devin on her shoulder. "You'll be just fine, grasshopper. Just remember — whatever happens up there in those offices."

"Stays up there in those offices." Devin finished like a recording.

"Good, grasshopper," Rachel stated. Then she mumbled under her breath, "Now go out there and get yourself laid."

"Excuse me?" Devin wanted to be sure she heard Rachel.

"I said, Ooo, look at how late we've stayed."

Chris watched the last few minutes of game film and recorded some notes. His thoughts were interrupted when his highly-recruited point guard walked up.

"Hey Coach. No one is answering at da house. Can you drop your boy off?" TJ asked.

"This is not driving Miss Daisy," said Chris.

"There you go. Always telling your boy you there and whatnot but when I need cha, you be shooting me down."

Shaking his head and refusing to look up from his desk, Chris said, "BE should not be used there."

TJ looked clueless. "Huh?"

"Never mind. Aight, Brutha No Ride, that'll be two dollars."

"Two dollars? You always be charging fees. Word on the yard is you be charging kids to use calculators and pencils. Kids call you, Hustle Man."

"I kinda like that — Hustle Man. But don't divert the attention from your two dollars."

"Whateva, man. We rolling or what?"

"Give me fifteen."

"What I'm gon' do for fifteen minutes?"

"Shoot free throws or study an English book. Do something that will keep you away from me."

"Crack-a-lackin on the skills again. First it was racism. Now haterism."

"Get out of my office, Thomas Jenkins. I'll be out when I be out."

"Always quoting your boy's whole name. My mama don't even. ..." TJ's voice trailed off as he walked out of the office and into the dressing room.

Chris continued his scouting report until his cell phone rang its default tone. He didn't recognize the number but when he heard the voice, his body instantly reacted.

"Angie, of course, I remember you. No one forgets their best. Dinner? Hmm, I can't make it tonight but tomorrow, I could be all yours. Sure I know the spot. And 8:30 sounds perfect to me. Until then."

Chris relaxed his bulge as he thought of the past becoming his present. Angie, indeed, was one of the best he ever had. He remembered how she could spin around.

"Coach, I'm ready." TJ yelled from the dressing room snapping Chris out of his sexual daydream.

"TJ, so what." Chris yelled back while rubbing across his groin. He definitely couldn't move at this very moment.

"Just disrespectful." TJ muttered as he walked into the office. "I know your grandmother raised you better than that."

Chris slowly slid his chair under his desk. "Now why you want to do that? What have I said about your mama?"

"Coach, whatever, man. I'm just trying to get home to this little honey. She is waiting on me."

Chris chuckled, "Waiting on you to what?"

TJ looked offended. "You know how I do. You ain't gotta sweat the technique."

Chris laughed even harder. "Now you're biting one of my lines. But it's cool. Be a copycat-just so you are copying the right cat." Chris nodded as if he was admiring a piece of his sculpted art. "Let's get you home to your little honey. Just remember, if you are going to participate ..."

"I know, Coach, I always take the necessary precautions."

Chris and TJ walked to his SUV. TJ admired Chris' black Infiniti QX-56.

"Man, you keep this ride clean. I wanna be like you when I grow up."

Chris stopped and looked sternly at TJ. "Never strive for what you see, son. Always look to be something greater."

"But, Coach, you're the man. This ride, your spot, the ladies."

Chris stopped him. "Don't wanna be me." A moment of humility rushed through Chris. "Be better than me."

TJ looked confused as they rode without exchanging anymore words.


A Day in Her Life

* * *

AS DEVIN DROVE HOME, she checked her cell phone for any missed calls. When she saw the numbers flash, she nearly bit her lip. She didn't want to return either one of the calls but there was no sense in avoiding the inevitable. She pressed the speed dial on her cell phone.

The music from Jeanna's car was deafening even through the cell phone. "Hey hoe. We are on for the club tonight and your siddity ass had better not try to renege on your girl."

Devin sighed. "Well, hello to you, too. It's so nice to hear from you again." She switched to her Bluetooth. "And your choice of names spawns inaccuracy because I do not recall ever being a garden tool. I would appreciate it if you would not address me as such."

"Spawns? Who uses that word?" Jeanna poked more fun. "Sounds like someone's been reading Webster's again." There was a short pause as Jeanna clicked her tongue. "Oh, but wait, my high-fluting BFF uses words like that." Then Jeanna loudly laughed. "You know, I wonder how you live with yourself? Your smugness should even piss you off."

Devin sighed. "Anyway, a deal is a deal. I will go out with you tonight ... on one condition."

"Condition? What condition?"

"It's simple. I merely want to suggest we drive separate cars. I know how you can get at these little soirées. I don't feel like hailing a cab from Buckhead tonight."

Jeanna gave her proposition some thought. All Devin could hear was Bruno Mars.

"Alright, then. Separate cars but don't you try and stand me up. If you do, I will be forced to bring strippers to your house and wake up your whole neighborhood with the sounds of loud music and even louder sex."

Devin cringed at the thought. "There is no need to get nasty. I will be at your little club."

"You'd better because the consequences would be, as you would say, detrimental." Jeanna's words moved with mockery.

"Indeed." Devin quietly wondered how she and Jeanna became friends. Perhaps opposites do attract. "Do the sound barrier a favor and turn that music down."

"Right. Right. Got cha." Jeanna chuckled.

Before disconnecting the line, Devin could tell the music had gotten louder.

Devin hoped the next phone call would be more bearable but she knew the odds would be slim.

"Hello. Rainey residence." The think Southern drawl sang through the phone.

Devin sucked in a gulp of air. Her voice nearly trembled. "Hello, Mother."

As if a smile could travel through the phone, her mother responded, "Well, if it isn't my Devin Michelle. My day just got brighter." Her voice was filled with emotion.

Devin sucked in more air. "I saw that you called."

"Why, yes, I did. And I thank you for returning my call. I have someone on the other line. Could you hold?"

Click. Devin didn't even have a chance to respond. She thought about hanging up but dreaded having to explain why she so. She could plead a dropped call but didn't want to hear her mother say, "No one pays a thousand dollars for a cell phone that drops calls. Contact the company." Some battles just shouldn't be fought.

"Thank you for holding, darling." Mrs. Rainey returned to the line as if she worked at a department and Devin was a disgruntled customer and not her child.

There was a long pause. Devin seriously considered hanging up. Instead she tried to press toward the purpose of this conversation, or lack thereof.

"So ... was there something you wanted?" Devin sighed. "Perhaps a reason for your call?"

"Oh dear. Does a mother ever need a reason?"

Devin muttered, "Not mine."

"Excuse me, dear?" Mrs. Rainey asked as if Devin was a defiant five- year-old.

"I said I don't have much time." Devin responded and swallowed hard. She knew some of her pride went down with it. "How have you been?"

"Just marvelous." Her mother bantered. "I have been busy this week. I had a charity auction on Wednesday. Then there was a benefit ..." Devin allowed her mother to go on and on although she wasn't listening. What she waited for was her mother to take a breath so she could slip in a question.

"How's Daddy?" Devin asked when she got her opportunity.


Excerpted from "Still Not Satisfied"
by .
Copyright © 2018 S. A. Brown.
Excerpted by permission of Prodigy Gold Books.
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Table of Contents

Title Page,
Copyright Page,
Chapter 1 | A Bumpy Night,
Chapter 2 | Different Beginnings,
Chapter 3 | On-The-Job Training,
Chapter 4 | A Day in Her Life,
Chapter 5 | A Night On The Town,
Chapter 6 | The Lady in His Life,
Chapter 7 | The Shopping Spree,
Chapter 8 | A Night to Remember,
Chapter 9 | About Last Night,
Chapter 10 | The Re-match,
Chapter 11 | Doctor Visits,
Chapter 12 | Revelations,
Chapter 13 | Man Talk,
Chapter 14 | In Mama's Footsteps,
Chapter 15 | Another First Impression,
Chapter 16 | What Would You Do,
Chapter 17 | Friends and Lovers,
Chapter 18 | Blame It On The Game,
Chapter 19 | Let's Do It Again,
Chapter 20 | God Has a Word,
Chapter 21 | Conversations,
Chapter 22 | Closures,
Chapter 23 | In the Wide Open,
Chapter 24 | End of the Road,
Chapter 25 | House Call,
Chapter 26 | Insult or Injury,
Chapter 27 | Almost Getting There,
Chapter 28 | Time to Come Home,
Chapter 29 | Make-Ups,
Chapter 30 | To Be Satisfied,
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Still Not Satisfied 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
arlenadean More than 1 year ago
Title: Still Not Satisfied Author: S. A. Brown Publisher: Prodigy Gold Books; 1 edition Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: Five Review: "Still Not Satisfied" by S. A. Brown My Rationalization.... I found this novel to be a well written read that covers its title 'Still Not Satisfied.' The storyline line was one that definitely held so true to what this main character [Chris Goodman] processed in using women and even his best friend. All that was left for Chris would be a thing called 'karma' and what it is like when it comes calling. What will happen for Chris as it seems that he will not be able to escape all he has put out there for years? What had happened to him that caused him to be the way he was? Also from the read it seems like Chris wasn't the only one with problems...such as it was with Chris' psychiatrist Dr. Rainey. Now, to get all of this story you will have to pick up "Still Not Satisfied" to get the whole interesting story. There is a bit of Christian parts in this read yet not at all a read that I would call a preachy read. It was quite interesting in how this author was able to give the reader quite a interesting, awesome and redeeming story that will keep you turning the pages with some well developed and defined characters in a well written and executed tantalizing story. I loved how by the end of the story that Chris was able to finally tune to 'an unlikely ally to assist him in his quest' for what he had never realized he may have had all along.
OOSABookClub More than 1 year ago
Christian Goodman is a smart, successful and handsome man with his pick of women. A chance meeting at a local nightclub with Devin Rainey shows Chris that not all women are so easily won over by his charm. Devin has made it her career to counsel others but cannot seem to let her guard down enough to give men or love a try. When Chris's treatment of women takes him for a spin, he follows the suggestion of his doctor and agrees to go to counseling to solve his self-hate issues. Little does he know his doctor is "the one that got away." As Chris comes to grips with the events of his past that have altered his view on love, Devin learns that maybe she has been hiding behind some things in her past not allowing her to grow. "Still Not Satisfied" is a journey of two adults who learn they are not done growing. The story is narrated by a character whose identity is not revealed until the end. Although there are references to church and the bible, this story does not come across as preachy and overbearing. There are lessons to be learned while reading this and although there are moments where I felt the story dragged and some instances were outside of what rational adults would do, I enjoyed the novel. The story had forward momentum and kept me reading and rooting for the characters until the last page. I recommend this novel to Christian fiction readers although I think those who do not normally read that genre will enjoy the story as the religious elements do not overpower and out tell the story. Reviewed by: Lashonda