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Stimulated!: Habits to Spark Your Creative Genius at Work

Stimulated!: Habits to Spark Your Creative Genius at Work

by Andrew Pek, Jeannine McGlade

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Publishers Weekly

The daily drone can sap the spark of the most creative personality; this sparse, saccharine manual offers a few easy steps to revive creativity and incorporate inspiration into a daily routine. Pek and McGlade (noves: recipes for growth and innovation) posit that the need to create is a basic human urge that is "not only an evolutionary imperative, but a spiritual one," capable of mitigating everyday stresses that can lead to burnout. Citing examples of people who have pursued creative satisfaction and attained material success, such as Nike cofounder Bill Bowerman, the authors demonstrate the importance and the rewards of maintaining creative thought processes. Pek and McGlade, a married couple, are very earnest about their program, a series of five habits that can access creative potential: scouting, cultivating, playing, venturing, and harvesting. But for a book about stimulating creativity, the solutions and suggestions-the power of play, the importance of confidence and "spark moments—are strikingly uninspired. Padded with trite aphorisms and unnecessary illustrations, the slim content is sufficient for a peppy magazine article-not a full-length book. (Apr.)

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Midwest Book Review
Creativity--something that used to be ignored in the business world, but now is a necessity. Stimulated! Habits to Spark Your Creative Genius at Work is a guide to get those now required juices flowing and get everything one needs to make the most of their time. Focusing on the details of how to draw inspiration from the world, making a proper environment to facilitate one's thoughts, committing oneself, learning from one's failures, and most importantly, learning to have fun with one's job, Stimulated! is ideal for anyone in a field calling for creativity. Highly recommended for community library business collections.

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