Stirring the Plot (Cookbook Nook Series #3)

Stirring the Plot (Cookbook Nook Series #3)

by Daryl Wood Gerber
4.5 22

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Stirring the Plot 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
kayteerufus More than 1 year ago
Every book in the Cookbook Nook Mystery is better than the last and that is a difficult task since it started out amazing. The characters are even more developed and pull you into their life and story line with each word written. I loved the Halloween theme. It was tastefully done without pulling the reader into the wild supernatural tales some writers throw in to waste space. Although the hint of something magical with Aunt Vera is very enjoyable. I love, love, love this book and this mystery series. Daryl Wood Gerber is one of the very best cozy writers out there. 
ryanphoffmann88 7 months ago
what an excellent cozy fit for this time of year, with Halloween right around the corner. Jenna Hart, cookbook store owner and amateur sleuth is in for a bewitching time as Halloween week comes to the town of Crystal Cove, California. its a time for witches, black cats, and broomstick as a group of women, know as the "Winsome Witches" a know charity group decide to help out with the events. Their leader, Dr Pearl Thornton, invites Jenna and her Aunt Vera to her mansion for a party, only to be killed the next day and found near there outdoor fire pit. Aunt Vera wants Jenna to solve her good friends so Jenna goes looking for a killer. I liked the theme, it was fitting for when I picked up, thou I'm not superstious or into the New Age spiritual mambo jumbo. it was an interesting, entertaining read that had a good mystery. the series so far has been good, l liked the characters, they are so real and I can picture the setting of a California costal town. the Fisherman's village most definitely. I can see it as some kind of boardwalk of shops by the beach, and Jenna's shop. it is a great read with challenging mystery, cast of interesting characters, and a picturesque setting.
BeagleGirl123 More than 1 year ago
Another winner from Daryl Wood Gerber! The Cookbook Nook Mysteries are a wonderful series, and this third installment is no exception. Continued character development, fun recipes and a murder all rolled into one very cozy read. I'm looking forward to connecting with Jenna and the residents of Crystal Cove again in the 4th installment, Fudging the Books, which I'm going to start reading immediately! I highly recommend this book to any lover of cozy mysteries, or just a good old-fashioned mystery. :-)
momelaine More than 1 year ago
This was another good one in the series. I did have a little harder time getting into the Halloween stuff. That is not my favorite holiday. But the story had me guessing until the end as to who did the deed. There was no shortage of suspects. The end of the story was great! Now on to the next book!
BowsandBasketballs More than 1 year ago
Stirring the imagination is only the beginning of Daryl Wood Gerber”s ability. In Stirring the Plot (A Cookbook Nook Mystery) return to Crystal Cove. Join this charming town in the Halloween festivities and of course a hint of murder. During the spooky holiday the reader can envision the Black Cat Parade, and the humors idea of parading the cats in costumes. I throughly enjoyed imaging this moment in my mind as a read through the story, and Tigger is an adorable character. But what is the reader to do when the tale takes the turn to murder? During the Winsome Witch scenes the spooky and awed feeling will course through the veins and make the reader snuggle up more within the tale. I am a huge fan of reading books with seasonal twists, and this book doesn't fail in providing the fall and harvest Halloween feeling. Each chapter lead me further into Crystal Cove and into a want to help Jenna solve the crime. Along with the murder Jenna is receiving gifts and notes from a secret admirer. The tale is swept up beautifully and with just the right amount of spooky and charm, that Gerber’s book continue to provide. I would recommend this book to any cozy lover. Haven't read any of the others in this series? Gerber provides such wonderful tales that by the end of the book you are feeling as though you not only need all the other visits through the series but your buying your next ticket to Crystal Cove. So come join us all in the small cozy town for a spooky eve of murder, witches and magic. I was provided a copy of this book,in return for a fair and honest review.
Robin56 More than 1 year ago
Crystal Cove is in the news again upon the death of Dr. Pearl Thornton, Head Priestess of the Winsome Witches. The ladies involved in the Winsome Witches hold fund raisers during the year ending in an annual fund raising luncheon falling around Halloween. Jenna and her Aunt Vera members of Winsome Witches just happen to be there when the body of Dr. Thornton is found and questions begin to develop as to who and why was Peal killed. Beside operating the Cookbook Nook bookstore, Jenna has developed another sense for investigating deaths. While preparing for the town's Best Store Window display for Halloween, Jenna is also attempting to keep track of her Aunt Vera since she has been absent and not reporting her comings and goings. Also throw in the budding relationship between Jenna and her handsome male friend, Rhett, and it promises a jam-packed book full of interesting developments. Beginning with the cover through the end you will keep turning the pages waiting to find out who the guilty party is and why.
Kuzlin More than 1 year ago
It's an exciting time in Crystal Cove with Halloween quickly approaching. The town's fund-raisers, calling themselves the Winsome Witches, relish the events they have planned, which includes a Faire with local vendors, and a haunted tour of several of the town's historic places, ending at High Priestess Pearl Thornton's mansion. With the end of the tour, there was also a planned ceremony to induct the newest member, Emma Wright, who will then serve as handmaiden to the High Priestess for the next year. But before the ceremony can be started, Pearl and her daughter, Trisha, have a very public argument, bickering over the famed Thornton Collection, an invaluable collection of rocks and gems. When Pearl's body is discovered the next morning, and a piece of the Collection is missing and subsequently found in Trisha's backpack, it seems an open and shut case. But Trisha claims to have a solid alibi for the murder and now there are several other possible suspects. When Jenna's aunt comes under suspicion, she knows that once again she has to investigate on her own and pass all the information on to the police, whether they want it or not. This is a fun series, with delightful characters. I enjoy the relationship Jenna has with her friends, coworkers, and family, including her retired FBI father. I like the romantic relationship she is developing with Rhett, and hope to see her finally resolve her differences with Pepper. And I enjoyed the twist of the identify of the murderer. I look forward to the next book in this series. Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Griperang72a More than 1 year ago
This is such a fun series and I wish I could go visit this little town. I like how the author keeps you guessing up until the end. To me this makes a good book. Oh and the mention of all the cool cookbook titles mentioned. This is a good book to read right now as it is centered around Halloween so it will help to get you in the mood for this spooky holiday. It is nice to see Jenna and Rhett's relationship build as each book goes along. I can't wait to get the chance to visit my friends in Crystal Cove again and to see what sort of trouble that Jenna falls into next. I suggest reading this series in order.
cresotko More than 1 year ago
I have been reading this series from the beginning, and this book just adds to the depth of the town and characters. Our heroine, Jenna Hart, has come a long way from the widow that arrived in Crystal Cove. The Halloween events in town sound great, and I really wanted to check out The Cookbook Nook to see what was on display and to try all the food in the cafe. I really loved Jenna's reaction to the Winsome Witches, the local "coven", and the superstition that seems to come at her from every direction. The plot really kept me engaged, and the final solution to the mystery was well done. This is a series that will always be on my favorites shelf. I'm ready for Halloween!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I liked this one better than the lastone and look forward to the next.
Debb23 More than 1 year ago
This is a fun Halloween read with all the events going on around Crystal Cove. My cons with this book are that for supposed friends there seems to be a lot of finger pointing. Plus, there seems to be a lot of repetitive suspicions with each character, they seemed to slow things down a little. These were things that just bothered me, it probably won't bother most. My pros is all the characters with distinct personalities. The budding romance between Jenna and Rhett. The mystery was great with plenty of suspects and clues that tie nicely together in the end. I kept changing my mind as to who I thought did it throughout the book. I found the whole festival fun and of course the recipes sound so yummy. I will definitely continue on with this series.
LisaKsBooksReviews More than 1 year ago
I was really looking forward to this third book in the Cookbook Nook Mystery series. It was worth the wait! Ms. Gerber once again shares the  beautiful setting of Crystal Cove, Ca, and the delightful shop, The Cookbook Nook along with it its connect cafe. I love that she has the store not only selling cookbooks and cooking related items, but also foodie related fiction.  Her wonderful cast of characters are another reason for reading this series. I love Katie, the chef. She would be so fun to hang out with! Also, there was an exchange involving the characters Jenna the book protagonist, her father, and a gent names Jake that just tickled me. "Good day, Jenna," Jake said. "I hope you have wonderful things planned for yourself." It was Jake's standard line. "I do, sir, and you?" "Haven't gone but one day without doing something that pleased me." That one day was the day he buried his wife. "Have at it, Cary," he yelled to my father. "Have at it," my father echoed.  That's all we get to see of Jake in this story, but I hope we get to hear from him more in future books. Fin interactions like this are just one of the reasons I enjoyed this book. They mystery in this one had me stumped. There were so many people who could have wanted the victim dead. And of course, I guessed wrong. I can't find any real negatives about STIRRING THE PLOT, and I wasn't really looking for any. If I had to point out one thing though, it would be the repetitiveness of the clues. I know they have to be gone over, but I felt it may have been done one too many times, I would much rather seen that time spent on other parts of the story. Maybe more to do with the Cookbook Nook itself. That being said, it sure didn't bother me enough to keep me from wanting to read the next book! I love this series. And if you enjoy a good mystery, and very likable characters, you're going to love it too!
dibbylodd More than 1 year ago
Another excellent book by Daryl Wood Gerber/Avery Aames. A touch of paranormal, intriguing storyline, and interesting characters. What more can you ask?
daw655 More than 1 year ago
I say it is a 10. I was hooked the whole way through the book. I didn't want to put it down. I would jump the gun like a couple of them in the book, thinking I knew who did the killing. The series just keeps getting better & better. I love the relationship Jenna has with her family and sweet Tigger.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a fun and entertaining read. Stirring the Plot is the third book in the Cookbook Nook series, and our main character, Jenna Hart, is beginning to feel like an old friend. She is wonderfully human, with a compelling backstory and interesting friends and family members, not to mention an intriguing love interest. The mystery here will keep readers guessing. There are twists and unexpected turns as Jenna tries to help her Aunt Vera solve the murder of a member of the local Winsome Witches charity fund-raising group. Add in delicious recipes, a lot of local color, and a very sweet feline sidekick and you have a winning entry in this fun series. Complete with potions, Halloween parties, and lots of costumes, this is an excellent autumn read. I was given an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
CozyUpWithKathy More than 1 year ago
Daryl Wood Gerber creates a cozy autumnal read... Stirring the Plot by Daryl Wood Gerber The Third Cookbook Nook Mystery It's almost Halloween in Crystal Cove, California and the Winsome Witches are spearheading several fundraising events. From the Winsome Witches Faire to the haunted tour and Black Cat Parade, this book is filled with Halloween fun. However, the fun stops for the head priestess when she's found murdered. Was it her nasty daughter, a sister witch, an unhappy client, or someone else? Now Aunt Vera believes she's lost her powers, the sister witches (who don't actually practice witchcraft) are sniping at each other, and there's a feeling of dread around town. Has someone cast a spell on them? Between running her bookstore, learning to cook, and developing her relationship with Rhett, Jenna Hart is determined to help her aunt and if that means helping to solve yet another murder, so be it. Daryl Wood Gerber creates a cozy autumnal read in this, her third Cookbook Nook mystery. Stirring the Plot gets readers in the Halloween spirit with vivid descriptions of Crystal Cove and its citizens as they prepare for the holiday. Cozy is an apt description of this book. Not only is the genre cozy, the entire book emits a cozy feeling. The warmth of the characters (even the prickly ones), the burgeoning romance, the adorable kitten, Tigger. Even though there is a murder, and suspense, the vibe is one of warmth and safety. You may be reading a murder mystery, but it's as if you're safe reading it snug in your own home with a blanket and a warn mug of cider. While the release of Stirring the Plot helps to usher in Autumn, this book would be a pleasure to read at any time of year. Daryl Wood Gerber gives us a well crafted mystery filled with interesting characters I want to read even more about. Recipes are included.
RobynKFLNJ More than 1 year ago
I absolutely LOVED this book! I love this series and this book was my favorite! I couldn't put it down! Jenna Hart moved back to Crystal Cove, California, to help her Aunt Vera run her bookstore, the Cookbook Nook. Everyone is getting ready for the Halloween festivities when someone is murdered. Against their better judgment, Jenna and her aunt try to solve the murder. I highly recommend this series. Ms. Gerber does not disappoint. She hit it out of the park! :)
MouseyBL More than 1 year ago
It's Halloween in Crystal Cove and Jenna Hart is back in the latest installment of the Cookbook Nook Mystery. With the town getting ready for Halloween and the Winsome Witches prepping for their annual fundraiser, everything seems witchier than normal especially when the Head Priestess of the Winsome Witches is suddenly found dead under mysterious circumstances and Jenna finds herself once again in the middle of everything. With plenty of blame to go around, it's amazing how quickly everyone in the group is willing to point fingers at each other. But when her own aunt becomes a suspect, Jenna finds it hard not to try to and get to the bottom of it. Especially since Aunt Vee won't stop acting as strange as this entire case. I like this story for Halloween, it was a great read and I savored every bit of it. The story was exciting enough, the mystery kept me hooked and guessing until the very end. The romance between Jenna and Rhett is headed at the right place. I love these two together, they are really adorable. Gerber with her small town characters and writing really knows how to pull people in. Crystal Cove sounds like an exciting place to live along with it's colorful cast of characters and the little bookstore that Jenna owns. I love that she has incorporated so much into it, including cooking and cooking classes. Did I enjoy it? Absolutely. I did have one small problem with the story. I was actually surprised and taken back by the amount of finger-pointing.. From my understanding these people are suppose to be good friend's, but it was amazing how quickly they kept turning on each other and blaming one another about the murder. The accusations, the assumptions, made my head swim. But I can get past that, because I enjoyed everything else. I got a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange of an honest review.
Carstairs38 More than 1 year ago
Real Murder of a Fake Witch   Every October, Crystal Cove is invaded by the Winsome Witches.  This group of local ladies use Halloween to put on several benefits raising money for literacy – no actual witchcraft required.  The group was founded by Pearl Thornton, and she is still the group’s official leader.  However, the morning after a night tour of the city that ends at her home, Pearl is found dead in her backyard.   Jenna’s aunt Vera was a member of the group and close friends of the victim.  With Vera feeling the effects of the murder, she begins to poke around, prompting Jenna to search for clues as well.  Will the two of them figure out who the killer is?  Or will this person conjure up a get out of jail free card?   Having enjoyed the previous two books, I was looking forward to this one.  Once again, I enjoyed spending time with Jenna and her many friends and family.  The pacing of the plot seemed a bit slow at times, with a bit too much time spent on the events and rehashing clues and not enough moving the book forward.  Still, I did like the climax and found it believable.  I’ve pretty much been able to ignore Aunt Vera’s supposed psychic powers in the past, but they were talked about much more here, something else I didn’t enjoy.  Jenna spends some time worrying about why there have been so many murders since she moved home, which is something I really appreciated.   Complaints aside, I did still enjoy my third visit to Crystal Cove and will definitely be back for Jenna’s next case. 
chefdt More than 1 year ago
Another delectable addition to addition to this series. The Halloween spirit is being felt at The Cookbook Nook.  Halloween themed cookbooks are scattered through out the store and Katie is preparing some delicious new recipes to be served in the café. As part of the Halloween celebration, the Winsome Witches, not really witches, but a charity group, are having there annual fundraiser.  During the induction of a new member, Emma, a loud shouting match between the Head Priestess, Maya and her daughter Trisha.  The next morning Jenna gets a phone call, from Bingo that Maya has been found dead in her back yard. Now it is up to Jenna to do a little bit of investigating.  But this time see doesn't have the help of Aunt Vera, as she seems to have mysteriously lost her psychic powers and is quite upset with this. Another enjoyable visit to Crystal Cove.  Katie, the chef at the Cookbook Nook is back making some delicious Halloween morsels.  Bailey is back once again and keeping the store running smoothly when Jenna is out pursuing clues about the murder of Maya.  Cinnamon, the police chief, is back, as well as her mother, Pepper, a constant pain in the side of Jenna.  But then again Pepper might be mellowing a bit. Looking forward the next book in the series. 
PastorJudy More than 1 year ago
Loved this well written book.  It held my attention from page one.  I loved the plot of witches who are good and raise money for literacy.  What better cause for the local town?   The Winsome Witches dress up in costumes, witch hats, caftans, and even know how to make potions.  And then, in the midst of everything, a murder adds to the excitement.  Who did it?  Does one of the women have special "powers" to find the killer?   There is even a love interest with a man who was a chef but changed careers to open a store called "Bait and  Switch Fishing and Sports Supply store.  Original!!  Does our lead character, Jenna, finally wind up with him? There is also a secret admirer, a wiley cat called "Tigger" and women named Pearl, Cinnamon, Bingo, Pepper.  Just enough lighthearted fun with suspense Just in time for fall and Halloween.  A must read.  Ms. Gerber has written a book that I highly recommend.  Good reading..
Dollycas More than 1 year ago
Dollycas’s Thoughts It is Halloween in Crystal Cove so things are a lot witchier than normal. Plus Aunt Vera intuitive powers are on the fritz so that makes things even more interesting. Daryl Wood Gerber has written a very bewitching mystery and of course Jenna is right in the middle of it. The problem is there are so many suspects that Jenna is following so many leads and putting herself in danger. The story has so many twists I figured everything all out the same time Jenna did. Isn’t that the way it is meant to be? Love it!! The romance of Rhett and Jenna seems to be heading in the right direction and as usual Gerber stirs the perfect amount of humor into the plot. This installment also has much more witchcraft elements than the first two books but it is Halloween and that is the time spread all the superstitious and paranormal elements around. You really can’t go wrong with a cozy by this author whether she is writing as Daryl Wood Gerber or Avery Aames. All her stories are completely captivating and very entertaining.