Stonehenge Decoded

Stonehenge Decoded

by Gerald S. Hawkins
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Stonehenge Decoded 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
ChrisZhou More than 1 year ago
 I am a high scholl sophomore and read this book for reasearch projest.     I love Stonehenge Decoded. Because of this book, I start to love the Stonehenge. The Author uses 11 chapters to introduce the  Stonehenge. It is make the readers easier to understand Stonehenge.     This book is about Stonehenge legends, people, history, method, machine, eclipses and the author thought. When the author visited  Stonehenge, he started to love Stonehenge. Then he started to read a lot of books or articles to know about the Stonehenge. When I  read this book, I started to like Stonehenge. He also had a lot of experiences and found some experts who know about Stonehenge.  But I didn’t do anything. As a result, he started to write Stonehenge Decoded. In 1965 he published this book. It makes me think the  author is a very good person. When he loves something, he can do anything he wants. Even thought that thing is very difficult.      “Stonehenge was built between the years 1900 and 1600 B.C--- a thousand years or so after the pyramids of Egypt, a few hundred  years before the fall of Troy” (Hawkins 39-40). And there are few people were very important for Stonehenge making, such as Formorians, the son of Prtholan, and the Nemedians. The people were using 300 years to build the Stonehenge. The builder of  Stonehenge used the flint chips, wooden tools and antler tines to make the Stonehenge. Those peoples were very excellence.  In 1600BC to 1900BC, there were no any technology and machine. They still can build Stonehenge.