Stonetree Trilogy

Stonetree Trilogy

by Ophelia Bell

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Stonetree Trilogy by Ophelia Bell

All three titles in the first "Black Mountain Bears" trilogy are now available in one volume, PLUS a bonus epilogue.

Gaia save the Queen...

Emma Stonetree's father is missing. Worse yet, her uncle's gone too, leaving her and her two cousins, Jasper and Jade, floundering for an explanation.

All Emma can think of are their fathers' stories--tall tales of magic, mystery, and a whole host of shifter races. Stories she might not have believed, if not for her own research into the matter--research that hardly prepares her for the trials of magic she and her cousins will endure as they set off that Midwinter's night to discover their roots.

Nor does it prepare the three for what they find on the other side of the mystical portal their fathers disappeared into: the ursa, a fertility-focused race of bear shifters, with customs that defy their human sensibilities. Except the trio swiftly learn they aren't really human either, and once inside the ursa Sanctuary, they are just as bound by ursa laws as the earth is bound by the seasons.

Emma and her cousins must make a choice: accept their legacies as ursa royalty, accept the love they find inside the sanctuary, or reject their passions and retreat to their safe, mundane lives, never to return to the realm they were meant to inherit.

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BN ID: 2940157178703
Publisher: Animus Press
Publication date: 08/29/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 399
Sales rank: 96,402
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About the Author

Ophelia Bell is the author of the super steamy Sleeping Dragons series. She loves to write about strong women who aren't apologetic about enjoying sex and alpha men who don't mind being with a woman who’s in charge. Ophelia lives in LA with her husband and four attention-whoring cats.

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Stonetree Trilogy 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Every other page was about sex. The storyline was entertaining. And each book was about 60-80 pages in length. Bought the collection and enjoyed the short stories just wish there was more for each character.
Cherri-Anne More than 1 year ago
Gaia save the Queen 5 GOLD BEARS I had the immense pleasure of reading this series as each book was released. I loved it then and I love, Love, LOVE it now & still! Overall this is a BEARTACULAR series with one FURRIFIC twist in the bonus epilogue that I did NOT see coming! The creativity that Ophelia displays time and again in ANY and EVERY one of her books never fails to captive me from beginning to end, regardless of the heat level! This series is no different! I ABSO-GROWLING-LUTELY LOVE all of the “little” things that give the story history with the stories told to Emma, Jasper & Jade growing up, the magic of it all and of course, the SHIFTACULAR Happy Furry After tail part! Here are a few things I said about each book: Clawed - I don't even know where to begin, nor how to say just how beautiful, magical, romantic, emotional & all round BEARTASTIC this story truly is!! I was so intrigued with the hierarchy, the laws & rules, the magic & power, the uber hot men and of course everything shifter! I absolutely adored the characters, feeling for & with them… I thought that the storyline was so very unique and beyond creative! The shifter lore, the long walks in the forest & mountains, the stories, their family lore, history - I just loved how this was all shared and played out. Bitten - It's full of romance, friendship, happy & sad times, humor, passion, panic, heartbreak, forgiveness and that barely even scratches the surface! (pun fully intended) I was so fascinated & captivated by & with Jasper, Gunnar and Autumn! Three great individual characters with secrets of some kind, crosses to bear (again pun fully intended), pasts to accept & come to terms with/move past in order to be able to go forward into a HEA future, hopefully together. I love that the characters are ones that you instantly want to know more about, become friends with them, even be them! Nailed - WHEW! Talk about a sweetly intense, or is that intensely sweet?, story! Regardless this was the PAWFECT ending to a GRRREAT series! As with the two books before it, Nailed is a BEARTASTIC story about Jade as she comes to terms with her heritage, family, the changes & finding her mates. Ophelia takes a slightly different approach to this one. Personally I thought that was purely brilliant! This time we get to focus more on the friendship/mating/romance side of it, all while Jade is trying to convince the 2 men that they can & should, be more assertive when it comes to what they want. Solstice - What an ABSO-SOLSTICE-LUTELY SHIFTACULAR story!! Truly beautiful in all ways, even, no, ESPECIALLY the sad. As brief as it was, I loved the catch up with Jasper & Jade, and of course with Emma too! But the twists & surprise Christmas visitors at the end? That was BEARY, BEARY DRAGONTASTIC!! Ophelia, once again you enthralled me right from the BEARY beginning and I hope this means that very soon we will have more Black Mountain Bear stories to read! Emphasis on the SOON part! :) Ophelia has this way, this magic, that brings her characters & PAWMAZING worlds to life, taking the reading experience to a whole new level! I experienced everything with the characters and even as them too. No matter what Ophelia writes, I have loved every. single. one. No matter the heat level, Ophelia’s FURNOMENAL talent & true gift ensure that the story level is ALWAYS at the FURRY highest PAWSSIBLE!
Dina1 More than 1 year ago
The first story in the Trilogy is "Clawed" - The story concerns fables and how in this case they were true. We have a young girl, Emma, looking for answers concerning her suspected background, her missing father and the tales he told as she was growing up. Were the tales in fact true. She, along with her twin cousins, Jasper and Jade, decides to go searching for answers but what she finds is much more than she expected Now, as she discovers who and what she is, she must make some hard decisions concerning her destiny and the men, Gus and Julian, she has come to love. Will she follow her families destiny or her heart, or is there a third choice she can make. Pick up a copy and read one of Ophelia Bell's latest stories and maybe you will have second thoughts on those old wives tales you've heard before. The second story is "Bitten" and now we have Jasper's story; the cousin of Emma and the brother of Jade. Jasper has in the distant past had a relationship that hurt him badly and now does not believe that he will find "real" love, that he will just be hurt again. What, or whom, he finds in this new world will make it hard for him to keep that belief. He and Jade are saved by Autumn and Gunner and his immediate attraction to the both of them confuses and scares him. But they are determined to show him he is wrong and will do what they have to. He must willing accept Autumn for her to bond and mate them both. Read this erotic and at times humorous story of what they all go through in trying to accomplish this; you never know Jasper may be two hard-headed to accept this world's fate. The third story, "Nailed" and is Jada's story. She is use to the human world that she grew up in and is finding it hard to accept the role women have in this world. A world where women have the power. She wants a man who will take what he wants not because it's his duty. She has a lot to learn about what love and desire can accomplish. She finds she's attracted to two men, Sten and Orrick, both with their own beauty and desires, but feels that they don't want her for themselves but only for what she desires. Then she meets Aidan, whose been stripped of his family, home and has lost the woman he's loved forever. Her attraction for him is even stronger than for the other two. Can she show him he's worthy, can she really love and want all three. Read and see what happens to these four people, can she make them want her because it's her or will it be their duty. Oh my this is one hot story that you just have to read. We have a BONUS in the Trilogy - "Solstice" in this we have more of Emma's story and what happens a year after meeting and bonding with her mates. They have returned to the Sanctuary, where Emma now lives with her family, including her mother the Queen. It is time of the Solstice celebration and the coronation of her becoming Queen. But little does she understand what that means. There's a surprise at the end, which I will not give away her, but it's an exciting one.