Stoofdriver's Journal: USS Hornet Far East Cruise 1965

Stoofdriver's Journal: USS Hornet Far East Cruise 1965

by Mike Ray


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There are moments and experiences that we encounter on our journey through life that are so intense and challenging that we never quite forget. The sweet and bitter memories are forever imprinted on our mind ... and being a US Navy Pilot on an aircraft carrier deployment that was operating in an active combat zone was one of those times for me. The sheer intensity of the day to day operating tempo raised my awareness to extreme and persistent level. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been a part of such an event. It was something that I was an active part of ... and I can only guess that my shipmates and friends that have had similar times when they were pushed to their limit and emerged successfully feel like I do.
I can only wish that everyone can have human experiences that provide them with moments from which to draw memories that have character molding events. The USS Hornet Far East cruise of 1965 was the crucible through which a particular collection of youthful participants passed through on their road to maturity.
Now looking back, I think we can all breathe a collection sigh of relief and begin to treasure the memories of those moments when we were invincible and tireless. To all my fellow shipmates, I salute you. It was a great trip and we did something that we can be proud to tell our children about.

Lt. Mike Ray, USN
VS-35 1964-1967

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