Stop Headaches Now

Stop Headaches Now

by Jerry M. Simon



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ISBN-13: 9781587410796
Publisher: Wellness Institute, Inc.
Publication date: 08/01/2001
Pages: 284
Product dimensions: 0.64(w) x 5.50(h) x 8.50(d)

Table of Contents

1.A Cure for the "Common" Headache1
Case histories
Simple tests to determine whether or not your pain is due to TMJ dysfunction syndrome
Exercises to help you understand the nature of TMJ dysfunction
An explanation of tooth clenching and grinding and how that can create head and neck pain
2.The Jaw Joint--An Engineering Marvel27
Case histories
Anatomy illustrations of the TM joints
Functional requirements of chewing, speaking, and swallowing
Random headache pain
Telemetry and homeostasis and TMJ
Parafunctional activities--clenching and grinding
3.Dental Problems Caused by Grinding and Clenching53
Case histories
The twelve dental symptoms associated with clenching and grinding
Photos showing dental symptoms
The telltale signs of tooth clenching and grinding--a self-examination
Cosmetic dentistry and TMJ
"Pops and clicks"--sounds in the jaw joint
4.Screening for TMJ Dysfunction Syndrome79
Case histories
The complete exam with a TMJ dysfunction evaluation
Tests to analyze bite problems
An easy, step-by-step process for testing your bite
How to find a dentist with TMJ dysfunction training
5.Causes of TMJ Dysfunction Genetics, Modern Life, Accidents97
Case histories
Developmental and hereditary causes; the effects of modern diets, tooth decay, and gum disease
Children and teeth grinding
Modern dental care and TMJ dysfunction
Accidents, whiplash injuries, and TMJ dysfunction (illustrations showing relationship of injuries to the jaw joint)
6.Stress and TMJ Dysfunction Syndrome125
Case histories
The disease process and TMJ with diagrams
Stress and its relationship with TMJ
Stress and distress: physical, emotional, and biochemical
7.Pain and TMJ Dysfunction Syndrome149
Case histories
Spinal reflex system with illustration
Sensory perception system
Judgments and evaluations and the experience of pain
The issue of secondary gain and pain
TMJ-related pain
8.The Myth of Orthodontia175
Case histories
The five dimensions of orthodontic treatment
The pros and cons of orthodontic treatment
An explanation of the complexities of orthodontia, including before-and-after patient photos
Questions to ask an orthodontist before starting treatment
9.Treatment Options Headaches and Dental Symptoms195
Case histories
Temporary relief: advantages and disadvantages of the bite splint. Bite splint illustrations
Long-term solutions to TMJ dysfunction problems including occlusal adjustment, orthodontic treatment, jaw surgery, bite reconstruction, surgery of the jaw joint
A discussion of alternative treatments: chiropractic treatment, biofeedback, counseling, pain medication
10.The Best-Bite Discluder a TMJ Test Kit221
Case histories
Uses for the Best-Bite discluder
11.Questions from My Patients235
Glossary of Terms254
About the Author257

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Guest More than 1 year ago
I have had headaches for several years and in the last two years, they started getting worse and more frequent to the point that I was getting them three or four times a week and my traditional advil cocktail wasn't working any more. I had heard about TMJ before, but it was all kind of confusing, with the various doctors and chiropractors not very much help. This book sent me in a whole new direction and I actually went to see Dr. Simon because I live in Connecticut and he got me out of pain in literally minutes, proving that the problem was TMJ. After his treatment, I have been headache freee for several months. I suggest this book to anyone who has not gotten help from the treatment they are getting. If your problems sound like they might be TMJ, get on the web and find a dentist who can actually help you like I did