Stopinder Anthology: Volume 2

Stopinder Anthology: Volume 2

by David Kherdian




The release A Stopinder Anthology: Volume 2 completes the issuance in book format of all the major articles from David Kherdian's original, groundbreaking "Gurdjieff Journal for Our Time." Volumes 1 and 2 together include 45 contributing authors and 70 articles, totaling approximately 700 pages.

The original Stopinder journal was brought into existence by a need which came from beyond any of the participants, for a forum where the secondgeneration of what we might call the Gurdjieff tradition (Beelzebub's grandchildren) could show and share. This current from the beyond enriched them as they voluntarily offered and conformed their efforts in service of this onsweeping, magisterial demand for conscious contemporary manifestation, adapted to the needs of a person, time and place.

Contributing authors to Volume 2 include: Joseph Azize, Kamori Cattadoris, John Donne, Bob Engel, Solomon Ethe, Bill Frazier, Robert Fripp, Irv Givot, Jim Gomez, Marvin Grossman, Ben Hitchner, Nonny Hogrogian, Guy Hoffman, Richard Lloyd, Nelson Mandela, Barrett McMaugh, Will Mesa, E. Mordecai, Lynn Quirolo, DeWayne Rail, Allen Roth, Roberta Ryan, Frank Sheldon, Francis C. Spataro, Toddy Smyth, Thomas Wolfe.

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ISBN-13: 9780997693720
Publisher: Beech Hill Publishing Company, Inc
Publication date: 12/06/2016
Pages: 320
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