Stories for Your Spirit Volume I

Stories for Your Spirit Volume I

by Richard Matthews


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Stories for Your Spirit Volume I by Richard Matthews

Stories for Your Spirit is a collection of short stories written to stimulate the soul, engage the imagination, and touch the heart. The stories, written in the tradition of oral storytelling, are wonderful when shared with others or in moments of quite reflection. Stories for Your Spirit allows you to connect with the action, making it feel real and letting you experience the characters as they leap off the page.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780979810602
Publisher: Revitalizing Ministries
Publication date: 08/01/2007
Edition description: 1
Pages: 319
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range: 10 Years

About the Author

Richard P. Matthews is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church. In the small town of Bristol, New Hampshire, he inspired a group of teenagers to create Rocka€˜N Worship, which grew from eight teenagers to over 100 in the first year. Richard also founded the International Church of Lund, Sweden, where he began his ministry of storytelling in 1997. Richard travels throughout Europe and North America with the Living Bible StoriesA. Richard did his graduate work in theatre at Northwestern University and the University of Utah. His professional theatre credentials include acting, directing, and playwriting. Richard received the Sam S. Schubert Playwriting Fellowship award for his play Hosea. He is published in Swedish and English and is the author of Stories for Your Spirit Vol. I, and the a€œRevitalizing Worshipa€? series which were published in Cross Currents in 2003. Richard is now the director of RevitalizingMinistries.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     vi
Introduction     1
Dressing in Light: "Light Beams"     3
God is Near: "Winter Rescue"     8
God is Here: "Christmas Down Under"     13
God With Us: "A Christmas Dream"     18
Jesus' Birth: "And God Became Flesh"     24
Refugee: "Searching For A Safe Place"     29
Light: "Your Light Has Come"     34
New Beginnings: "Ring In the New"     39
Recognizing Jesus: "The Hands of Fellowship"     44
New Day: "Increasing Joy"     54
Putting God First: "Nothing Is Everything"     60
Plan for Us: "God's Plan"     65
How to Live: "The Promise Land"     71
God's Glory: "Believing the Vision"     76
Responsible Freewill: "Life-changing Choices"     81
Risk & Trust: "A Journey into the God-Light"     86
Living Water: "God Finds Us Where We Are"     91
New Sight: "Children of Light"     95
Living Bones: "The Valley of Bones"     101
Conviction in Humiliation: "She Humbled Herself"     107
Undying Love: "Believing The Unbelievable"     112
Experiencing Faith: "The Quest Vision"     118
Walking With Jesus: "Taking The RightPath"     122
Abundant Life: "Abundance or Abundant"     128
Stones: "Be A Living Stone"     134
Where is God: "The Search for God"     140
God Cares: "Papa's Scrapbook"     146
Spirit Poured Out: "Musical Fire"     151
Word in Action: "Daddy, I Wanna Know"     157
Growing With God: "Winning the Race"     163
Faith: "The Law or Faith"     168
Risk Newness: "Hope In the Unseen"     174
God With Us: "Manipulated By Fear"     179
True Freedom: "Free At Last"     184
Life in Togetherness: "Independence Day Parade"     190
Experiencing Understanding: "Four Brothers"     195
Recognizing Good: "Seeing the Big Picture"     200
Unexpected Treasures: "Get'n Ink Done"     205
Risking Everything: "Take A Risk"     210
First Steps: "A Leap of Faith"     216
Breaking Down Obstacles: "Kindness and Mercy"     221
Who Are We: "The Town Portrait"     226
Who's in Charge: "Gang Wars"     231
Love & Forgiveness: "Finding Veracity"     236
Warnings: "Bringing It on Ourselves"     241
Attachment & Detachment: "Grandma's Box"     246
Attachment & Detachment, cont.: "The Sage and the Pupil"     250
Attachment & Detachment, cont.: "All Work and No Play"     255
Faithfulness: "A True Blue Friend"     260
Tough Life: "Who Is That in the Mirror?"     265
Loving Completely: "The Hermit King and the Dragon Lady"     270
Wisdom: "Who is Wise?"     276
Be Prepared: "The Picture and the Children"     281
Faithfulness: "Planting Money"     286
God Here & Now: "Two Young Widows"     291
Giving Thankfully: "A Barnyard Thanksgiving"     296
Using Stories in Worship     300
A Key to Lectionary Year A     307

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