Stories from the Other Side: Conversations with Those Who Passed Away.

Stories from the Other Side: Conversations with Those Who Passed Away.

by Anny Slegten


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So, we are here.

What happens once we die?

Is there an afterlife? Is there eternity? Where is it? How is it?

Do we really live for ever?

Somehow, deep down, we know there is more and wonder what will happen to us after leaving this world.

Stories from the Other Side is based on Anny’s numerous encounters with the dead that have occurred during hypnotherapy sessions. Based on the information Anny has collected from these spirits, she decided to shed light on what happens after we die. By making them talk about themselves, Anny learned the experience is not about bright lights, heaven, hell and the like.

Transcripts of conversations with spirits do reveal what happens next.

Join Anny as she shares fascinating real life stories from the ones who passed to the next plane.

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ISBN-13: 9781452581132
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 09/20/2013
Pages: 178
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.41(d)

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Stories from the Other Side


By Anny Slegten

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2013 Anny Slegten
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-8113-2


Any Questions?

Writing Stories from the Other Side generated many questions, first among them, what is the point of this book, and what message do I want to convey?

What I really want from writing and publishing Stories from the Other Side, as well as the many other books still in their infancy, is the same thing as when people come to see me for private hypnotherapy sessions: to help people achieve comfort and peace of mind, whatever that may mean to them. Being at peace with oneself is truly the key to mental health, sound decisions, a pleasant life and peaceful death. How you will achieve this by reading Stories from the Other Side is up to you. I am presenting you with a candle, and you alone can light your way.

For whatever reason, many cultures regard death as a defeat, losing the battle of life. Listening to what most people say when talking about death, it is no wonder death is looked upon as the final stage of life. In fact, it is simply a transition from life with its encumbrance of all the physical challenges we had planned to experience, back to our place in the Energy Field. Yes, there is an afterlife, and once there, our conscience makes us reflect on all we have done.

Connecting with the spirits of dead beings has brought the experience of physical death into light. There are two stages to go through once the spirit has discarded the physical body. The first stage is staying earthbound, close to home. As it disconnects from the body, the spirit evaluates the life it just left, and whatever is on its mind then will make it come back to another physical experience. As they move from a physical experience to a non-physical experience, the Energy will take the form of what the spirit expects to see or encounter, until the earthbound entities come to their senses.

As explained in the movie The Tibetan Book of the Dead available at the National Film Board of Canada, at the time of death "... we project our own emotional state and then we believe it is the real world".

Earthbound entities (most commonly referred to as ghosts) taught me in our encounters that the best way to get their cooperation is to regard them and treat them as I would have in their physical body. That includes respect and, most of all, making them talk about themselves and letting them explain the reason they did not move on to the next plane. When earthbound, the spirits are mostly preoccupied with the life and activities they just left and are sometimes scared to move forward to what they perceive as the unknown, stretching their comfort zone.

The second stage is returning to the pure Energy Field, a place most commonly known as eternity or heaven.

The experience of moving into the Universal Energy is always the same, regardless of religion or lack of it. Reuniting with one's pure essence, moving into the Energy Field can be compared to swimming underwater and then breaking through the surface for a breath of fresh air. It is a portal perceived as a soft bright light. From what I was made to understand, breaking through is a most exhilarating experience, and once there it becomes an individual experience. Then comes reflection of what happened during the life just left; often spirits realise they were on a treadmill, doing the same thing over and over again.

That time of reflection then becomes unbearable. One could call it pure hell, as the soul experiences regrets for what happened or did not happen, from seeking forgiveness to seeking revenge, and anything in between. Being of pure essence, pure energy, has nothing to do with being holy. Pure in this context means maximum potency, not holiness or sainthood.

As inconceivable as it is, it is at that time that you make a detailed plan of what you want to experience next, wanting to release what sits so heavily on your conscience, your soul. Whatever your reason, you are a spirit wanting to have a physical experience. What you are planning to release is the result of your thoughts as you physically died. Yes, your thoughts count, especially at the time of death. Hell and heaven are not places, but states of being. And you are the one who creates them. You are the most cruel when judging yourself.

Compare your soul to a diamond in the rough. Without realising it, and not paying attention to the details and how you want to experience it, you then choose to experience a life abrasive to you, to polish your soul into what you perceive as a most beautiful diamond. Think about it: what is the difference between wanting to experience forgiveness and wanting to have the pleasure of experiencing forgiveness? Wanting to have children and wanting to have the pleasure of having children?

I did my best to include case studies about all this, editing only personal information to keep the confidentiality of my clients and students intact. Parts of the transcripts have been summarised to remove repeated comments. Listening to what the spirits of the ones who passed away had to share was an enlightening experience, the reason I am publishing Stories from the Other Side. Choosing from thousands of recorded or filmed sessions was not an easy task. I did my best to choose the experiences to enlighten you as well.

When do I see and converse with spirits? Am I psychic? Did I always possess the psychic abilities I have now? It all depends on how one perceives what it is to be a psychic. Personally, I don't think I am psychic. When choosing to do so, I see, feel, hear and smell what goes on when in a hypnotic trance facilitating one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions. The clearest connection I experience is when I am a surrogate in a deep hypnotic trance during what we call remote or surrogate sessions, a virtual healing modality I developed decades ago. In fact, it is giving the client who requested the session a reading of what is going on with themselves or with someone else. The information regarding the person, dead or alive, land or place comes from a nonphysical source. In that modality, the origin of everything reveals itself: Past lives, in the womb, this life, spirit attachments, as well as curses and spells.

Bypassing the brain, the mind-to-mind connection is then crystal clear to me, being with a person alive or a person who passed away. To my understanding, the requirement is to trust whatever awareness comes to mind. I learned to trust my intuition, the tuition that comes from within, no questions asked. My intuition, that awareness that comes to me as a strong psychic voice, serves me well and has for as long as I can remember.

As my graduate hypnotherapist students often explain, trusting the way the information comes to mind, no matter what, trusting the first thing that comes to mind and staying grounded, is something I keep reinforcing from day one during the complete hypnosis and hypnotherapy training. The obvious reward comes during Hypnosis and the Paranormal, one of the most advanced hypnotherapy courses I teach, when students learn to successfully connect mind-to-mind with someone alive or who has passed away to perform a surrogate hypnotherapy session.

As you are reading Stories of the Other Side, please forgive my phrasing, which is not always easy to follow. English is the fifth language I learned to speak, and my choice of words is directly connected to the ease of pronunciation. This book is in English, the language in which it was first published, because the training I took, and still take to polish my diamond, was and is English.

It is important for my writing to resemble the way I talk. I want you to realise I am truly the one who wrote the book, though I know the way I express myself is rather funny at times. Having experienced life on three continents and the cultures of Europe, Africa and North America, I developed a unique way of explaining the inexplicable.

Although not always in agreement with me, my editor did an excellent job of keeping a comfortable balance between maintaining my voice and making my message clear and easy for you to understand. I am grateful that she skilfully polished the way I express myself in proper English, keeping intact my personal writing style.


The Discovery

Is there another side to life? What experience do you believe you will encounter as you die?

I have heard some people wonder if there will be a black hole, while others envision people carried away on a gold chariot, and still others believe they will float on a cloud wearing a nice, flowing, long white gown, with wings and playing the harp—and everything in between. From what the entities taught me, whatever they believe or experience will be there, until they come to their senses.

There are many signs indicating something is going on, especially when things go bump in the dark. There is nobody there, although there is somebody there: footsteps, squeaky floors, slamming doors, slamming toilet seats, the scent of a pipe, voices.

Cats—who can see entities clearly—look at something, although according to you there is nobody there; dogs bark at what you think is nothing, their hair standing up on their backs. TVs change channels on their own, appliances and battery-powered gadgets start on their own, the telephone rings once with an unfamiliar sound, and, as one of my clients experienced, her cell phone acted up in a funny way. Not so funny is when, seeking vengeance, an earthbound entity disrupts the complete electrical system of a building, as well as all its automatic or remote electrical functions.

There is a world alive and well on the other side of our physical world. We know about ghosts, sometimes scary and sometimes intriguing, as they make us aware of their presence in homes, buildings and open spaces. I was not aware of a ghost attaching itself to a human being until four ghosts who had attached to one of my clients made themselves known during a hypnotherapy session. It was obvious that my client's issues originated from these four attachments.

As I started to do an exorcism ritual on them, they became violent. I feared for the recliner my client was sitting in, as each one of them, in turn, would pound on it, expressing themselves through my client. I was sure that at this rate, my recliner would be in pieces.

Addressing my client (referred to as the host) by her first name, I said, "One, two, three, open your eyes." At that command, my client opened her eyes, and I explained to the entities that I knew they were present and that I would get them to leave in another way. The other way was by surrogate session, a hypnotherapy session at a distance, the technique I had developed a few years before. The surrogate hypnotherapy session, which we often call a remote session, was violent too, although easier to perform than when working directly with the host.

Looking back at what I have learned since about the lives of the spirits living where ghosts are roaming, I realise now that these ghosts were very frightened and responded appropriately to the way I was going about releasing them. Understanding these spirits, learning who these entities were, floating between two worlds, and why they were around led to knowing how to get their cooperation, to go home through the Light willingly and get on with their lives. It reminds us too that there is a world out there alive and well that we do not see with our physical eyes.

There are different levels of possessions. Possession can be complete, taking over a person's body and life. This type of possession, sometimes referred to as multiple personality disorder or disassociative identity disorder, affects the person's behaviour, memory, career choices and state of health.

Other times the possessing entity stays just outside a person's Energy field. In this instance, the entity nags and bugs the prey until the person gives up and complies to shut off the nagging ... until it starts all over again.

Energy is everything and everything is Energy. Yes, with a capital E.

The Energy of our spirit is the essence, the life force of who we are, and carries our disposition and our memories. The entities we connect with have no qualms about expressing their views and feelings.

Although sometimes dramatic, encounters with spirits can be very funny. For me, the best way to understand these nonphysical guests is to establish rapport. This also makes it much easier to send them home.

When working with them to establish rapport, I usually ask their name, and how they like to be addressed. Without hesitation, one once answered, "F--- you."

Without blinking an eye, I answered, "Hello, F--- You," and proceeded with the session to find a way to make him decide to go through the Light and get on with his life.

Five minutes into the connection, F--- You started to laugh and said, "My name is Richard."

Who are these entities? Where are they coming from?

They are in fact the souls of dead persons who find themselves stuck, earthbound. Having shed their physical bodies, these disincarnate entities are in limbo, in purgatory, in a grey area, and many times lost, having no idea of where to go. One could call that state living where ghosts are roaming. Earthbound entities are living persons without a body and carry with them their dispositions, fears, phobias, likes and dislikes. They can be very mischievous too, just as when having a physical body. At that stage of existing, having no life, the souls are far from holy.

They should have gone through the portal on the way to their Energy pod, their home in the universe. We all come from there. Our soul is concentrated Energy and part of the Universal Energy. We are pure Energy, and our individuality makes it concentrated, resulting in being an individual, a pod, within the whole, the Universal Energy.

When I wish to psychically see them during a one-on-one hypnotherapy session, I simply ask the entities I am working with to do something to enable me to see them. History comes alive. The most impressive entity was one of a very wealthy man from Mongolia. He had been attached to my client, a son he had lost in a train crash so long ago. He was impressive, riding a white horse. He had a kind of goatee, and his clothes were made of absolutely beautiful silk. I complimented him about them.


As a client accessed a life prior to this one while in a hypnotic trance, an entity made herself known by starting to scream: "I do not want to die! I do not want to die!'" at the top of her lungs.

As my client looked at me, terrified, I immediately realised this was not her at all, that there was someone else there.

Calming her down, I asked her: "What is your name? How do you like to be addressed?"

Surprised, and looking at me, she said, "Nita."

Anny: "Hello, Nita! ... You look surprised I am calling you by name. It has been a long time since someone talked to you directly, is it not?"

And eyes wide open, in total delight, she said slowly: "Yes!"

Her glassy eyes looked very different from Lucia's, the host's, and I knew Nita was in fact what is called an "alter." This was total possession.

I could psychically see her. She was a very pretty young girl, naked. I could tell she was from Africa. She had beautiful legs, medium-dark brown skin and smooth, long, black hair. She was very upset at having been strangled to death.

Anny: "And?"

Still very upset, with great gestures, she explained she had been thrown on a pile of garbage.

Gesturing, I replied: "So?" refraining from adding, "Who cares? You are still here!"

Surprised, she kept silent about a minute, reflecting on my matter-of-fact approach.

As the conversation went on, I asked Nita if she knew how beautiful she was.

She proudly explained that she was very pretty and was sold at a very high price because of it. As the strong telepathic connection unfolded, it was obvious she knew she was very valuable, by the price her owner had paid to acquire her as a slave. She had a sense of superiority and felt she could just do as she pleased, doing absolutely nothing, and had the attitude and temper of a very spoiled girl. At one point, I asked her, "Look back at your life: what have you learned?"

The answer was straight and to the point: "Being pretty is not enough. You have to work too."

In a deep trance myself, and trusting my intuition to make Nita leave Lucia the host, and go through the Light on her own accord, I explained to her that once having gone through the Light, she could come back as a gorgeous lady and become an internationally acclaimed fashion model, travelling all over the world.

Looking at me, full of anticipation, she said: "Could it be?"

I assured her that if she wanted it, it would be so. And she agreed to leave.

This was a total possession, and Nita's host was "not there," totally unaware of what had gone on. Interestingly enough, after the session, when I explained what had unfolded, Lucia exclaimed, "That is where it came from!"

Excerpted from Stories from the Other Side by Anny Slegten. Copyright © 2013 Anny Slegten. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
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Table of Contents


An Important Message....................     xi     

Foreword....................     xiii     

Acknowledgments....................     xvii     

Introduction....................     xix     

Disclaimer....................     xxiii     

Chapter 1 Any Questions?....................     1     

Chapter 2 The Discovery....................     9     

Chapter 3 What signals Earthbound Entities....................     25     

Chapter 4 What Happens Once the Physical Body Is Dead?....................     39     

Chapter 5 Ghosts in houses, buildings and land....................     83     

Chapter 6 Home at Last....................     113     

Afterword....................     131     

Hypnotherapy, a healing modality....................     133     

Online Store, Contact Information, and More....................     137     

Description....................     139     

Index....................     147     

About the Author....................     149     

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