Stories of Music, Volume 2

Stories of Music, Volume 2


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ISBN-13: 9780996932745
Publisher: Timbre Press LLC
Publication date: 01/10/2017
Series: Stories of Music , #2
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.52(d)

Table of Contents

xi Suggestions for Enjoyment of This Book xiii Foreword by Jeff Campbell xv Preface
1 Introduction
4 Tribal Rain Dance to the Beat of the Drum by Francisco Parado Buenafe
6 Dream Time by Penny Harter
9 Symphonious by Patricia Belote
10 Feels Wonderful to Dance by Tommy Ballew
12 The Magic of the Mouth Harp by Mukta Patil
24 Dulla-Bhatti by Prerna Bakshi
26 Tribal Dance with Musicians by Chinmoy Biswas
28 Musicians at a Local Wedding by Ata Mohammad Adnan
32 The Language of God by Robert B. Robeson
44 In the Rehearsal Room by Anna Alferova
46 The Transatlantic Flute by Pierre-Marie Bernard
49 Fantasy for the Flute and Piano by Elizabeth Erenberg
50 Piano at Five by Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Vrenios
52 Family Tree by Gary Fearon
56 Escape by Elena Polyakova
58 The Soul Doesn't Sleep by Kelly J. Stigliano
62 Choosing an Instrument by Tracie Renee Amirante Padal
64 Crushed Beetles and Spider's Crawl by Lucy Gabriel
66 Music Looping by Aleksandr Kuznetcov
69 Heaven by Bar Scott
74 Voice by Robert Avery
76 Music and Wildlife: A Journey of Change by Matt Clarke
80 Mulligan Waltz: A Story of Second Chances by haron Glassman
82 Road Music by Marc Goldin
88 Vivaldi by Kevin Haworth
96 Sharing Art Through the Storm by Kenneth Salzmann
97 The Deaf Composer by Darrell Lindsey
98 With Just One Hand by Richard Bauman
102 I Learned to Play the Piano at Age 91 by Alma H. Bond
106 Lost and Found by Philip See
110 Happyness at The Institute in Birmingham, England by Jerin Micheal
113 Listening to Bird by Bill Cushing
114 The Night That John Coltrane Played Seattle and Pushed Afro-Futurism Forward by Stephen Griggs
118 The History of That Infernal Racket by Jeff Santosuosso
120 Angel Blues by Maroula Blades
121 from Songbirds by Harry Longstreet
125 In the Drum's Heartbeat by Patricia J. Esposito
126 Avett Brothers by Michael Booty
130 A Message for the Cabbage Head Man by Darrin DuFord
136 A Hush by Carolyn T. Johnson
138 Ghost Busker by William Huhn
148 The Best Seats in the House by Zachary J. Lee
150 Memoir by Michael Lee
153 High School Band by Gary Bloom
154 Prayer with Conch Shell by Chinmoy Biswas
156 About Hungry for Music and Music & Memory
159 Acknowledgements
160 About the Contributors

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Stories of Music, Volume 2 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Buckler More than 1 year ago
Holly Tripp and her contributing artists have come together to create another masterful collection. A tall order, but this volume at least equals the uncanny quality of the first. With much more to this book than meets the eye or ear, Stories of Music Volume 2 must be experienced, not merely read. There are far too many inspiring and astonishing stories, poems, photographs, video and musical offerings, most of which verge on life-changing art, to name them all, but they range from the wonders of the oft-neglected mouth harp (whodda thunk it?) to tribal dances and music as the Language of God. It's astounding the breadth of this book! Like Stories of Music Volume 1, with each offering a joy, Volume 2 gathers motley wonders in such a way as to create a whole far greater than the sum of its parts. "Must be experienced" is the phrase juste because the reader/listener/viewer comes away from a phenomenon: Tripp's vision of the power and importance of music, words, and, indeed, all arts—to heal and nurture—and, perhaps most of all, to nudge us toward transcendence. The stories, music, and visuals are combined and edited with extraordinary insight by a gifted artist in her own right. With every turn of the page, I felt like one who'd entered the realm of the unworldly, in both a real and mystical way, as though yet another secret door had been revealed. That was the true feeling. I've not heard songwriter Holly Tripp's songs, but this book makes one wonder what she must be capable of in that direction. I was not surprised to learn that Stories of Music Volume 2 won an International Book Award from American Book Fest (Anthologies: Non-Fiction category) among the most prestigious awards out there. Let us look forward to many more volumes in a series that, I don't doubt, will prove to be among the lasting offerings of our age. Congratulations to Holly and to all the musicians, writers, poets, and artists who participated in this, yet another, feat!
Susan-Keefe More than 1 year ago
The incredible power of music revealed. The powerful effect of music on us is universally recognized, just a few notes from a certain peace can instantly evoke memories which transport us back to another time, event, or place. Raised in a musical family, the author, Holly Tripp has fond memories of listening to her grandmother’s reminiscences of a childhood dancing to fiddlers’ music. However, it was the tragic death of her brother Brandon, and their shared love of music, which reawakened her love of song writing, and subsequently, the realization of the special place in our lives, and memories, certain pieces of music hold. I thoroughly enjoyed the author’s first book, ‘Stories of Music’ Volume 1, and have been looking forward to Volume 2. As with its predecessor, this book enables you to, by visiting the free companion web edition, use the QR and short URLs throughout the book, to enjoy the original music and videos which accompany some of the stories. The book is divided into sections, Origins, Interconnection, Exploration, Against All Odds, Transcendence, and Ghosts. The stories, poems, and essays within each section are personal accounts, from authors, and artists, throughout the world. All wanted to share with others how music has changed and affected their lives. There are so many wonderful recollections to enjoy, however one I particularly like is called “The Magic of the Mouth.” In this story, newly arrived in Goa, India, Mukta Patil recalls being invited to a curtain raiser for World Mouth Harp Festival of India. He recounts his confusion, as he imagines a full sized harp, and cannot see how one will fit in a mouth. However, as the story progresses all is revealed, and we learn about this fascinating musical instrument, thought to be one of the earliest known to man. There are wonderful pictures included, and the opportunity to listen to one being played by Neptune Chapotin. They say that music breeches all boundaries and this book does just that, demonstrating clearly how music can inspire, create and heal. The icing on the cake for me, however are the QR’s and URL’s which provided me with the opportunity to enjoy the full sensory experience. As a foot note I would like to add, that following through with her belief that music heals, the author is donating 10% of all of the proceeds to the non-profit organisations, Hungry for Music, and Music & Memory.