Stories off the Shallow End

Stories off the Shallow End

by Kevin Kling


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Stories off the Shallow End

Kevin Kling is an amazing performer, a storyteller by nature whose work is rarely written down, whose tales of his life and times are delivered in a non-stop rush that barely gives him time to grab a breath between torrents of words. Despite this, and the fact that there is no doubt that he hails from a background that includes Iowa and Minnesota, his enunciation and delivery are clear and understandable. Most storytellers of this type (such as Spaulding Gray and Laurie Anderson) tend to pace themselves more carefully, using speed and intensity for climactic effect. Kling, on the other hand, maintains the speed and intensity (once in a while becoming more intense and going faster), instead using slow-downs and low-key elements as climactic points. In short, Kling will convince you, the listener, that he's quite the nut -- until you come awake to the fact that he really isn't; he's very detailed, very colorful, and comes from a very real family, with its own range of colors. It isn't all straight-faced, either -- Kling is well aware of the little foibles of life, particularly when it comes to childhood. Kling's storytelling will not be to everyone's taste, certainly -- he isn't the warm Garrison Keillor type -- but he is definitely interesting.

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