Stories Out of School: Memories and Reflections on Care and Cruelty in the Classroom

Stories Out of School: Memories and Reflections on Care and Cruelty in the Classroom

by James L. Paul, Terry Jo Smith


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The changes in how we understand and study teaching and learning are uneven. Strongly held beliefs support the changes and equally strongly held beliefs challenge them. However, the discourse about teaching and learning and our understandings of the nature of educational research have changed rather dramatically in the last two decades. These changes form the context for the work described in this book on stories out of school-adult memories of their teachers. The authors have been guided by the work of Jackson (1992), Noddings (1992), Eisner (1998), Palmer (1998), Coles (1989), and Lindley (1993), among others, who have focused on the qualities of life experienced by children, particularly in the classroom. Interests have centered on memory, meaning, and the self in relationship. Using a database of letters written by adults (most of whom are teachers or are preparing to be teachers) to their former teachers, the authors examine the interpersonal spaces shared by teachers and students and the kinds of unacknowledged pedagogies created in those spaces. They are interested in the ethics of experienced pedagogies and the implications of those pedagogies for educating teachers.

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ISBN-13: 9781567504767
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/03/2000
Series: Contemporary Studies in Social and Policy Issues in Education: The David C. Anch Series
Pages: 162
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About the Author

JAMES L. PAUL is a Professor of Education at the University of South Florida./e He has written or edited over 20 books and scores of articles on ethics, teacher education, emotional and behavioral disorders in children, school reform, special education, and philosophy of research, among others. His continuing research focuses on the memories adults have of their former teachers and the emotions they associate with those teachers. His research also includes the study ethics and teaching, teacher education, and the nature of knowledge infroming educational practice.


Table of Contents

Sharing Space, Negotiating Power, and Creating Meaning in the Classroom Terry Jo Smith and James Paul

Accessing the Intimate Spaces of Life in the Classroom; Student Memories of their Former Teachers James Paul, Linda Christensen, George Falk

Negative Pedagogy Karen Colucci

Caring Pedagogy, Karen Colucci and James L. Paul

Cultural Constructions of Life and Meaning in the Classroom Yolanda Martinez and Terry Jo Smith

Ethical Quandaries in Constructing Teacher- Student Relationships Linda Houck

The Morals of Teachers' Stories Terry Jo Smith and Susan Perez

Beyond Good Intentions: Critical Reflections of Self Terry Jo Smith, Scot Danforth

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