Stories Through The Ages Baby Boomers Plus 2020

Stories Through The Ages Baby Boomers Plus 2020


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A Wing and A Prayer by Charles Warren: A marvelous tale of a young British boy's experience with American pilots during World War II.

Into the Stormtroopers by Don Carter: This is a must-read story about the tumultuous events that abruptly thrust Don into the international spotlight and an adventure of a lifetime.

A Silent Victory by Patricia Lee: In Second Century AD Roman Scotland, Corellia, an abused slave girl, is determined to save a young Roman legionary who she finds near death on the battlefield adjacent to her village.

Attack of the Communist Hordes by Brad Bennett: A marvelous true story of events on an airbase as a result of the assassination of President John Kennedy.

Your Mother's Sock by Elizabeth Bobst: A poignant story of parents in an assisted living facility.

Silent Tears by Sandra Brooks: It was 1966 and America was going through unprecedented changes. A young girl lands a coveted job with a local politician only to discover a horrible secret.

Fun, Fun, Fun with Dick and Jane by Wayne Fowler: A playful story about a precocious pair of students and the havoc they wreak on a helpless pre-school teacher trying to impart knowledge using, possibly, an old McGuffey Reader.

Fins Fatal Flop by Kaye George: This story takes place in a strip-tease bar but there is nothing shabby about the people who care for each other.

Deluxe Accom by Jim Gish: This tale of a college party gone terribly wrong rings true for those coming of age in the 60's and 70's.

A Day with 3D by Anne Hill: New Zealand, in 1970, had a very romantic appeal to our young heroine, coveting the opportunity of a job in a far-away land.

Welcome to Vietnam by Chuck Jackson: The incredible story of life as a Special Forces member of an Air Force Pararescue Team, Da Nang, 1968.

Thanks Mussolini by Richard Key: A memoir of a family trip to Italy in 1996. The story reminds us what travel in a foreign country could be like in the old days.

Ahmed the Tailor by Barbara Mujica: An extremely well fashioned story of the unlikely relationship of an Iraqi tailor and a young Marine Lieutenant.

Breakfast Crisis by David Parish: A heart-wrenching story of a teenager's rapidly deteriorating relationship with his father.

The Ping-Pong War by Eric Rosenbaum: If you doubt that a sports contest in a United Nations International School in New York, doesn't have far-reaching implications, think again.

Smoke from Indian Fires by David Tarpenning: A marvelous story about idyllic life on the farm when the only hint of war was in far off lands, overseas; no threat to us. Then December 7, 1941 that life ended forever.

The Illustrated Man by Jim Tritten: A situation seen as a dire threat to our very existence turns out to be something entirely different.

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